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  1. How [censored] good is this. Go Dees!
  2. How long has it been since we were legitimately the best team in the comp? Long may it continue. I am very entertained right now :)
  3. Our coaches deserve kudos right now. We have such a good defensive system (and players working so damn hard and not chasing possessions for themselves), so even when we have injuries and teams now trying to mitigate our game we can pull through with the big W. I was seriously worried with some of the injuries that we couldn't adapt, but we seem to be at the moment and that I reckon is because of our system and the players belief in it. It also gives the guys from the VFL a role to play when they come in, which simplifies things for them. They don't have to be heroes any more. I don't tend to engage with posters that much but I would love to see @Wiseblood come back and post. He was super optimistic over the last few years (whether I agreed or disagreed doesn't matter) and if he is lurking should come back and enjoy a start to the season I'm pretty confident very few of us have seen in our life-times.
  4. Good time for him to learn then considering our injuries.
  5. How good is this? Seriously, a team that play for each other and a structure that looks right now seriously [censored] good. I love it.
  6. Blundstone Arena is a hole for football. BBB in for Milkshake.
  7. Now that I've gone off topic. We're winning, it seems like we have a person in place and her CV looks good. Best time to make the change if there is little media pressure around the change. Best of luck Kate!
  8. What's political correctness got to do with anything?
  9. That umpire tho. Sounded like a foghorn.
  10. Look at the footage of him after the game, he knows :(
  11. Just random thoughts. Absolutely salivating at the thought of having a fit BBB and Weed in our forward line with the way the game is being played at the moment. Well done TMac in the first couple of games, but if the style of game with the new changes stays the way it has this early in the season... look out. I think it's pretty safe to say we all thought Kozzie would start kicking multiple goals, but his defensive work compared to last year... wow.wow.wow.wow. Now we just have to kick the easy goals to keep my blood pressure down.
  12. Our kicking for goal is putrid. But the umpiring is worse. They can make all the rule changes they want, but I want to see star midfielders play without being flattened off the play too.
  13. Really should have dee-stroyed them today. A few thoughts. Really happy for Hunt and his goals today. Melksham, looking at his stats this year he's had an awful time. Rivers is a find. Clarry is so much better when he takes a step and assesses rather than just going for the handball. I don't know what is happening with Jack but as soon as he takes a mark he takes eons to dispose of the ball (makes it worse when we have players out and he doesn't look right to see them). He just let's the opposition set up. Spargo could be alright (I'm happy to be wrong about him). May should be AA. 9th is about right for this team, we look good for parts of games but can't string it together (our goal kicking is shocking). GO FREO!
  14. Happy to report that I was able to have a few sips in between cutting the sour dough.
  15. Knocked off work early, tomorrow off, beers in the fridge and now preparing a little nibble plate. I'm excited!
  16. You could be wrong. But I enjoyed reading that paragraph and nodded along. Thanks!
  17. I said "a bit" I'm annoyed that people higher up than a guy in his first few seasons instructed him to do it and aren't copping it as well.
  18. It wasn't just Gawn, it seemed Adelaide had already decided to be "tough guys" and were trying to pick fights and niggle straight away. More obvious with Gawn tho. I have a bit of sympathy for McHenry as the footage shows this wasn't in play he was running to Gawn from fifty metres away. That means he was told to do it, which I think is worse.
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