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  1. 31 disposal and 11 tackles against Dandenong Stingrays last night. Pretty much BOG.
  2. Is Deakyn Smith worth a consideration for Jake Bowey?
  3. The whole "backing our brand" notion should have been thrown in the bin straight after the Collingwood loss last year on Queens Birthday. To hear Goodwin say that they knew Butters was pretty much smashing us but then refusing to mitigate the damage just proves that not only is he stubborn, but hasn't learnt anything over the off season.
  4. Yeah I'm not sure what ANB is adding to the team. Should have been dropped last year for some of his insipid games and yet is still getting a green ticket by Goodwin this year. When the pressure cooker goes up against quality top sides you can bank your house on ANB becoming a fumbling mess. I look at Collingwood and Brisbane and don't see them carrying a ANB type player in their half forward line.
  5. McVee has dropped significantly in form over the past few weeks. He can have a spell now that Salem is back.
  6. I agree with you on the whole Petty up forward move. Dropping Turner after one game does nothing for his own development and confidence. He's far too good for VFL level and if there is a time to see whether he's got what it takes at AFL level then it's now while Petty is out.
  7. I know it'll never happen but I'd like to see us throw Bowey through the midfield. Watching Butters last night and thinking how he was too quick and nimble for the likes of Petracca and Brayshaw. Not only that, Bowey skills set and speed on the outside is something we're severely lacking. I say this because he was highly rated as a midfielder in his under 18's days which was eerily similar to Butters junior year level as well as an outside midfielder/half forward for the Western Jets and Vic Metro. Bowey is aggressive enough to have a crack as an inside midfielder imo. Having the likes of Petracca, Brayshaw, Viney and Oliver is far too one dimensional. They're all one paced and neither are good field kicks at all. Like I said, it'll never happen but me personally it's something I'd genuinely look at.
  8. Daniel Turner has to come in imo. Jake Levers form has taken a complete nose dive ever since they moved Petty which has left him playing as 2nd key defender which it's been proven over time that he plays his best footy as a floating intercept defender. We built our our premiership defence off the back of playing 3 tall defenders. Stick to that.
  9. Beating all these bottom 6 sides is just putting a band aid over the cracks. Starting to think we haven't improved one bit since last year unfortunately. Forward line is still a mess and we are no near finding out what our best forward mix os when we had all Sumner to work this out. Top 4 teams are bow starting to settle their line up whereas we can't even work out who's our actual full forward.
  10. I'd rather he not do pressers at all then to come out with that tripe.
  11. Also, why haven't we played Port in Melbourne since 2019?? Absolute joke that we've had to travel to SA four years in a row to play this [censored] mob. Sort this [censored] out Gary Pert.
  12. We all like him.. But he had some genuine blunders tonight.
  13. Watching Brayshaw plodder tonight pretending to be a midfield was extraordinary. He was seriously cooked. No More of that please. We made a mistake simply by not bringing in Harmes for Sparrow to play more or a defensive role. Going off this Port had a plan right from the very start. Where was ours with Butters? He's rated one of the top 4 mids in the competition over the past 4 weeks and we let him just run around looking like Gary Ablett jnr. Petracca fumbled at the most crucial of times tonight just when we needed that soft touch to get a clean clearence. Oliver is just sloppy and has zero composure. Time for the blow torch to go on Adem Yze now.
  14. Of course he is and have been saying that since pre season. But careful saying that, you'll get absolutely smashed on here..
  15. Where do you start? Letting Butters run around with zero pressure on him was seriously mind boggling. This is already on top of our so called A grade midfield getting absolutely smashed in the clearences. Some serious questions and heat needs to go Adem Yze. They had a lumbering ruckman vs two A graders and yet simply couldn't use that to our advantage. Still utterly gobsmacked by that. What the hell has happened to Langdon? He's seriously one of the softest players in the league. Needed him to throw himself at that last contest inside our forward 50 and just bring the ball to ground. Refused to bend over and pick up a ground ball or lay a body when it was his turn to go. He's a shadow of himself. Where was Kozzie? Signs his contract and hasn't done anything since? No forward half pressure or run down tackles. They waltzed it out way too easily and when we genuinely needed a spark in the last he was MIA. What was up with our kick outs? It got so damn predictable that Port flooded all their numbers because they knew every kick would go to thr left side. Once it was kicked there they completely out numbered us around the contest. JVR needs a genuine spray. Gave away two clumsy free kicks inside their forward 50 which resulted in a goal. They won by a [censored] goal. Seriously kid, pull your head in. Tmac was absolutely awful. Brayshaw got shown up for his poor fitness in the midfield and got genuinely exposed as a slow plodder. Butters, Drew and Wines absolutely ran rings around him. They shifted him down back when Bowey went down and he was non existent once again. So disappointing. When Rivers gave away that free right on the 3 quarter time siren I knew that would spark them. We just need to hold that lead. Thought Steven May had a great game as did Rivers as well. Not much after that.
  16. We had them. Rivers holding free before 3 qtr time and then JVR coughing up a goal. They have all the momentum
  17. Brain fade by JVR.. Can't be doing that mate.
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