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  1. I reckon it will be recorded, so that ifwhen we win we will have the benefit of it. I’m thinking the motivation might start with acknowledging the honour the players have already paid so well to we supporters and to the ‘story’ through the year and up to now, so that then they can be given permission to forget about it now, today, and they can concentrate on doing this for themselves, doing it like they’ve done it all year, and finishing this chapter of their own story. The more they can be made aware of what their best is, as individuals and as teammates, and that their best is the best, the best set up to win they will be. I think we project ourselves on all this. I reckon they’ll be ‘in the moment’, with just each other, and oblivious to the ‘fugazi’.
  2. One more; West Footscray, would you believe!
  4. He am channeling @youami 😉 (Though thanks for the timely reminder @Demon trucker. This thought has been a mainstay of my 'optimism', in need of a boost👍)
  5. ...And, having finished Minor Premiers, not sure if this is a Don't or a Do... 'Fallout continues from last minute cancellation of AFL Grand Final in 'go fast, go hard' COVID lockdown'
  6. What a great ride it's been, these 2 weeks, so well marked by the 16 pages of this thread but... ...Won't we all!?
  7. You have! I did! And so I won't! And you've just secured the Best Video prize🏆
  8. Flag-flight-reporting-wise, we seem to be running page for page with 'Unleash The Dogs' but we cram lots more in per page, I reckon. Here's a few more to keep our noses in front. Just like Saturday. Parkdale MFC tweet Poloman Menswear, Glenferrie Rd How's the Daily Decorating going, @WalkingCivilWar? You set a cracking pace!
  9. Too much high quality here to 'Haha' you all, so hope posters are reviewing the thread and see my universal, thankful 😂
  10. Noticed that too, along with some other curiosities e.g. Majak highlighted, Hunt's dash. But someone at the Club has edited presumably 80/90/100 minutes down to these 2/3/4. Maybe a cunning plan? Be careful viewing Doggies...
  11. Borrowing from the ancient African and/or Native American proverb, 'It takes a village to raise Hell'. I've just completed a survey of my village and I'm proud to announce we outnumber Dogs flag flyers 6 to 1! Um...that's literally 6. To literally 1. So not so much Raising Hell; more tip of the shovel in the ground. But it is a village after all! And a holiday one at that! Flying the flag in my Village.docx
  12. Can someone keep an eye out for how that Crows game votes are reported in the media, please? It sure is a way out outlier!
  13. Oops. Clarry did it v Crows too, and I've just seen the later round predictions. Sooooo.... Clarry?😲
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