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  1. I think Petty for May is the easy change, but I could also see us resting Jetta to get Lockhart in the team. Jetta has been playing well but will need a rest during the year, along with Jones. So it might be better for him to rest now and be right for the tigers small forwards, plus I think we'll be need to be getting games into most of our best 28-30 players during the season so there's no fade out later on
  2. Petty only played a half because he was the emergency in case any of our talks got a late injury yesterday. From all reports he's been in great form in the practice games and I see him as being much more like for like with May than what Daw is. He's much more aggressive and will hold his position down neck more than Daw will, Daw's best back games for North came when he played more of the Lever role.
  3. Every chance he's an emergency tomorrow, he has been in the other rounds. They would want them still to be getting some game time
  4. This is a massive overreaction, the last practice game the coach reported Melk was clear best on ground, and they also had an inter club last weekend, so the coaches will have seen him in action. I'm all for no changes, but also understand the need for a squad to take us deep this year, so expect to see lost of players get games this year.
  5. I think we'll go in unchanged, but could certainly understand if they bring in Melksham, for 2 reasons. The first is that Geelong have been troubled all year and that's without facing teams that have the manic small forward pressure we have - ANB, Kossie, Sparrow, Spargo and Jones - so there would be a thought around needing as many smalls in this game, which leads into the second. Potentially we might like to go slightly taller - Melksham - to see how the forward line will operate when BBB and Weid come in (I know he's not huge, but plays more like a tall than a small). I think we'll pa
  6. I reckon they'll send Majak to the backline now, he was good insurance and could play straight away, but (in the absence of any new injuries), we've got 6 key forwards, but only 4 key backs (unless you include J.Smith). Petty's obviously the next in and maybe TMac goes back to the wing, but now Majak would be last in line along with M.Brown for a forward spot.
  7. Didn't mean at the top level, but can certainly see them playing for Casey next week, even if it's just a half each.
  8. Just giving the knee a good workout! I looked how well both seemed to be moving, I know it was only a glimpse but good chance they'll be both right in a week or 2
  9. Struggling to understand what this has to do with my post, are you saying that unless we make wholesale changes to the team after we win we don't have ambition?
  10. I'd go no changes, Viney, Hibbo and Melk have had very limited pre-seasons and playing as fit a side as possible will serve us the best at the moment. After the job Cognilio did on Steele shows Harmes has a place, but he just needs to remember not to loose his positioning at the center bounce, which he did very well in the pre-season games. I also think Freo ddi well to stop Hunt running out of the backline, clearly seeing this as something we'd worked on in the off-season, but they shouldn't give up on that after 1 game.
  11. Langdon was a good runner, but has gotten even better with us. There was an article around his time on ground stats, and I know it was a shortened season but he went from 85% in 2019 to around 92% with us last year and in the pre-season I think it was around 98%. Not insignificant when you look at his role. No doubt Tomlinson is one of those guys who's biggest issue could be his flexibility, at the Giants he played back, forward and wing. I never subscribed to the talk that we only picked him as a wing only, but to imply he's only getting a game because there's no-one else is false, he's no su
  12. Interesting rumour, I wonder if they'd then play Darcy and try to always have one of their rucks forward. That'd be a big advantage to us as one is underdone while the other is inexperienced, I'd be getting Max to run them around all day and try and drag them deep forward with him when possible.
  13. Let's not forget, that he was recruited as a run all day, taller wingman, not for speed. Langdon is about speed. Tomlinson had a massive disadvantage last year that the quarters were reduced in time so it didn't allow his strengths to show (Hill from St Kilda was another similar player). It does show how highly rated he was that he held his spot as a defender. This year his endurance will be a massive boost for us, plus Langdon's endurance has gone through the roof from when he was at Freo.
  14. Agree with this, and alternatively either he or May could try and drift forward for a brief spell if they have Fyfe in the center. With the longer games and fewer subs, guys like Tomlinson could really shine given he won't have to come off often, and with his height might be able to take a break forward to give Jackson/TMac/Maxy more time on the bench if needed. I'm really hoping we see the work that Burgess put into them, not just this pre-season but also last around running out games far better than the opposition. I felt this was a big hinderance towards our guys last year who's train
  15. He's not listed in anyone's academy, and don't think he'd fit the criteria? So we should have first dibs, if he's good enough and wants to come to us.
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