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  1. Port Adelaide has just announced that Robbie Gray has testicular cancer. I suspect all Melbourne supporters understand how PA supporters feel right now. Good luck to the young man. As Hogan has shown, it's a battle which can be won.
  2. If we win the premiership, who would your loudest cheer be for when they accept their premiership medal? Jack Watts - the whipping boy, booded by the club that crucified him. a brilliant user of the ball and integral part of the team. The face of the dees and much loved around the club.. Max Gawn - our culture is apparently hopeless and he got caught by Neitz having a smoke on the way to training. Has since embraced a leadership role Neville Jetta - heart and soul and just about everyones favourite player Jack Viney -It annoys me when commentators say Joel Selwood is tough. Jack Viney is easily the toughest player in the league. Jayden Hunt- Expect Andre Macloed's grand final form. Norm Smith medalist Jordan Lewis- Premiership hero actively wanting tot\i come to Melbourne Nathan Jones -three best and fairets' and a leader. Could dictate the game. Oliver / Brayshaw / Petracca - watch out to the competition. Even Buklcey ' coach't coach them backwads,I expect I will be cheering Jaydnen Hunt but time will tell I'll pick Dom Tyson..
  3. http://www.afl.com.au/video/2016-06-06/off-air-vision-ceglar-gets-hogan Been offered one week for this dog act on the Hulk. Bernie Vince gets called garbage for a slap yet Ceglar doesn't cop any heat for a blatant elbow
  4. I have noted this a few times in the past to, what I assume are, glazed looks from some of you on here: Confidence in marking the footy. I bring it up as Hogan just had the biggest example of I have ever seen of an elite marker of the footy to show an abject inability to hold the football kicked in his direction. This lack of confidence leads to 'hard hands' and little trust to mark it in your fingers; it can lead a player to try and 'brick it down' by deadening the ball with your palm and 'two-grabbing' everything in sight. And this leads me to Dawes - the person in question that I have noted in the past with little confidence in his marking. It comes and goes, and Hogan will get it back as soon as Round 1 I would say. But it is a part of the reason why, if Dawes can get back on the park (yes a big 'if' OD), then Dawes can give a great deal more than he gave in 2015.
  5. The Hulk put out this tweet earlier: Anyone up for a kick in the park tomorrow? Thinking Yarra Park at 5.30. @jackviney7 surely you’re in? Viney responded: I'm keen! Would be great to get some more numbers there. Come down and get around it. See you then big fella Tons of supporters/followers are getting on board. Doesn't seem official, but either way it's a good idea from our players to build a bit of excitement around the club. Or maybe it was the clubs idea and got the players to orchestrate it on social media... https://twitter.com/jesseBhogan/status/664365971738529792 https://twitter.com/jackviney7/status/664377382871023616
  6. OUT: Scully, Gysberts, ND3, ND12, & ND45 IN: Clark, Hogan, Barry, Dawes, Toumpas and Pedersen I think we may have got the 2009 draft right... Clark is indirectly affected but we wouldn't have him if HWFUA was still around. He may be a great player but I am calling this a win for the Dees. Hell, we got two three KPFs because he pizzed off... *Edited after Dawes trade and for accuracy with Pick 3 and 4. Also edited as the pick we got in the Dawes trade went to NM for Gysberts.
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