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  1. No rush to fill the spot. Other than maybe Hibbo I dont feel any of this is disrupting our likely start back 7.
  2. There is no way that I can see that Brayshaw will have the kilometres in the legs compared to other players. I will be very surprised if he is there in the first month let alone round 1. Hibberd likely but I either way I feel Hunt will skip in front of him for a half back flank.
  3. If we have low injuries surely we only take someone short term if Deakyn or Kobe actually show significant development. Otherwise are we not best to sit and wait and see how players who missed drafting perform in feeders comps and load on two mid year rather than wait until next years draft.
  4. Maybe best I include a midfield :) Lever May Lockhart Rivers ATom Salem Langdon Oliver TMac Petracca Weid Spargo Pickett Brown Fritsch Gawn Melksham Viney Hunt Jackson ANB Jordon Laurie Smith Sparrow
  5. Adjusting based on recent training reports and what I think we’ll see. Lever May Lockhart Rivers ATom Salem Langdon Oliver TMac Petracca Weid Spargo Pickett Brown Fritsch Hunt Jackson ANB Jordon Melksham Smith Sparrow My assumption that Brayshaw, Hibberd and Petty will not be 100% ready to roll round 1.
  6. We need to consider that the return to standard quarters will see more likelihood of players rotating into the midfield than we saw in 2020. I would also be very surprised if we saw Brayshaw early in the season. Add to this Yze’s influence and our need to correct the stoppages bleeding we saw at times last year there will be new names. There is in my view 2 spots up for grabs rotating through the midfield as well as an open wing spot for round 1. I suspect the 2 mid spots will be between Harmes, Melksham, JJ, Sparrow with ANB a curveball addition. I suggest the most likely second winger at thi
  7. It will be interesting to see where this lands, general points. Captaincy has additional requirements and attributes on top of what is needed to be in the leadership group. Anyone that leads people of 18-35 bracket in any environment these days will understand that now more than ever leadership requires different ways to get the best out of different folk. The leadership group is best serviced by a varied dynamic to “show the way” on field and track but to debate and connect with all types off ground and ensure diverse thought and action. It is preferable to have designated
  8. I see Picketts role to create opportunities through pressure acts and ground balls. He is not going to be a high volume possession getter nor are many in this type of role. It is also not unusual to look back at players in this role being a touch off in their first year seizing opportunities, which he was. The key for me is how many times he was at the right spot as well as how many times he was at the right spot in multiple points of a possession chain. It is worth looking at for his first year his average pressure acts and ground ball gets against others in similar roles. Note I have ex
  9. If you consider the fact of Olivers age and Trac only recently joining the midfield mix its not like they have had years of maturity together to gel. This is why we are coming into our window now as this is when players who may be good individually start to mature and gel into team first footy. As far as free agency Kelly, Merrett and Laird in that order should be our targets.
  10. They will either get on board or you will see some very different midfield combinations to limit the time all three are in there together.
  11. There is spin and there is fact. The facts seem to be Petty, Hibberd and Gus are the only players to have missed a main session ignoring Vanders stuck in NSW. Let’s compare these facts to facts on Carlton from the AFL website this week.. Docherty trained away from the main group. Curnow, Betts, Marchbank and Silvagni did not train. Newman, Mackay, Gibbons, Martin, DeKoning, Williamson and Kemp are on modified programs. Who knows if they are running PBs, hitting targets or improved their game plan knowledge but I know which one is the preferred position particularly with
  12. Thanks. Most sides have a turnover of 3-5 of their best 22 in a given year. Rather than play it safe I have tried to crystal ball what we might try and address from a game style but also with our influx of improved speed and kicking and a return to longer quarters and season. Historically I feel we have been a side with too many flankers and inside mid and not the right balance of mids, mediums, smalls and talls with balanced games. I feel we are starting to get that right list wise and also maintain some flexibility without having to make weekly changes.
  13. Lever May Smith Rivers Petty Salem Langdon Petracca Harmes Laurie Weid Melksham Fritsch Brown Pickett Gawn Oliver Viney Bowey Jackson Brayshaw Hunt Tmac Jordon Hibberd
  14. The 5 players we need to have the biggest impact in 2021. 1. May 2. Trac 3. Oliver 4. Brown 5. Langdon The 5 players we want to have the most improved impact in 2021. 1. Lever 2. Brown 3. Brayshaw 4. Pickett 5. TMac/Weid
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