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  1. Cracker of an article - love how the mum's name is "Dee"... Jason Taylor at it again.
  2. Incredible talent coupled with dedication to his craft. Was looking at the 2014 draft this morning (again)... it is my favourite followed closely by the 2019 masterstroke draft. I noticed Jarrod Pickett, WA junior star who went at pick 4 to GWS. Is he related to Kozzie? Does anyone have any colour on Kozzie's family tree? I've only heard of Uncle Nev and Byron so far as they are tied to the Dees. Keen to admire the history of this incredible football surname and its relatives.
  3. I just went onto ticketek and can pretty much get 10 tickets anywhere on the ground... We need to sell more tickets. Does anyone know how many Adelaide based Melbourne supporters we have? Otherwise, club needs to be smart and get the Neal-Bullen's, Trengroves, Petty, Vinces, Toumpas etc families on speed dial and hand out free tickets... non negotiable. Do we have anyone on demonland that has contact into demon headquarters? Message needs to be conveyed. (need to avoid a similiar scenario to dogs v essendon in tasmania, which was a dogs home game but was full of dons supporters)
  4. Salem will be 30 at end of contract... Petracca 33
  5. Announced today - that's what they said on access all areas.
  6. Melbourne has a good record at Adelaide oval compared to Brisbane...
  7. The best win i've ever seen! 44 points down at skilled... are you kidding me! Still on cloud 9. Highlights outside of the big 3 (Oliver, Gawn, Lever): - Spargo kicking 2 goals for first time this year... had a run of singles all year.. huge 4th quarter. - Sparrow exceeded my expectations after costing us dearly with 2 x turnover smothers... took 3 special contested grabs. - Brayshaw is tough and gutsy. The way he danced out of traffic in the final 2 mins was class. - Viney. Checkside on the left, 9 tackles and a crucial goal assist. Underrated and born for finals. Selfless in his sacrifice of offense to defend for Trac and Oliver. - Salem re capturing his early season form. Two good games in a row and building. All Australian squad announced today... Petracca, Gawn, Oliver, Lever are locks. May, Fritsch, Salem to make squad.
  8. Picking sparrow was the biggest mistake of the year.. 2 turnovers from a smother. How Goodwin can pick him over jones, Jordan is beyond me
  9. This is exactly what we should do. Put Jones in as the sub instead of VandenBerg. In: May, McDonald, Viney, Jones Out: Smith, Melksham, Sparrow, VandenBerg
  10. I like the romance of bringing Jones into the side this week (see what the kid from Dandenong will do to keep his spot heading into finals). Worked his way back from a calf... finding the footy in 2's playing on ball... will stick to a role, similar to JJ's or Sparrow's and he is much safer with ball in hand than Sparrow, JJ and Viney. I'd leave Bowey, he was fantastic. Loved how clean he was. Sparrow needs time. That turnover in the 1Q will happen again and again against the good sides... not up to it yet. Goodwin needs to be aware of it. Out: Sparrow, Viney In: Jones, VandenBerg (Especially if the forecast is soggy for Monday. Remember that Anzac Eve game when it was pouring and Vanders became a man possessed. He is as tough as they come. LFL for Viney in a wet game)
  11. Just came across an interesting stat when I noticed Lever had spent most time on ground in the comp this year. We have 7 of the top 34 players across the league. Seems high. Lever, Langdon & May make sense given roles and fitness. However - Clarry, Petracca and Gawn definitely surprised me. Bulldogs only have Keath. Lions only have Andrews, Daniher, Hipwood. Most players on this list are key position forward or back. I think we are struggling at clearance because the big 3 are exhausted. I think we need to mix it up in the middle, increase rotations which we seemed to be doing more of earlier in the year (ie pickett rotating through midfield). While the game has less rotations and resting mids forward/back is becoming more common, the reality is we are leaving our star mids out there for longer than other teams.
  12. Does anyone have any Bowey highlights from his Casey games? He seems to take kick ins at Casey, interested to see the other aspects of his game and link off half back in play. 29 touches/8 marks/5 tackles is good going.
  13. It is a mistake imo. We had nobody to kick to for large parts of the Essendon game. Also, McDonald plays 5x better when another key forward in the side. Brown had earnt his spot.
  14. Does anyone the stats on our best start to a season? How many did we win in 1965? What year did we win 8 in a row etc?
  15. In the lead up to the big games, i always download the oppositions app to get their interviews etc... might be a harsh critic but our media department can do better.. i know dusty has had more highlights/success... but have a look at the 9 minute video they have for him. It is creative and good media.. we have an article (atm) that goes through year by year on Jones' journey to 300 games. Should be able to turn this into a video i would have thought.
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