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  1. If Richmond win, I’ll buy a Richmond membership (and microwave it straight away)
  2. Nicholls has to be one of the worst AFL umpires.
  3. Puts footy on. Hears Kelli Underwood. Turns footy off.
  4. I feel dirty.. but I’ve been going for the Hawthorn Hawks.
  5. It would be absolutely creepy seeing the players get on one knee and the kid slipping the ring onto their finger.
  6. If we played on Saturday night and our next game is Thursday night, isn’t that a four day break? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
  7. Petty has more than made up for his last few weeks..
  8. That was a beautiful kick by Fritz.
  9. Umpires will ensure a Carlton win for the AFL.
  10. Umpires got Carlton back into this.
  11. Speak of the devil.. did you see that one?!
  12. Owies flipped him. Dislike Maynard all you want (I most definitely do) but that was all on Owies.
  13. Pretty sure that head can take it.
  14. Terrible call. That was all Owies.
  15. I feel so dirty. But I’m going for Collingwood.
  16. lol @ the head lock on the Collingwood player. Free kick Carlton.
  17. Couldn’t possibly play a free kick against Cripps..
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