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  1. Saints looking to trade down to get McCartin..if the dees go to the draft it'll be Petraca and Brayshaw. Unless another team, say GWS, get pick 1
  2. Why would he take Petrenko's number. Weird choice
  3. If we use 2 & 3 for Steven (who I rate), does that mean we would take 12 to the draft? I just don't see that
  4. Black & White - Collingwood Not a small bird - Turkey (Wild Turkey bourbon) Bourbon - Jim Beam Dayne Beams. Simples.
  5. Can't see us taking 12 to the draft. It's a required commodity. Strap yourselves in
  6. Obviously couldn't bare the prospect of the dees rd 1
  7. For those interested.. Stk. $1.65 Melb $2.20
  8. We play the following on a 6 day break. Carlton, Sydney, Essendon, Hawthorn, Fremantle & WCE. Tough
  9. Herald Sun reporting this is our first up match.. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/afl-reveals-2014-fixture/story-fni5f22o-1226749858096 Thats about as good a result as we could hope for first up. Go dees
  10. was a few pages back. Basically said the wheels are in motion at the dees
  11. I agree, extremely impressive! Reads the play beautifully and looks composed with the footy
  12. All the abuse at barrett has been removed...interestingly brad miller took that tweet down
  13. I think you'll find the Dogs told Cross he wasn't in their best 22. They don't have a midfield problem - Boyd, Griffen, Libba, Wallace, McRae, Smith, Cooney, throw in Dahlhouse, Hrovat and Koby Stevens too.
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