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  1. Out Weid, Sparrow In Chandler, Viney I still think our forward line has looked at its best with TMac and Jackson with Fritsch as the third early in the year. Time to get back to that until BBB is banging the door down to force us to consider something taller.
  2. Anyone watch today and think he is not worth bringing to our back 7? 32 possessions @ 90% and had Fritsch under control. Throw a rug over Pendles, DeGoey and him for BOG today.
  3. Whilst not the reason for the loss but suburban footy should not be played on a ground as short as the SCG let alone AFL. We struggled to hit a kick and could not stretch them with run. Please lets not play there again.
  4. Things are never as good or as bad as they seem. We looked flat and they were expectedly up and about. Rather than our midfield leaders fixing it with brilliant basics and hard defensive work they attempted to play millionaire footy. Review that hard and call out everything that was wrong and then reset for a big second half of the season. Call out to Jackson who was immense. Look forward to seeing Benny Brown get a good run at it after the bye.
  5. At least the tempo was up that quarter but a few trying to do too much and a few who may as well not be out there, Just need to read the front of their MND Beanie and follow what it says on the front and we should still sneak home. Please play Jackson in ruck for the majority this quarter we just look better with him in there today,
  6. Melbourne has a recognisable brand that we as supporters love. This is the exact opposite of that. Second to the ball. Outnumbered at the contest. Players trailing their player when in transition. No creativity, run or dare when in possession. Feels like a team that was ready to absorb an emotional start rather than take charge and not give them a sniff.
  7. Hibbo is having a great year and deserving of another contract. However he is getting to the end (for some its hard to see it coming at that age) and will not always be injury free. If Hibberd goes down we have no one to play on those mid/forwards unless you want to shift May from his role. I am also not convinced how set Hunt will be in our best 22. There is a spot there for the right player.in the right age bracket if opportunity allows.
  8. Maynard would not cost the earth in trade or coin. Is the perfect Hibberd/Jetta replacement. Is the right age bracket and style of player we like. Like Hibbo has some attacking bent but is a good not great kick but can play a serious lock down role something that we have lost with Jetta and will lose with Hibbo. Also gives us flex for Rivers to develop and possibly play midfield in stints in future years.
  9. If they mean does he come in without VFL to build confidence and fitness no. If he does not have a VFL to build confidence and fitness then yes but with further proof at training. If that is meant to mean is he even in our best 22 it does not even deserve a response. We have the luxury of doing whatever is the best path to having Viney cherry ripe and champing at the bit to hit finals and everyone in them hard and fast. However when he comes in he needs to spend less time in middle and rotate through half forward with Sparrow, and Jordon (and take Melkshams slot).
  10. Those that say. Melksham wont get dropped should consider he has been once this season already. Goody’s comments on radio confirmed he is not in form and had a quiet game. There is also no way we dont bring Lingers in. I do wonder on the postage stamp ground that is Sydney whether we consider playing one less tall. I cant see anyway that Lingers does not play and the omission is not one of Melksham or Weid for the one change.
  11. We were beaten in the first half by a very good team who we will likely meet when the whips are cracking. However these demons have a resilience and determination of a rare team that hates to lose rather than loves to win. Some of the best hard nose attacking footy you will see in the second half typified by the TMac snap in the last and the chain of running handballs that led to it. We are giving ourselves every chance at the pointy end. More importantly we have a list balanced with mature quality, elites coming into their prime and exciting youth across every line giving ourselves every cha
  12. Melksham out for Lingers. I would persevere with Weid as whilst he is not having the expected direct impact our forwardline seems to function better. I also think the SCG is not the ground to bring BBB in as I suggest him and T will get in each other’s way.
  13. TMac has returned to his best footy. The three mini maestro’s in Pickett, Spargo and ANB are it for mine being they were in the side but not playing at this level.
  14. 6.Trac 5. Gawn 4.Oliver 3. TMac 2. Spargo 1. Harmes
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