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  1. I disagree. This is what 2020 was about, to give him a chance to get to 300 and hold his worth. He showed when out there he was barely hanging on and had multiple soft tissue injuries which are the mark of the ageing warrior. This is taking a spot in 2021 from someone who could develop or make a difference.
  2. Would be good to get him but not the end of the world if we don't, particularly on a 3 year deal. Assume we will then turn our attention to further available options to fill the same like Philips and back to Polec. The good thing is there are gettable options out there.
  3. Billing’s for Brayshaw does not really make sense to me. Yes he is more outside, a bit quicker and a bit better kick but he doesn’t really clearly solve something for us. His top level form is as inconsistent as Brayshaw and I am unclear on what role he would play. With Higgins as well what is he solving? He is not a pressure forward but he is smart half forward with reasonable speed but many tricks. Certainly an upgrade on our forward line and best 22 I guess but not one I would expect us to be looking at for what I would suggest he would cost. Are we looking to improve our quality
  4. I cant see us playing even a semi permanent run with midfielder which is his jam. He clearly is not suited to a half back role and if you haven’t nailed a wing with MFC before 2020 I cant see someone suddenly becoming one now. Most likely and best opportunity would be to overtake Melksham’s half forward position with a defensive bent which I would already have a preference for him to do. If they dont see a role for him in our best 22 then he is more value as trade or list management than at Casey for injury relief.
  5. A proven quality wingman from a successful club on I suggest a moderate wage but longer than preferred contract at no draft or player cost. To fill a significant gap in our list for year one, year two whilst unknown options compete for the position and I suggest develop our youth at Casey our provides good depth in year 3. This or a 2 year deal that he doesn’t take with us banking on Baker becoming an ok wingman in 2021 or us trading for a suitable player (cant think of any other OOC or FA) at a a higher cost.
  6. Let’s look back at the swell of people upset at what we were paying contract wise for the three at the time it was done. The same I reckon at Lever. You have to take their exposed form on face value and a confidence it will continue. I suspect there was little concern at the time due to their output other than the Harmes 5 year deal length. With Tomlinson and Langdon I suggest we are not paying them in our top 5 but you clearly pay more to get them in than renew if you had them.
  7. We have 3 of the top 10 players in the league (champion data) We paid overs to extract May and Lever and I assume Langdon and Tomlinson to a lesser extent. We unfortunately triggered contracts on TMac, Brayshaw and Harmes and peak form that we have not seen since. We have kept fringe players too long on deals too good (hence the clear out this year I anticipate).
  8. Assuming his body checks out this could be a smart potential trade. Good age For us and would not cost alot. Fills a role we have a spot for in the back 7 and has speed, carry and a left footer.
  9. Agree he has had an excellent career. However he’s out of contract and with Daniher on the way I would suggest it would be hard to hold the Big O out for the number 1 spot as there will be less room forward.
  10. I know he is RFA next year but look at the rumoured requests from Dodorio for Saad who is out of contract. There is no way Essendon will accept anything with any form of reason to pry him out when contracted.
  11. Add to this the lack of exposed form this year of players and you are better to load up and have 4-6 picks in the 30-60 range than have 2 picks 10-29 range.
  12. We need more outside run options. We should be trying to attract both Smith and Phillips and even then there is room for a player like Baker if he is good enough. At worst he offers a back up under injury.
  13. Has ridiculous straight line speed but struggles to find enough ball and I am unclear what role he would play. Would not be against it based on low price and attributes but would be disappointed if we picked him up and did not recontract Hunt and Bedford. I would hope if we were talking to Saints we would target Sinclair or the other Phillips.
  14. Langdon is pinpoint in comparison, granted I think he also improved markedly over the season. I dont see the point of gaining territory if it just comes straight back over your head.
  15. So we should hold someone to there contract with one more year even though he does not appear to be in our best 22 plans. Rather than let at his choice be traded to a club that say they want him there and for a longer commitment. Remind me which one is the right thing to do for a player your club respects? If this is what Jetta wants then this is a good outcome for player and club.
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