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  1. Goody said its a knee issue with Petty and will get it looked at.
  2. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of it and never have. The concept of it is to build mental resilience, but there is also a high risk attached to that. If Petracca was sick today why on earth did he play??
  3. Bedford just needs games now. He's got tools that are AFL standard and some that need work. But in the games he's played this year he hasn't done a lot wrong. He certainly gets a game next week.
  4. Why on earth did we offer him a 2 year deal when no one wanted him last year?
  5. He's a favourite alright. But we certainly could do with another Aaron Davey type forward.
  6. Disappointing that Jacob Van Rooyen isn't playing for Casey tomorrow..
  7. No, no.. try again. Do you even actually know why I made reference to Mark Jamar? How cute of you @ucanchoose. Living rent free inside that small head of yours 😘 keep battling away old fella and someday someone will take you serious on here. Of course I don't mind the loss lol. Give us the perfect opportunity to reset and start again. That's the benefit of a loss sometimes. He was absolutely gifted to his 200th game LOL. Off the back of a 7 disposal 1 tackle game with zero impact to an even worse performance tonight. Take rosy glasses off. It's okay for people to call it as they see it.
  8. I was the same. I was more surprised at the capitulation more then anything in the last quarter. Certainly didn't see it coming. And I'll be honest, I actually don't mind Freo.....
  9. Yeah so missed the point completely over your head bro. The point was not even remotely about talent. Try again.
  10. Not surprised one bit with the amount of premiership players missing. This loss has been brewing. We got absolutely obliterated in every aspect of today's game. There is no sugar coating this performance. 12 goals to 1 in the 2nd half is a concern moving forward. Where to start.. midfield was smashed today. Oliver tried hard but Jordon was the pick for me. Viney has no right foot and just sells teammates into trouble. Also wtf was up with Petracca? Forward line is a mess and have barely fired a shot this year. Our connection inside 50 is horrible and needs to be sorted asap as we start playing some hard games in the next few weeks. On a few individual performance. Weideman: Yeah nah he's crud. Here I was thinking he'll be hungry tonight and play like he's got a point to prove but nope, he's just crap player in general. Pack him up and just leave him at Casey. I'd rather get games into JVR or play Mitch Brown just to add a different element to our forward line. Luke Jackson: Going to be extremely harsh here but [censored] it. He's simply having an ordinary year. He's not a good tap ruckman at all and it's like Watching Mark Jamar all over again because he's first instinct is to always handball the [censored] pill. At one stage in the 3rd he won the ball in the centre and had clear space in front of him only to then turn back and handball it back Into congestion for a Freo turnover which resulted in goal. Watched him get easily pushed aside in a rucking contest against David Mundy which was embarrassing to see. If he wants to chase serious coin and head back home then no problems. Get a 1st rounder and use it on a gun midfielder or a forward. Melksham: Got gifted straight to 200 games. Now see ya mate. Stoked that's the last time we'll ever see him in a Melbourne jumper. Rivers: Has become a liability down back. Poorly skilled and his awareness and game sense is just not there. Either head back to Casey or rest him if his not 100%. Salem will take his spot thankfully when ready to go. Petracca: His form is a concern. He hasn't fired a shot for a few weeks now and it's affecting the team as well as our midfield set up. Honestly not sure what's up with him but if he was sick today then playing on isn't courageous mate, it's stupid. Rest him if we have too because we need him fit. All in all a disappointing game, but it's been brewing for a while now. Some of our top line players are out of form and it's showing now. Change needs to happen pretty quick because we have some big games coming up over the next few weeks.
  11. Suck [censored] Riewoldt and Cochin 🖕🖕
  12. Well I actually haven't fully accepted that yet. I've thought of it and last year he tested my patience but also knew he had an interrupted pre season. Reason why is because I still have hope that he can still recapture some of that 2018 form from the back half of the year. Against Geelong in the final he was monstering the likes Harry Taylor and Mark Blicavs in marking contests. That form alone would easily be in our best 22 right now. And to be honest both McDonald and Ben Brown are 30 this year. They haven't got much time left and realistically we need Weid to start to at least show he's ready to take over from either. But unfortunately he hasn't shown anything remotely close which now leaves us with limited depth in our tall forward stocks. I rate JVR enormously high, but he's yet to taste AFL action.
  13. 7 years in the system for 56 games drafted in the same year as Charlie Curnow, Eric Hipwood and Harry McKay. The fact he's still battling it out at VFL and can't seem to overtake Tom McDonald (realistically that has to be the ideal scenario for us) is imo a concern for his own career. So far this year he hasn't fully grabbed his opportunity ( already been dropped) and now with Jacob Van Rooyen breathing down his neck I would think he needs to grab his opportunity this weekend because Tom McDonald is clearly ahead of him at this stage with his current form. His consistency this year hasn't been up to the standard I had hoped this year.
  14. That's a huge loss considering how good of a form he is. If Weideman doesn't perform then makes you wonder if it'll ever click for him at AFL level. That's now Langdon, Salem, Harmes, McDonald and Hibberd missing from our premiership side. This will be a mighty win if we get up.
  15. Is Sydney really considered a premiership contending team?
  16. I hope he does leave so I can pay him out even more for being an absolute hypocrite.
  17. Surely not....... Only connection I can put is the Simon Goodwin relationship having been joint partners of the Alma Hotel in Adelaide....
  18. Andrew Gaze gets it because he's played at the higher level and knows what it takes. Andrew Maher on the other hand is an absolute dead set plonker.
  19. I'm on a Melksham ban otherwise I'll upset the same usual sooks on here.
  20. Stoked for Bedford getting a full game. Make no mistake, this will be our hardest game of the year due to a number of premiership players we're missing. Salem, Langdon, Harmes and Hibberd to a degree are huge outs for us.
  21. Yes. Then you have muppets like Tom Rockcliff(good ex teammate of mine and a pretty simple dude) who think otherwise.
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