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  1. Does anyone the stats on our best start to a season? How many did we win in 1965? What year did we win 8 in a row etc?
  2. In the lead up to the big games, i always download the oppositions app to get their interviews etc... might be a harsh critic but our media department can do better.. i know dusty has had more highlights/success... but have a look at the 9 minute video they have for him. It is creative and good media.. we have an article (atm) that goes through year by year on Jones' journey to 300 games. Should be able to turn this into a video i would have thought.
  3. Send the feelers out to all your Melbourne friends to be there on Saturday night. If you know a Melbourne supporter who is in Melbourne that isn’t going then put some pressure on.. it’s our home game. I’ve got 4 flying in from Sydney.. coming in hot! Go dees.
  4. Stunning words by Williams. Great interview. It made me think how we as demonlanders need to spread the message and tell our friends and family to sign up. We ALL need to play our part in getting existing members to sign up again! There would be 10,000+ sitting on the sidelines still. Time to get them back to the G in red and blue. Must use the momentum to surge!
  5. Hi, does anyone know the latest with the timing of the training camp? I’m in the Sunshine Coast until Saturday 1st February. Love to see the boys train, even if it’s a brief moment or closed session.
  6. Reckon its worth getting now we made finals?
  7. Not sure what the best way to contact club is but we all crave content of our team as supporters and part of being a member is getting access/insight into the team. Not sure if Matt Burgan is on a sabbatical but the content is so down on previous years and even then it’s been sub par. 1m 30 sec videos are not ok from the camp up the coast... who is best to speak to at the club? We rely on Saty for summer training reports and instagram shots. He doesn’t even get paid.
  8. Pedo is our Nathan Lyon Would someone be able to send me 666s link of the photos with frosty pushing up the ground?
  9. Can someone please let me know training times on Wednesday? Coming down from Sydney and hoping to get to goschs between meetings.
  10. Anyone give us the latest on guernseys numbers... it’s a highlight for me at this time of year. I was looking last night... reckon Joel smith takes his dads old number at 35.. BK old number. Surely, no one goes near 31, 9 and 4?
  11. What’s the latest now we have gotten rid of watts to port and signed flip, king and Maynard?
  12. Can someone please update me on how many list spots we have if we upgrade Joel smith? And How many picks can we take to the draft?We should be able to work out what Mahoney will do. Also, what’s the draft value of pick 30 and 33? I reckon watts and pick 46 could be a good trade for 30 and 33.
  13. Go and take a deep breath... you’re overreacting and have limited insight into what the club is doing behind the scenes. Pick 35 is a good pick.
  14. I reckon it’s a good idea. I like Menzel (except for his one eyed nature of scoring goals). Its probably a straight swap for mine. 2 year deal and move on.
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