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Spectators attending any clash between local rivals Casey Scorpions and Frankston can always count on an afternoon of tough, tightly contested football irrespective of the teams' ladder positions and Saturday's game at Kars Street by the bay was no exception.

Although the visitors finished the game in front by six goals at the final siren, the stand alone Dolphins belied their lowly ladder standing with their enthusiasm and persistent attack on the football but they simply lacked the necessary big man strength and the midfield class necessary to maintain scoreboard pressure on their opponents.

Frankston opened the game full of running in a ferocious start and went coast to coast to set up the first goal before the Scorpions settled down and briefly took control with goals to Leigh Williams, Lucas Cook (from a lucky free) and Tom Couch. The Dolphins worked their way back into the game making the most of some wasteful kicking for goal by Casey with a late burst of goals that saw them in front by two points at the first break.

The Scorpions retook the initiative with an early goal from Ricky Petterd and another from Jack Fitzpatrick with a shot from near the boundary and, with Luke Tynan and Evan Panozza getting on top in defence, it was only some wayward kicking for goal that limited Casey's lead to just 13 points at half time.

Coach Brett Lovett would not have been pleased with his team's wasted opportunities in the opening half but their efforts in the premiership quarter were outstanding.

They wasted little time with an early goal to the lively Rian McGough followed by another after Tim Smith took one of his trademark screamers and the lead was soon up to over 30 points as the Scorps began to assert their stamp on the game.

Fitzpatrick was dominating the rucks on his way to a 46 hit out game while Couch was well on top in the middle. He was to finish with 32 touches for the game. Other prolific ball winners were Cale Morton (29) and Jordan Gysberts (27) who displayed plenty of class after both started slowly and young Chris Clay who had a breakout game with 26 possessions, one more than Jordan Pollard and Tynan.

By the final break, Casey had opened up a 37 point lead to ensure that for once their game would not end in a nail biting finish.

However, the Dolphins were not to be denied and refused to give an inch as they worked hard to apply pressure to the Scorpions who were on the way to ladder leadership courtesy of a Seagull victory over the Borough at Williamstown. Frankston went goal for goal with Casey and narrowly won the final quarter by a point with some dogged and determined football.

From the visitors' point of view it was satisfying to have secured the double chance with a top four finish all but assured but they will not be able to relax. Their clash next Saturday with the lowly Northern Blues is likely to prove an added challenge with the Blues' recent improved form and a thumping 99 point win over the Coburg Tigers.

2012 Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions 3.6.24 6.11.47 11.13.79 15.15.105

Frankston 4.2.26 5. 4.34 6.6.42 10.9.69


Casey Scorpions Couch Gysberts Morton Williams 2 Clay Cook Fitzpatrick McGough Petterd Smith Thompson

Frankston Simpson Thoolen 3 Clark Martin Marusic Potts


Casey Scorpions L Tynan Gysberts Morton Couch McGough

Frankston Potts Delahunty Thoolen Simpson Van Unen Boland

This week it was the turn of Casey's development league to provide a heart thumping finish. After trailing for most of the day, the team overcame a 20 point deficit at three quarter time to win the curtain raiser in controversial circumstances with a goal scored from a free kick after the siren by Michael Johnson from outside 50 metres.

2012 AFL Vic Development League

Casey Scorpions 0.1.1 1.3.9 4.6.30 8.11.59

Frankston 1.5.11 3.8.26 6.14.50 7.16.58


Casey Scorpions Petropoulos 3 Galvin Johnson Lindsay Rosier Sheahan

Frankston Appleford 3 Bywater Clements Greeley Johnston


Casey Scorpions Petropoulos Collins Corry Fieldsend Allen Lindsay

Frankston Jennings Clements Appleford Viney Johnston Ongarello

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Thanks KC

Did Fitz do enough when up forward to justify a promotion, as a forward who can ruck rather than a ruckman who can go forward?

The other I am particularly interested in is Gys.

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