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  1. ^ If a six year old could pack their own school lunch.
  2. Jake Lever - Colonel in the Army Jack Reiwoldt - TVSN (TV shopping network) presenter Jack Ginnivan - Love island Australia contestant Jacob Weitering - Philosophy Professor
  3. Nick Blakey - Bee keeper Todd Goldstein - Door to door watch salesman Levi Casboult - Men’s department assistant manager at Lowes Mitch McGovern - Fruit stand replenisher at Woolworths Will Hoskin-Elliott - Muffin break franchise owner
  4. I do like fruit picker for Tom Hawkins, I was also thinking cow milker. Jeremy Cameron - used car salesman
  5. He can still go to Geelong. Just after he’s been with us for three to four years.
  6. What would they be doing..? Ben King - Porn star Zak Jones - Plumber Joe Daniher - School janitor Tex Walker - Garbageman Max Gawn - Barista Patrick Dangerfield - Lobbyist Jaeger O’Meara - Abercrombie and Fitch model Jake Stringer - Bottle shop attendant Bailey Fritsch - Hair dresser Tim Membrey - Red Bull salesman Eric Hipwood - Lead singer of an 80’s glam rock cover band Cam Rayner - Pool boy Jack Ziebell - CrossFit instructor Matt De Boer - Spray tanner Jack Darling - Ice cream parlour assistant
  7. Ear to the ground What has he heard? Something smells off.. Oh wait, my heads near a terd. #ETtheTradeWhisperer.. watch this space.
  8. I don’t disagree but a ready made KPF may not be available for years. I thought Gawn’s accuracy hasn’t been too bad this season (apart from last weeks game).
  9. Grundy predominately rucking and Gawn forward. If it wasn’t for that disgusting man-bun, I’d be all for it.
  10. Can confirm Mel and Steve have moved into the Perth home that Jackson recently purchased. Make of this what you will…
  11. The absolute best part of this is there’s no Carlton.
  12. When someone ends a trade whisper with this line, you know they mean business. #ETtheTradeWhisperer.
  13. I buy around 81% of my clothes from CR so pretty happy with this.
  14. The talk of bringing in Josh Kennedy is truly bizarre.
  15. But the big bucks (and long contract) are already (allegedly) being offered. Things could go wrong in those two years. There’s no way his manager would give him the advice you suggest.
  16. Might be slightly awkward though, it’s on the front of my upper thigh.. I’m around tomorrow evening if you’re still in town, otherwise next season!
  17. @Demonland Unfortunately couldn’t make it to the game!!
  18. Agreed. The authors at Zero Hanger basically do it as a hobby. Most of the ‘articles’ are just opinion pieces.
  19. His parents are looking for property in Melbourne.
  20. The usual ‘know-it-all’s’ wrong again. Who would of thought..
  21. They may become “brand ambassadors” for Woodside, à la Matthew Pavlich, who continues to be employed by Woodside to this day.
  22. Injury update: No mention of a player suffering from concussion. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1182344/round-20-injury-report-dees-prepare-for-trip-to-perth
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