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  1. Good to see not much has changed with you 'Jack' in the months that have gone by since the draft period..
  2. I like Tom Browne. When he has explosive news like this I tend to stand up and take note. [censored] the haters Tommy boy.
  3. I knew you'd be waiting so I said it.
  4. But isn't that the perfect opportunity for Bedford to come in and try and stake his claim in the senior side starting this weekend? I mean would this also provide an opportunity to give Bailey Laurie a taste of AFL action? I would think that these are the games where you could easily accommodate for a Bedford or Laurie. While Harmes is out for a few weeks then this would have provided the perfect opportunity for Bedford. If it's not now then when does he get the opportunity when we are full strength again?? Sitting on the bench for another 6 games as a sub is probably the next closest thing he'll get to AFL action again now.
  5. I've had worse. Melksham should be the absolute last resort of selection. The point of being selected when we have multiple injuries. He's well past it at nearly 31 years of age and not in the club's future plans. He shouldn't be in the team robbing games off Bedford who actually deserve to be rewarded for his consistency of form in the VFL but also the perfect opportunity to see what he has to offer at AFL level with a string of games while Harmes is off injured.
  6. You've genuinely got to be [censored] kidding me right? We pick a bloke off the back of not playing last week being an emergency, over guys like Bedford who had the perfect opportunity to play consisten game time at AFL level. Even if it was Bailey Laurie to get a taste of AFL action. But no, we select a guy that's going to be 31 this year and we'll past his best at AFL level. Genuine [censored] selection and it's been obvious that Goody has been trying desperately hard to get his Essendon mate a game this past few weeks. Opportunity missed.
  7. I remember his first game also. Made Lynden Dunn look silly that night...
  8. Correct. Spargs was with our Murray Bushrangers system from schoolboys to his draft year. He was an elite junior prospect and made the All Australian under 16's playing for NSW as an on baller. That's right, he was an absolute gun playing as an inside midfielder with spurts as a half forward. Well worth keeping a close eye on this over the next few years whether he may get some midfield opportunities like we're seeing with Alex Neale Bullen. We were lucky the AFL changed rules around the GWS zoning because had they not, Spargo would be currently a GWS player. His old man Paul Spargo is one of the most revered country footy legend in the Ovens and Murray league. A 5 time premiership coach for powerhouse club Albury Tigers and was inducted as coach for the Ovens and Murray team of the century. I played senior footy for Yarrawonga when I was a bit younger and coming up against a Spargo coached Albury was definitely one of the most physical games of footy you'd play. They were dirty as hell, but it made them into the powerhouse they are today. Paul Spargo could also give an almighty spray which could be heard from the other side of the ground! All in all they are fantastic family the Spargo's. Kate and Paul should be congratulated in raising 3 outstanding kids. Despite his high profile locally, Paul always kept his distance when it came to Charlie's footy coming through the junior ranks and was never one to get involved vocally like some parents I've come across.
  9. I didn't have the hate that some had when he played for North. In fact, I admired how actually good he was and hard to stop when he was at his absolute peak. I think the AFL industry really underrate just how good BB career has been. 3 years in a row he kicked over 60+ goals including a bag of 10 in one game and was very unlucky not be a Coleman Medallist in all 3. What's even more bewildering was he never got an AA look in any of those years. Congrats on the 150th Benny.. hopefully he kicks 7 and stick it right up them.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the coaching staff may prefer JVR ahead of Weideman in terms of selection now I do wonder if the club are losing a little patience on Weideman now. He's been given a decent amount of time at senior level but he's simply not taking his chances. About to turn 25 and yet is still battling it out in the VFL while other KPF's in his draft year such as Hipwood, Curnow and McKay have become established gun forwards of the game. I reckon the club would have hoped Weideman would have overtaken a 30 year Tom McDonald this year purely that they would need to start bringing in the next wave of talent when the likes of Ben Brown and McDonald finish up. The performance of Jacob Van Rooyen would no doubt excite the coaching staff knowing that he's probably physically ready to go, but now it's just a matter of finding him a spot. A bonus for JVR's development this year is if he's able to at least play 5 AFL games then I think the coaching staff would be stoked. Not only that, he goes into this pre season knowing what is expected at AFL level in terms of intensity and the general standard. Even if he doesn't play a game and he is able to complete a full VFL season then I too think that's a win for his development.
  11. Good to see Dr Who has made a comeback....
  12. Awesome performance on the weekend. His presence up forward for a already strongly built 18 year is pretty scary. Bit of Aaron Naughton about him.
  13. Yes and doing a remarkable job. The fact he's changed his role from an aggressive half back flanker who at times kills us with turnovers, to a defined simple role in locking down the best small forward and attacking at the right time. Well done Hunty. Crazy to also think that he's never tasted any finals even though he's played over 100 games. I believe he is also out of contract this year.
  14. Also I was very impressed with Taj Woewodin and Deakyn Smith. Both are incredibly well balanced and poised with ball in hands. Smith could become a handy future AFL player off half back with his speed and ability to shut down opposition smalls. Taj barely missed a target by foot. He really weights his kicks with penetration and links up well through thr midfield. Has a smart football brain and I reckon he's closer to a debut then most think. Doing everything right at VFL and we have a great young prospect on hand.
  15. I watched majority of the game. There has certainly been some commentary around Weids game compared to Van Rooyen. From my perspective, today was Weid just being in the right spots at the right time and took his chances when it presented in front of goal. Though, there were times he could have taken an easy contested mark against a much smaller opponent, but yet his greater weakness was evident and failed to take advantage of this once again. Like he would fly for those marks and you'd think it would be an easy mark but it just either bounce off his hand or he'd attempt a double grab. I tried to watch for more defensive pressure but it was a bit non existent except for one act which resulted with a goal. Van Rooyens game was complete opposite to Weid. One of the biggest surprise for me was his defensive pressure. It wasn't just getting a tackle but his ability to use his presence and bash his body around thr packs and stoppages. Stark different to Weid who doesn't really display any of this whether that's VFL or AFL. Van Rooyen has more of a presence in the air. I've watched a few games where he's got that ability to draw defenders and crash packs in the way of Josh Kennedy from WC. His contested marking is elite for his age. He took advantage of the ariel work today and took this huge contested clunk over two north defenders out of no where. It was very impressive. His follow up work and cleanliness below knees was evident as well because he set up a number of goals just being able to pick up thr clean ball and dish it off to a play in a much better position close to goal. Weids form at AFL level wasn't really that bad but on today's display I think he may be behind McDonald and Van Rooyen. There is no rush for JVR to play senior footy even though I'd have him in the team in a heart beat. But he'd be my next in line for selection if McDonald, Brown and Jackson were to miss through injury.
  16. Spargo riddled with errors today. Haven't like his game one bit.
  17. Embarrassing really. Their ability to walk it out of their backline is deplorable.
  18. [censored] we are selfish pr icks at times. Why on earth do we have to have set shots from 50m. Harmes then Gawn in a row Play the percentages ffs!
  19. Meh this game sucks. We just struggle to put sides away when opportunity presents.
  20. God Tom McDonald is a selfish pr ick
  21. 22 disposals, 6 marks and 6.2 for Jacob Van Rooyen. Get this kid in! What a bloody impressive performance.
  22. This is some performance by Van Rooyen. His tackling and defensive pressure is elite for such a big forward.
  23. Tyson isn't on North Melbourne's list...
  24. Holy smokes what a clunk by Van Rooyen! 🔥
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