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  1. Bulldogs love the 'us v them' mentality. Any way we can convince them that they are the favourites and should win?
  2. My parents are Geelong supporters who live in Adelaide. They are hoping we win this weekend as they consider us the only team that can beat Port. Sacrifice for the greater good of the game.
  3. Would hate to be officiating this game next week. Who to favour?
  4. Who's on Pickett? He has donuts across the board.
  5. I don't think they are the GMHBA rules Mazer. Maybe the ump was blindsided while standing 3m away from the incident?
  6. Can someone with a better understanding of the rules explain to me how this play by Hawkins isn't a free kick for taking his eyes off the ball in a marking contest? https://www.afl.com.au/video/664150/hawkins-helps-himself-to-a-crucial-major?videoId=664150&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1628930335001 This is a genuine question.
  7. Nine free kicks to four. Suddenly Port are back in it. FMD
  8. Streaming issues. Has been happening for hours. Set top boxes not affected apparently. Lots of cranky people out there.
  9. Foxtel are having issues so.........
  10. Was in the back for sure. Defender quickly turned around to see if he had been pinged. I'm sure Tex would have gotten the call. Not to mention Oliver getting dropped as he approached the marking contest in the last few seconds. Ball nowhere near him..
  11. How are umpires like panell and Nichols supposed to know who played well? They’re still struggling to get the rules right.
  12. The extended goal square just seems so ridiculous. If they want the ball cleared further on kick-outs, why don't they just get rid of the need to kick the ball to yourself to play on and just let them run out of the square. This will give them enough extra distance to kick it out further. If they move the man on the mark back a bit as well, it will get cleared further again. Has to be better than that stupid looking rectangle.
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