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  1. In Petty and Hibberd Out May and Jordon Jordon sub.
  2. 6. Petracca 5. Lever 4. Viney 3. Fritsch 2. Gawn 1. Langdon
  3. The Melksham/Sparrow change was one of two selections most could see could possibly occur, the other being Jetta out for Hibberd. Most are weighing up their thoughts (as am I) on factors that are hard to judge outside the club. I love the idea of unchanged sides but I dont understand the nuances of below inside the club to have a strong view on this decision. Firstly, where is the line as a mid between getting the ball and what you do without the ball. Sparrows off ball work has been excellent as shown in his pressure stats but surely a mid/half forward needs to get more than 4 touches.
  4. Hibberd is a better stopper when tasked than given credit.
  5. He was serviceable in the first two rounds but I am unsure who he plays on in Cats front 6? If he does not have the right match up for a game at the G then being he does not add attack or rebound from defence I am unsure how he assists.
  6. I dont want Baker in the side but I dont want a kid to debut as sub (with no game involvment) I also dont want to waste a week of no game time into someone who might add more or be needed soon ie: Melksham or Hibberd. I want someone who offers some medium size flexibility if called upon.
  7. I dont believe we can play the style of game we are well with both Jones and Melksham in the side and Jones for all his faults is getting involved in core chains and lets be honest wont get omitted. Sparrow does need to get more than 4 possessions weekly but his work off the ball and his pressure in structure is extremely high and should be rewarded again regardless of his quiet day with the ball. Jetta is the concern for me, he is hanging on through sheer will and I just dont see the clear match up for him against the Cats. Hibberd for Jetta and Baker or Chandler as sub.
  8. Agree with Sparrow but Jones frustrates me no end. Refuses to chase, refuses to take first option, refuses to play team footy.
  9. Whilst a good win we need a freshen up. I would have Sparrow (no impact), Jetta (cooked) and Jones (selfish and no defensive actions) in the gun. I would have Hibberd and Melksham in for Jetta and Sparrow and have Jones as the sub (for those obsessed with getting him to 300). .
  10. We are winning with structure and fitness rather than talent and performance at present. GWS threw everything at us and took their chances. That was a tough hard fought win and we again fought back and then controlled the game. Lots to work on but I will take double the scoring shots and a 5 goal win which ever way it comes. Hunt is starting to grow in confidence and Pickett is just a joy to watch. Looking forward to us sticking it to the cats on the G next week.
  11. 6. Gawn 5, Hunt 4. Pickett 3. Langdon 2. Salem 1. Viney
  12. Gee that was surprising that they came out hard and changed their style. Need to get some goals and put them back in their box. Oliver needs to get on the move to accentuate the holds and blocks. Just need to show some composure, get on their bikes defensively, play with some better spread and make some space in the forward 50.
  13. Right decision to maintain the same 22. There will come times when form wains or injuries occur that will create opportunities for those that are ready to take them. I suggest Milkshake will be sub being he offers the most versatility.
  14. Fritta’s goal kicking needs to get better but its more to do with him leading to low % positions than him missing easy shots in my view. Worth noting before Bailey kicked what was an amazing clutch shot Lyons and Daniher missed. If you want to see the best watch the rejuvenated Tex the purest kick in the game at the moment.
  15. The club should offer a digital concierge that the non tech savvy member can coordinate with via phoning the club and then meet at gate 3. The club could secure their ticket and preload onto a digital device that they use to get them through a special members queue for this purpose. The club would then provide a physical pass that advises their seat allocation once inside the ground so they can get into the relevant bay. It’s not perfect and does not solve those that want to buy some inside for cash purpose but would solve the getting people in. I see plenty of older potentially low tech folk
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