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  1. Seeing this news I question whether he's the right guy to take this club forward for the next 2 years.
  2. Mate, he's had one position change and that's him pretty much swapping opposite ends of the ground. Bit of a carry on with the 'messed around' part..
  3. Didn't Yze confirmed he actually came out last Thursday not the Wednesday?
  4. Kennedy will finish up this year and Darling potentially may go to another club for a year or two. Huge responsibilities left on Allen's shoulders... Allen is a good up and coming talent, but he's thrived as the 3rd tall behind Kennedy and Darling. Not sure how he'll cope with getting the number 1 defender each game.
  5. Hopefully Saints players feel the same.
  6. With how much of a mess the Eagles list profile and age demographic is I'm genuinely surprised they're still willing to throw big cash and a potential first round pick (probably pick 1 or 2) away just for a player that I feel isn't exactly their biggest need. Their midfield and forward line is a shambles. After Shuey, Redden, Kelly, Kennedy Darling and Gaff their is a significant drop in depth. What's worrying also is these guys are 30+ years of age. I can't see where their next up and coming gun midfielder or forward will come through once these guys retire. The Tim Kelly trade has really set the club back big time and I think there is far more pressing needs then a young ruckman.
  7. You're only just realising this now? Mark Neeld had it far worse then any AFL coach I've seen go through immense media scrutiny. I really did fear for his mental health after he was given the boot. This is the footy landscape with the media now. It's only going to get worse.
  8. Death, taxes and Joel Smith breaking down with injury every single year.
  9. When it comes to celebrating out indigenous heritage, there is no better club that does it best then Melbourne. So proud of our club and ripper jumper! I want one...
  10. Before you all bite my head off im not one bit suggesting we chase him at all. I heard Tom Browne (yes yes I know..) mentioned that a prominent Melbourne club has shown interest in Dylan Shiel. Only reason I bring him up was the Mark Williams connection. In a interview few weeks back Gawny jokingly asked Chocco what would it take to bring Shiel to the Dees and Choco smirked and said something along the line that he was tired up with his contract. Wonder if it's us that's sounded out his management.
  11. No he's not. He pulled out of today's VFL game against Box Hill.
  12. They called Deakyn Smith Oskar Baker when he got a free kick. It is hard to tell the difference between the two I must admit.
  13. Moniz Wakefield is really impressive.
  14. Interesting.. @drysdale demon you were pretty content ANB would be playing?
  15. Did McDonald have a brain fade with the marking of Harmes kick? Either that or it was extremely selfish.
  16. Who was the plonker that said they preferred Dunstan over Sparrow? [censored] lol.. Sparrow was sorely missed today and it showed. A gritty win without 5 premiership players all in the one go. It was an ugly performance, but jesus christ you just take those wins while you can. It was good to see Bedford with a win and play well. Needs to work on his kicking but he's quick and I do love his front and centre work. Whilst Gawns disposal count looked good his ruckwork to advantage wasn't. Lost count how many times he hit it straight to a Hawks player. Jackson was another who was sorely missed. All in all a good fought out win. 7 in a row baby!
  17. The bloke thinks we should be living on Mars. There's a lot of thought process that goes into that you know.. 🚬
  18. Because he is incredibly close to his family? and that's most likely a bigger pull then staying for success. Jackson situation is no different to any other player that have left a successful club to either go home or better offer elsewhere. His parents are still actively involved with the East Fremantle Football Club and have big ties there. Jackson's a bit like Hogan where majority of his childhood/best mates are still there. Jackson is a unique character and a deep thinker. Maybe the actual pull is his family alone. He knows he'll get paid really well wherever he goes. He's filled and won a premiership, maybe he just wants to be home closer to his family. Nothing wrong with that.
  19. Interesting that out of all the 5 players not one is one of our depth/VFL regulars. #conspiracy
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