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  1. That is the biggest load of garbage, there is no way he is going to the PSD. That reporter is being lies by the WA clubs or he is just making things up.
  2. JHF was pick 1 a year ago, of course he is worth pick 2
  3. I’m with you on that, there is no guarantees Freo will be a top 8 side next year
  4. He is not coming back, he has decided to leave and is out of contract. We have nothing to hold him to
  5. ANB roles revolves around pressure and his ability to never stop running. Harmes cannot do this role
  6. He was one of my favs but he is not sharpening your disposal at 27. He is what he is.
  7. The problem with Lobb is that his deal was so heavily front ended that there is not a lot of value in Freo trading him
  8. It was nearly identical besides the flag. Lever was there 3 years, played in the GF, probably Adelaide’s best player on the day and was the squad of 40 for the all Australian
  9. Good luck to you buddy! Feel free to stop reading my posts
  10. None of your business where I get my information from. Just because you don’t like what you read, doesn’t make it untrue. So jog on buddy because you are the only person who has no idea.
  11. Freo have a few irons in the fire with Nth with Logue, so I’m thinking the JHF trade will unlock the top 10 pick we are after and allow Freo to swap 1st rd picks with Nth
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