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  1. How does Tom Hawkins not even get a fine last week See below, resulted in concussion. The AFL is so inconsistent.
  2. NT has opened its borders to Victoria. Do you think we play the Gold Coast in Darwin?
  3. Unfortunately we still have the rugby union team (rebels) and 2 soccer teams also using those facilities (victory and city). But I like your train of thought here!
  4. Did you just see tomilson with his mobile phone in the change room??? Could be issues later in the week
  5. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/11/23/the-victorian-club-who-should-be-calling-lewis-jetta/
  6. Is it worth throwing a 1 year contract to Lewis Jetta? 31 years of age, has speed and skill and could fill a part of our game that we need to address. Thoughts?
  7. Tomilson to the wing Hannan goes to fritsch spot fwd Jones goes to sparrows spot as an inside rotating mid/fwd Omac to Tomilsons backline spot . Considering king's aerial presence. Can see the thought process. Actually could work. Not sure why Brown over preuss or the Wagner selection though
  8. Does anyone know whether Pruess got an injury and played on through the last quarter? The AFL app had him as injured during the third quarter and he was not sighted at this time. I know he came back, but wonder if he was carrying something, putting him in doubt for selection next week
  9. I like the thought of playing Jackson as the deep forward. As we know he is tall and has a great leap. I feel he will be able to run and jump and cause a contest against frost, Frawley mcevoy etc. Then we can use our small forward line as it hits the ground. Also allows him to rotate into the ruck to give gawn a rest. Weideman as the tall lead up forward will get him involved in the game and build confidence. Also he takes more marks when he is on the lead with space. I think that's more his game. Could be the start of a great forward line partnership for years
  10. This is what I am wondering. I feel like he has intrinsically lost interest. His body language and lack of competitive drive being the main catalysts If he is not getting midfield minutes, he should be, and maybe that is why he has lost the competitive flare we saw in his first few years.
  11. I'm not killing him off because I remember how good he was. In 2018 his disposal was poor, but the feeling was he was a competitor and could find the footy. My point is we haven't seen these qualities since 2018. Have we coached him to do something different or is it more intrinsically motivated?
  12. You think the change would have to be made after Carlton absolutely smashed us for clearances for 3 qtr despite gawnys dominance.
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