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Gratz, started slow came home hard, lost Parkerwith no replacement at the end. That hurt.

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That's another year done and dusted. I hope everyone enjoyed playing in the comp.

Apologies for the delay posting the results. Some impressive scores this year. 


The 2018 Bluey Medal winner is ....( I might add, for the first time, someone not from Div 1).

Coach KeaneDemon (Div2)
Team : Keaneys Demons Scored 52677 Total Pts (Supercoach ranking 180 overall)


Stynes League (Div 1)
  Grand Final Results

Is Dom Is Good defeated Arrow
Rollin Js 2720 pts Vs Tipungwuti 2710 pts

Div 1 Minor GF Results:

Eittocs12 defeated  Ruffles
Dodge City Dealers 2667 pts Vs The Ruffnuts 2610

Robbie Flower League (Div 2)
 Grand Final Results

KeaneDemon defeated RedBlueandTrue
Keaneys Demons 2745 Pts Vs Blue Lighting 2572 Pts

Div 2 Minor GF Results:

DeeVoted defeated FlashInThePan
Deestroyem 2332 Pts Vs demonators 2172 pts

R D Barassi League (Div 3)
 Grand Final Results

Micksdemons defeated Deewiz05
Micksdemons 2510 Pts Vs The Smoking Guns 2355 Pts

Div 3 Minor GF Results:

TheoX defeated DubDee
Muppets 1st XVIII 2550 Vs dubdeeXXII 2513 pts

I have ALL the final placings and scores for all the leagues. If requested I can and will post them if anyone is interested.
Until then we will do it all again next year.

Thanks for everyones co-operation.

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Thanks for pulling it all together again DV, great effort and good fun! Very much appreciated mate.

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