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  1. - Demonland generally, @Demonland - This thread particularly - Getting to know The DA through @WalkingCivilWar - Harry P's last 5 minutes (as witnessed close up) ...and what everyone else has said.
  2. (Too much to check if this has been noted before. Apologies if so.) Bringing you your regular Friday evening Dees, er, Sandy line update: Buses replacing trains from 10.15. Good timing, PT.
  3. We were front row M55, bobby, and it did seem a bit quiet. Video after Fritsch's pocket pick shows we were sure doing our bit (and my hand carries a fence-inflicted proof of same!) But we're over your left shoulder in M7 this Friday, @WalkingCivilWar, so we're looking forward to joining more directly in the Squad's efforts
  4. Sorry I missed this LH. Some sort of incident between Elsty n Ripponlea....
  5. MAJOR hold-ups on the Demons, er, Sandringham line. Women may not get quite the support they were hoping for...
  6. We must never think participation is wasted, WCW (though perhaps it can be a little overindulged in?) $5000 would be nice, too! I've voted. There's no great distinction in the 3 elevations, and Charlie's 'hold' and landing are both close second bests to Greene's. So the running with the flight sets it apart, I believe. (An annoying curiosity with the voting on-line (why am I surprised!...): I accidentally highlighted Georgiades and it wouldn't let me change to my intended vote. Only solution was to vote on another device. Grrr... On the plus side, my vote registered, despite me not ticking the box that would have seen me inundated with Four n Twenty promos, Then again, they've probably put me in the 'not to win $5000' pile. Grrr again...)
  7. I'll be happy to share that '3 times' record with a team coming from the EF winners or QF losers!
  8. Daisy chatting with Whately (SEN) this morning. More confirmation of her all round footy and media cred (though the Collingwood 2022 love a little disturbing!) Missed the start and should interest many/most of you anyway. Can a clever 'Lander track down and post the audio, pretty please?
  9. With 'Luke Jackson Contract' nipping at its heels?
  10. I come and go, and rarely with any depth to the former, but I'm always watching, informed or entertained or both. I don't know if it's been noted elsewhere, but the forum recently notched up 2 million posts. Another testament to your evidently sustained and worthwhile work, @Demonland! Thanks!
  11. On Footy Class (sorry...) just now, a graphic showing recent winning streaks ending in the premiership (to demonstrate that Geelong would achieve an equal-best 16 games): it showed our 7 games of last year but the year nominated was 2022. It's a lock then!
  12. Be nice if his run continues and 'tracs' like N.Smith's or, even better, B.Dixon's before him, which came with 3 and 4 flags respectively!
  13. Further to @david_neitz_is_my_dad and @Bring-Back-Powell observations, recall fondly the lengthy outrage and counteroutrage herein about Swans supporters outnumbering us this year!
  14. Well played @Lucifers Hero, and welcomed response @Demonstone. I hope it is particularly particularly devious as I'll be otherwise engaged at 4 on Thursday and will be hoping at least Bronze is still available by the time I can get to it!
  15. Smooth, quick, good seats. I'm worried...
  16. Subject line of email to me: Melbourne Football Club <[email protected]> Should we be surprised at yet one more layer of confusion/difficulty/stress induction????.....
  17. The email from the Club says Ticketmaster. I'm guessing this 'members pre-sale' is them and the public sales are then Ticketek?
  18. Before @Demonstone gets in: That's the approach they should take. Then they can try someone new each week. Demonstone is letting me out, thanks...
  19. Not many players have an immediate impact when they first step up to a senior level of footy. Kicked 6 in one match at reserve level... Doesn't find much ball? ..quality small forward don't need to find alot of it and tend not to a la Jeffy, Cyril etc to make a quality impact. How often have we heard the phrase "give me 15 quality touches vs 30 that are mostly rubbish or result in mostly turnovers anyday". You can't compare him to anyone at AFL level at this point (statistically) ...he hasn't played. Rediculous comparison. What attributes does he have well let me name a few... > Has a great leap ...equal 9th in the running jump at combine. Can take an awesome specky and also alows him to keep the ball alive in the air at times (eg; tapping a high bouncing ball or one off a pack to advantage) or defend from behind if needed. > Doesn't lose his feet easily > Fierce tackler > Great follow up second efforts including repeat tackles > knows where the goals are (sixth sense off one or two steps) and clever at reading / waiting off the ball and crumbing. > Bides his time just outside the main scrum sweating on the spillage or loose ball without getting sucked into the contest. If he already has all this at his tender age....imagine how much further upside there is with a few pre-seasons and experience at the highest level. Edited November 7, 2019 by Rusty Nails 1 Kudos, DD. And, hasn't the hair growth made him even better!?
  20. @The heart beats true, @Demonstone, @Demons11, @Jaded No More, @binman: I'm afraid - and somewhat surprised at the mildness - that Where's Wendy might have been saying, 'That sucks!' Headed for Memehood, I wouldn't be surprised...
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