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  1. Yesterday, the last 3 teams left in the comp were all members of the cat family. Essendon, currently undergoing a crisis of culture, have decided to return to their true culture plus embrace that winning feline feeling, as the Essendon Cheetahs. Make Great Drugs Again.
  2. Geelong will definitely go in as the undercats.
  3. Yes, so although the lack of crowd influence might explain the WC losing some of their natural free kick advantage this year, we see the Pies still doing very well. Despite the decreased threat (at least on match day) of being bitten by an angry rabid Pie fan (albeit a largely toothless bite), higher influences on the umpires such as referred to by Clintosaurus continue to play a dominant role. As for North doing so well despite being such a rubbish team, maybe the pattern of the jumper sets off an automatic reflex in the umpire’s, and they pay the free kick, before realising that the blu
  4. We won the free kick count versus Cokers in the first round, a freak of nature. I doubt our luck would have held if we had made it to the finals. As this table shows, there’s no team more likely to enjoy the umpire’s good favours than their pet Pies, so in this regard there should be at least a level playing field for their final.
  5. Walters a huge out, but hopefully the forecast dry conditions suit the Freo marking talls, come on Hoges. As for Dogs tall forwards, Josh Bruce is very hit or miss, which can put too much pressure on Naughton. The Bulldogs midfield is their strength, but Freo’s is running pretty hot lately and can match them. As we are painfully aware, Freo has had recent success on this ground. I’m a bit surprised by Freo odds, 3.25, I’d have thought 2.4 or even less. But then, I’m not a professional. My natural pessimism over-rides all of the above arguments, Dogs to win.
  6. Forecast for Fri 25th Sept. Max 15 degrees, Rain 3 to 15 mm. High (70%) chance of showers. Lucky the Grand Final Parade won’t be held on that date. Or is it luck? I’ve been led to believe it’s another example of the AFL’s brilliant long term strategic thinking. Very early this year they sensed that the Grand Final Parade was highly likely to get rained upon. So they organised a feast, to be held in an otherwise obscure town in China, featuring a main course of braised bat on a bed of bat****, well knowing the outcome. There are certain things they didn’t anticipate, like the devastat
  7. As per Wiki - Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin was a pioneering French surgeon and gynecologist. He pioneered a number of operations including removal of the rectum..... Somehow I feel this might be a procedure intricately linked with the fate of many Melbourne supporters, possibly as early as tomorrrow. The only solution, a new one must be torn. Enter Razor Ray Chamberlain.
  8. From SEN article, ‘North Melbourne and West Coast have opened talks about relocating their Round 18 game from Queensland to Perth. It's a move that is sure to anger other finals-bound clubs.’ Obviously promises to be a bigger percentage booster for WC than they’d otherwise expect, and a bigger percentage loser for North. (Even though it’s not a true home game that North will be selling.) So if North’s percentage takes a bigger hit, it will possibly compromise how clubs finish at the bottom of the ladder. If North happen to gain another win by round 18, compared to Sydney and Hawthorn, t
  9. Agree, and furthermore, Richmond’s tall forward was Jack Riewoldt, a better all-round footballer than Tom Mac, and in much better form back then than the form TMac is currently in. Also, Riewoldt was supplemented by some strong-bodied medium sized forwards, such as Caddy and Townsend, unlike Fritsch, who gets pushed out of the contest too easily and isn’t suited to being a key target. Then of course the Richmond small forwards were all highly skilled, apart from Castagna, with a midfield that hit targets. Viney and Oliver are clearly liabilities by foot. They need to be removed from
  10. JKH been good in close, played well so far apart from that one bad turn over. If you want to write him off for a mistake like that send most of this team on their way as well.
  11. I've recently rediscovered Stone’s Green Ginger. Does a fine job at clearing the throat etc. In my hitching days got picked up in remote western Victoria and had to clear a space for my feet amongst the SGG empties carpeting the floor. Fortunately it turned out the driver had become immune to the 13.9%.
  12. Hear hear. It will be known as the era of The Saltimate.
  13. Such a person exists? I barrack for MFC and BHA, so …. the existence of such a complete and utter loser is entirely possible. The universe is a wondrous place.
  14. Even the concrete has a hard time surviving up there. Concrete cancer. Corruption rules. Could future sea level rise be the ultimate cleanser and also force the AFL’s hand? Hopefully we don’t have to wait that long.
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