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  1. That's great to hear. I wonder if how he feels now supporting the Saints over the Dees?
  2. He was Goody's assistant coach at Adelaide from 2005 onwards.
  3. Agree. It's time media really start to realise that Oliver is having a significant better season then Petracca. Trac still getting the hype where as there isn't not enough praise on Oliver.
  4. Well agree to disagree on this. I'd offer more but then I'm just a broken record as I've offered far more in depth opinion on this in the past. Can't be [censored] writing a big essay on this. What we both agree with on this is we don't have Melksham in our best 22 team. I'll leave it on that.
  5. Coughing and sneezing killed me the most...
  6. My opinion is I felt he didn't execute his role because im not even sure what his role was on the day. I kept close eye on him from where i was sitting and i saw nothing that suggest he executed whatever he was suppose to do well enough . That's purely not knowing what happens inside the 4 walls. Coaching staff probably are the complete opposite and thought he played his role extremely well and were satisfied. We both may never know? I mean, how do you know executed his role? I don't know why you're getting defensive? Lol I'm genuinely just trying to have a football discussion with you around what his actual role on the day was.
  7. LOL. Bro, I'm only wanting some clarity around what his actual role on the day was. You sounded so confident in your first post that he executed his role well enough so that I can understand a little bit better why he didn't do much on the weekend. But you actually dont know, and it was based on your opinion only. That's fine, that makes more sense now. Its great to have opinions 'Covid Dan' 😘......
  8. I take all things into account with people having lives and footy not being a priority. Certainly thrilled to do the 4 and 1/2 drive just to watch the lads having a free weekend of having no footy commitments. I also understand from @old dee point of view earlier on that it does get harder as you get older in life in getting to games with the difficulty of ticketing and general stuff. Still think the whole stadium excuse is a bit of a cop out. We're not going to be a superior top 4 side forever. Might as well make the most of it now and enjoy the ride while we can.
  9. So then why state that he played a role when you just admitted that you're not sure what his actual role is because you're not inside the team? If you're able to back up what he executed on the day then maybe I'll sway a little on my opinion on him but on the naked eye on the day he was simply poor for a senior player. I know we have our own views of what a role player is but I was genuinely confused what his role were on the day having kept a close eye. I know he went on the wing when Langdon went down but he barely offered any offensive attack nor did he have a hand on our link up play. He'll play on the weekend because they'll want him to get to 200 games but after that I don't want him in a Melbourne jumper unless we are dealt with a significant injury list.
  10. He seems like a raw talent with huge amount of potential. Having watched a few Casey (all live streamed) he's certainly got a few AFL quality traits that would hold up well at AFL. I would be wrapped if we were able to snare him through the rookie draft. It's blokes like Steele that would thrive in a full time AFL environment same way as what Bayley Fritsch who was also a very raw prospect when he first started put at Casey back in 2015. Trained a couple of times with the MFC squad over the pre season so they're certainly keeping an eye on him.
  11. I think this is a bit of a cop out excuse though mate. I'm not directing this at you directly as I have seen this from a few others and you actually attended on the day. Simply not attending due to purely on the stadium or the times slot of the game is just picking and choosing when it suits. We have 60k+ of members and yet probably had about 8k Melbourne supporters turned up on Saturday. I'd understand if we are going poorly but we are coming off a premiership year, record membership numbers, best financial stability thr club has ever seen and currently are now 10 wins in a row. Yet to have only 13k turn really is [censored] poor. I can see why opposition supporters still see us as weak minded supporters for picking and choosing to turn up.
  12. Can go from 1 week to 3. Will depend on the absolute severity. Could easily wear protective guard underneath.
  13. Nothing wrong with it lol. Good on him, backs it up with his footy and we need more characters like him in the game. Loved it.
  14. Bizarre that demonland have allowed Olisik back again..
  15. Still not good enough. We have 60k members and yet could only bring in 13k for today. I made the 4 1/2 trip down to watch the game and the atmosphere was pathetic.
  16. Kynan Brown and Noah Yze are currently with the Oakleigh Chargers squad as under-age players. Kalani White is a potential talented prospect up in QLD. Currently plays for Broabeach Cats under 16's. Has just been selected for state representative game in his age group. One of James McDonald's boys are now at an age where they'll be coming through the junior system. The McDonald have moved up to near Albury here and I'll no doubt keep an eye out for young junior coming through the ranks.
  17. Stuck to my word. Microwaved my phone after cutting it in half.
  18. We were in cruise control the whole game. I had no worries throughout the game and was just waiting for us to put a foot down. Players knew it also and were just wanting to bank the win and move on. We could have won by more had it been for accurate kicking but it is what it is. Really big test next week. Hope Viney and Langdon are good to go. A few players are out of form which is a bit concerning..
  19. His influence isn't there as it was last year. He's doing a lot of goal kicking practice with Yze so it's not like he's not actually doing nothing about it. Coming up to a few hard games coming up so I'd like to see him at least hit a bit of form soon.
  20. Melksham lol. Explain after today's performance that justify him being selected next week or even for the rest of the year. Forget the 200 games, his form alone on today's performance was stock standard Melk of the last 2 years. 7 disposals and 1 tackle. I would have rather Bailey Laurie with those numbers knowing he's getting a taste of AFL action. For team selection it's got to be a team balance. If Viney is fit then it might have to be Dunstan who I thought was pretty good bar a few sloppy disposals. I'm banking that Langdon will be right to go and Melksham goes out.
  21. There's having views then there's this garbage there you tend to spew out half the time. Aaron Naughton being overrated is up there being one of the funniest things I've read on here.
  22. Yes but let's not that get in a good way of a rosy red and blue glasses.. If Naughton was in Melbourne jumper and making this kind of impact at the Dees people like ucanchoose would be hailing him the next Wayne Carey.. Naughton is a star and would make our forward line significantly better in a whole new level. He actually would have someone else to take the heat off him like Ben Brown unlike at the Dogs where he's copping the best defender each week and having zero support from the other forwards. Kicked 47 goals as a 21 year old last year and has already kicked 22. He's well on his way to kicking 50 plus this year.
  23. I believe Ox son has gone down the basketball path and is apparently very good at it also.
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