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  1. Jesus you lads I'm on a roll here... Nah I'll just microwave instead.
  2. Cutting up my membership if we don't win by 10+ goals.
  3. Fremantle are the dark horse for me purely on their defence which is rated pretty much similar to us. If they can get Fyfe back and playing string footy then sky's the limit with the dockers.
  4. I just think their game plan is very similar to the Dogs of last year. All gun and blazing but their defence is a lot to be desired. If we are able to match them in the contested footy like Sydney did in the 2nd half then I'd back our troops to win Their midfield really went to water once Sydney heaped pressure on them in the 2nd half.
  5. It really is a pity we don't play them until round 22. Taking advantage on their complete folding like deck chairs in the second half would be sweet to watch.
  6. General public seem to think so. Games are [censored] to watch and over umpired. May not be the full extent but its certainly right up there.
  7. 16% drop in crowd number since 2019 if you take out covid. Blue supporters coming out of the wood work this year.
  8. It's 20-8 free kick to Carlton. No wonder the game is an absolute mess and no one is turning up to games. Absolute [censored] show..
  9. Looking at the way he grabbed it and winced pretty badly I think it's more then a month. Guy at his age will certainly take a while to get back.
  10. I'd there was a time to trial Iaaac Heeney whether he can cut it as a midfielder you'd think it would be now. Getting smashed in the midfield.
  11. Hamstring awareness usually means tightness
  12. Lol.. You got sucked in by Knightmare like most have over the journey. That plonker lost all credibility when he he stated that Collingwood had a better draft haul then Melbourne in the 2019 draft period and said that Melbourne taking Jackson at 3 was a complete mistake. You also were pretty vocal leading into the draft in saying that Mac Andrew would not go inside the top the 10. You went quiet that night.. Whilst I stated that I personally didn't rate him even a top 15 prospect there was enough noise coming from actual draft experts like Cal Twomey that he was going to be a top 10 draftee regardless of of what people think. Clubs like Richmond, GWS, GC and St Kilda were heavily linked to him leading into the draft. Maybe their full time recruiters have no idea either? I couldn't give a [censored] Mac just fyi and was not fazed one bit we missed out. Means we were able to address a bigger need in bringing in a developing key forward. Just thinks it's laughable you're still finding ways to continually knock the kid.
  13. I think so too. Their midfield and forward line is scary
  14. Carlton supporters selling out tonight's game just shows we still have a long way to go. Certainly loud bunch.
  15. Yeah nah. You're continually finding ways to sneak in little snide remarks still even months on. Funny you how you mention Howes and JVR being in the same Academy game but also didn't mention they too had quiet ordinary games as well. Sneaky that you left that part out.. Kid lives rent free in your head.
  16. Bugger.. He was fun to watch. Really hope he's not lost to the game and we see him in some working capacity mentoring young indigenous footballers if that's the path he wants to choose.
  17. All the Brayshaw siblings are extremely close. This has been well publicised and confirmed by Angus in the past.
  18. Because if you haven't noticed old timer this is a football forum related to all football discussions.
  19. That's actually not even the point I'm trying to make 'Fus'
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