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  1. He was pictured in training on the website, so assuming it was just an ear infection you can assume he's over that otherwise he wouldn't be out in the cold!
  2. I reckon the club's would know, but their probably still waiting for official confirmation around the fly in arrangement from the state governments
  3. Anyone have any idea why our game is still scheduled for 4:35pm? Why would the AFL and broadcasters want 2 games going head to head (our game is the same time as the Suns v Dogs game)? Surely given the lockdowns and the huge TV audiences they got last year they'd be better off starting our game at around 2pm and then have the games lead into each other, they'd get all the neutral supporters then, rather than having them split across the 1 time slot. There'd be no issues with us starting earlier?
  4. I had the same thing, wondered if it was related to the few free tickets the club gives with some memberships? I didn't try and use them, just used the usual one
  5. I think we've had a lot more down days that the doggies or cats, but from that we've only managed to lose 3 times and have won a few (Nth, Ess), whereas when the Dogs or Cats have been beaten, it hasn't been due to a down day, they've truly been beaten by better sides. My take on that is come finals, down days should be eliminated, which should be good for us.
  6. I think @Skuit is 100% correct - the lights came on at the ground towards the end of the 2nd quarter (I remember showing my daughter they were now on), from that point we kicked 5.8 to the giants 3.4. Goody even said it was a game of 2 halves, lights off-lights on!
  7. I got tickets for myself and my daughter, both members, and also 3 others on general admin about an hour ago. Make sure you're putting your membership numbers in at the beginning and then select general reserve - not best available and it might work?
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned in any other threads, but without having access to the actual data, there's a good chance that our Casey side was on average significantly older than our seniors. We've got 11 players on our list that who are 28 or older . Of these 7 played at Casey and 4 for the Dees, remarkably we were the second youngest team on the weekend just gone.
  9. This is a good list to give people an idea of what is realistic this year, we've just re-contracted Gawn, Trac, Clarry and Salem on good coin, while the likes of Lever have redone their contract to allow those guys the coin to stay. While we'd be a very attractive destination now (game style, age demographic etc.) we simply don't have the cap space or the assets (no 1st round this year) to actually bring in big name, however it doesn't mean we can't look at free agents or specific depth pieces.
  10. We won't get access if another club selects him in the first 20 picks, otherwise I think we still get the discount
  11. There's a really good article on foxsports about goal kicking accuracy, I know all supporters of all teams have complaints about missed shots, but over time it can really tell a fascinating story. So far this year, we've been very poor (ranked 18th in both) at shot on goal and set shot on goal quality. So if we could improve slightly where our shots are being taken from, in theory we should expect to score even more, which is pretty good for the side that's already ranked 4th in points for. At the other end, one major improvement, has come from where we let other teams to take their shots from, ranking 2nd with shot quality against, we force players to kick from the pocket or further out. One thing we have encounter though is teams are kicking better than expected against us, even with the shots we are giving them. So if that returned to around normal expectancy and we managed to improve where we take our shots (both set and general) from, then there's still a bot of improvement left in the second half of the year! https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/where-every-club-ranks-in-the-2021-expected-accuracy-ladder-champion-index/news-story/001a4914d94d2a07907973ee3376bcdf
  12. Not sure if this deserved a thread on it's own, but it'll be Covid based in a lot of ways, but our last 2 games have been the highest rating TV games for the season! While we might miss out on some gate receipts, having a lot of eyes on us will be great for our sponsors and future sponsors, and what's better we won both playing attractive footy! https://www.afl.com.au/news/628192/huge-ratings-for-2021-toyota-afl-sir-doug-nicholls-round
  13. Every team plays 5 teams twice this season, we've got GWS, Hawks, Dogs, Crows and Cats, and at the moment only 2 of them are in the top 8. So it's just showing who's in the current top 8 who teams play twice.
  14. Why not have it played at either Geelong or Ballarat, there'll be density limits, but at least they get a crowd of the teams supporters, not just a quarter filled stadium interstate. Plus if it's played in Ballarat then they won't have to worry about adding ice to the slide water, it'll be half frozen over already.
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