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  1. Looking at the accompanying image, they did come to nightclub blows.
  2. I just spoke to Ned Langdon, he’s happy to receive the ball, pass it around to the other players then post it back. He said Bailey Fridge is away until mid-November so he’ll keep it safe until then, just to make sure all the Premiership players have signed it. Please include a reply paid satchel and a sharpie with the ball.
  3. I didn’t think about that but I like it. I was actually going to have a bet with mates who go for the opposition team we’re playing. If we win, I was going to make them kneel down and kiss the ring. Now they can kiss it, then I’ll back hand slap them and leave and imprint on there cheek. (Booked in to get my ink done on the 30th btw).
  4. The official premiers signet ring is gross, way too much happening on it. I’d prefer something similar to this but with “2021” on it. https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/1052261515/melbourne-demons-fc-ring-australian?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=melbourne+demons&ref=sc_gallery-1-8&plkey=76b4af5c0b50b44935891caf60032ee18722ef04%3A1052261515&pro=1
  5. He has some very good traits but he’s certainly not watertight.
  6. I’d rather ease into it, just make it another game. Not a ‘Grand Final’ replay or a team like the Cats who the media are trying to make out we have some big rivalry with.
  7. What don’t Ethan know? #TheContractWhisperer
  8. Excellent. I’ll give you a 5% discount off your 100th.
  9. He’s probably just enjoying a few weeks off before he puts pen to paper on a one year contract.
  10. I have a limited run of these special edition Premiers t-shirts available. Hit me up with your size. ™️Ethan Tremblay Industries Worldwide
  11. (On Dunstan) “Whilst it is true that he has poor endurance, is a plodder and criminally turns the ball over by both hand and foot, we still see him as one of St Kilda’s best players”. 😂
  12. @Demonstone probably worth a shout out to the original author. “Pevster” has some very good material and is releasing a book shortly.
  13. Trying to lower the average age of their playing list I suppose?
  14. @58er you’ve never heard of Buffalo footy’s?
  15. Hi 58er, Thank you for your interest in this 100% genuine product. Please see the below letter of authenticity as requested. Additionally, once you’ve finalised your order, please let me know if you would like the certificate framed (additional costs apply). I’ve also spoken to Angus Bradshaw who would be happy to call you personally to say thanks. As previously stated, Mitch Hubbard has also volunteered his time to make the calls. Simply just let me know which player you’d prefer to hear from, Bradshaw or Hubbard. Thanks again for your interest and custom, ET.
  16. I’ve set up my own charity so all of the proceeds will go to that. As an added bonus, the lucky buyer will also get a call from Michael Hubbard.
  17. Hi all, I have a limited edition footy that the players signed after the GF win. PM me if interested.
  18. He must be free-balling then. Count me in Webber.
  19. I sometimes wonder.. do some people even football??
  20. Got my Charlie Sprago #8 sherran today.
  21. ‘Cult’ is a very good descriptor in this instance, completely agree.
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