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  1. Oh. So THAT'S how you do it. Just pure love
  2. Nice! Pretty sure your lost weekend is still wandering around here somewhere
  3. Hi matey. No, after much discussion. Imagine losing this and then realising you're at Coco's. Might head that way if/when we prevail, though
  4. Love the idea of how far and wide we are spread. Gonna be some tough time zones and some confused neighbours in early hours around the place. The WA twighlight game is perfect for Europe, game starts just before midday, almost like normal. Go Dees
  5. Can't go past it. Norm, Barass, Malcolm, Goody. Let's [censored] do this! (Onya Goody)
  6. Was going to put this in London Demons group. Mods, maybe merge? The Deeaspora is up and about. Those of us around the world surely feel for all the Melbourne based crew, not being able to go watch the GF at the G. But also, welcome to our world. Fortunately, we all live in an amazing time in which we can connect, cheer and, hopefully, fall into flabbergasted heaps of joyous rapture wherever we are, together. If anybody is in the Netherlands and wants to go through this with fellow tragics, send me a PM. Similarly, wherever you are in the world, use this thread to connect with other Dees fans. [censored] i am so excited, nervous, but also quite sure that this is it, and we are all in this together. Go the Demons and love to my Dad who lives in the US and who peruses these boards. This is what all those rainy, ****ty days at the G watching us getting belted were for.
  7. What an absolute joke Edit: the votes from game against Adelaide. O Wines should win and that's fine by me
  8. Yea at its basic level this is exactly how I've always seen it. Though, never heard it put it as beautifully as you did there chook
  9. All hail the Bye! (Get well Ooze and Goody)
  10. This bloke has always done best by our club. Right to the very end. It has dragged us back from mediocrity and meaninglessness. Thank you Jonesy
  11. Andy, if we win, is there any chance of a spontaneous, live Demonland streaming after the match so we can all call in and make blubbering, joyous proclamations about our love of everything?
  12. I am failing to get anything productive done at the moment. How long to go? The time difference is too perfect. Wake up, check all the content thats already gone up in Aus, sit on demonland dreaming, suddenly it's the afternoon and another day has gone. Really need to get work done today. I'm gonna do it. Ooh just saw that Gus & Gawny starts in 3 minutes.
  13. Not embarrassing at all. "Bawling my eyes out if we win" is a dead-set certainty
  14. Been trying to decide. We are not in any lockdown over here. Options are: Coco's, a travesty of an Australian bar that once went through the entire hottest 100 until number 2, and then turned it off because 'we need to make a party'. Hotbed of band-wagony filth and Essendon supporters. Drover's Dog, a more upscale Australian restaurant bar, but run by Sydneysiders who couldn't give a [censored] and likely to be told not to make so much noise. Mate's house on the big screen. Successful option taken for both finals so far. Contained in a box of nervous energy, with homemade meat pies and a [censored] tonne of beer. Likely option. Meanwhile, have two weeks to choose which local statue of a Dutch notable is going to get a Dees scarf around 'em.
  15. Most amazing day of my life. Celebrated hard, Demonfolk. @AmsterdamDeesFan and I took to the canals of Amsterdam and made sure everyone could get familiar with the lyrics of the song in prep for the Granny in two weeks. Need fifteen hours of sleep before I watch the replay for the third time. One more win! Go you beautiful, magnificent Demons
  16. You build up a lot of karma points being a Demon in WA. Hopefully what is coming, what you all might get to enjoy, is redemption for every smug look of pity and off-hand comments each of you has ever endured.
  17. I have been quietly thankful to Josh Mahoney during the course of this wonderful season. He did a lot of hard yards in bygone years from which we are now reaping the benefits. Hope he gets the AFL gig. Seriously capable fella.
  18. What amazing times. It ain’t easy being a Dees supporter in WA and, I imagine, SA. Stoked that those of you among us get this kind of opportunity and there is no doubt that you will do the job for the lot of us.
  19. Only just got a chance to watch First Crack. Either he is being given contentious lines to say by a producer or he is doing lines of something out the back.
  20. What a day yesterday, you bloody beautiful MFC faithful! A lifetime of Kardinia trauma was unexpectedly treated in the space of 34 minutes. After collecting myself from the blubbering mess I had been reduced to, I then spent chunks of the day intricately explaining the magnitude of the moment to scores of baffled Italians, Germans and Canadians who were paying me to hear about Dutch history but instead were regaled with tales of the historic warriors called Max Gawn and Clayton Oliver. Found myself riding through West Amsterdam at 5am belting out Grand Old Flag in the rain. A day for the ages. I [censored] love you all and I [censored] love this football team.
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