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The last time we played the Saints, Pride Round 3 January 2022, it was an arm wrestle for 3 quarters and a Demons highlights package for 1 quarter. Oddly familiar was our outing to Moorabbin on Sunday, except this week we are Narrm and it’s Indigenous Round.  

Our highlights package was contained to a first quarter onslaught. Superior work at stoppages and our mids dominant.  We showcased our run and carry and our dynamic forward line.  With Hore, Zanker twice, Bannan, Fitzsimon and Paxy all kicking goals in that first quarter.  

The remainder of the game was that now familiar arm wrestle between the St Kilda and Narrm which can be frustrating to watch for our spectators and coaches.  

The Saints have a strong midfield and plenty of capable players and more than matched us scoring 3.2.20 to 0.9.9 for the last 3 quarters.  


Lauren Pearce takes the opening centre bounce, and our midfield is getting plenty of the ball.   It’s not long before we see Tayla Harris joining in and having an impact. The Dees have started well.

A poor Saints exit kick in nicely intercepted by Sheriff and she delivers well but Hore drops the mark. Saints then clear the 50-metre arc but only as far as Harris. Tayla’s return kick is deep and Hore redeems herself with a great mark and the Dees’ first goal.  

Next up Fitzy lays a tackle earning a holding the ball free 40 metres out.  Her kick is close and well shepherded on the goal line by Harris for the Dees second goal.

From a boundary throw in on the wing a nice chain of passes from West, Zanker, Hore, Ivey and finally Paxman. Karen lines up line and kicks our third goal.

A few minutes later Zanker takes the ball out of the ruck from a forward pocket boundary throw in and slams it on her boot for our fourth goal.  Awesome stuff.

Are the Saints alive?

Going forward again. Fitzy busy, hands off to Mithen who lowers her eyes and hits up Bannan directly in front.  Goal number 5.  

With 1:10 remaining Hore makes a great smother. The ball then spills to West who gives it back to Kate who passes to the leading Zanker.  Eden kicks her second goal and the Dees 6th and the Saints have zip.

The last play of the quarter sees Harris wheeling around from 40 metres, but her shot is touched by a Saints defender and rushes through for a behind.  

The siren sounds for quarter time. It’s Dees 6.1.37 to Saints 0.0.0.

The arm wrestle continues.

Birch gives away an unnecessary free kick and Captain Kate Shierlaw converts the Saints first goal.

At half-time it’s Dees 6.3.39 to Saints 1.1.7

The Saints continue to pressure Narrm, causing turnovers.  

Birch is having a solid game but our backline, which has been stellar for the first 2 weeks, is feeling the Saints heat and making mistakes. Lampard unaware, is caught holding the ball by Greiser. Nicola Stevens immediately plays on and hits up Jess Matin who converts nicely for the Saints second.

At three-quarter time it’s Dees 6.7.43 to Saints 2.1.13

Our first quarter blitz has built a strong buffer. The collective Narrm effort, especially Purcell, West, Hanks, Hore, Mithen and Paxman, keeping the Dees in front.

The Saints clear the ball from their defensive 50 with a long kick to the wing.  Chaplin misreads the flight of the ball allowing her direct opponent, Stevens, to take it and kick into the forward arc. Shierlaw marks unattended and kicks her second goal, and the Saints third.  

The Saints home crowd is making noise and hoping for a big last quarter.  

There’s still 13 minutes remaining in the match.  

The balance of the game is tight, but Narrm is holding up well.

The siren sounds and we remain undefeated. Narrm 6.10.46, Saints 3.2.20.

The Coaches and next week:
Coach Mick Stinear was happy with the win and saw it as ‘progress’.  However, ‘there’s some work be done’, he says. Yep, we all reckon that Mick.

Nick Dal Santo felt his team was ‘a little bit off’ and we saw that ‘when you give the Dees that amount of space, they can cut you up pretty quickly’.  As evidenced by the 6.1 to 0.0 Narrm first quarter offensive.

Our unbeaten record in Season 7 remains intact, but a Preliminary Final rematch against Brisbane awaits us next week. It’s bound to be close.  

Greta Bodey has had after the siren opportunities to win the last two games. The Lions looked awesome against the struggling Gold Coast Suns on Saturday and their side is full of talent on every line. Our backline appears vulnerable to elite pressure and will be thoroughly tested at Casey Fields on Sunday.  

Regarding next week’s line-up, a return of both Maddie Gay and Sinead Goldrick would be a boon for our chances.  

Go Dees !

NARRM 6.1.37 6.3.39 6.7.43 6.10.46

0.0.0 1.1.7 2.1.13 3.2.20


 Zanker 2 Bannan Fitzsimon Hore Paxman

SAINTS Shierlaw 2 Matin


Purcell West Hanks Hore Mithen

SAINTS Jakobsson Patrikios Vesely McKinnon Shierlaw







CROWD 2,758 at RSEA Park


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