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  1. I'm going who else is going? Gosch's Paddock Saturday 17 February 9:30am onwards
  2. The first training session of the preseason is on tomorrow for the younger players (first to fourth years) only. Date: Monday 4 November Start time: 10.30am Location: Gosch's Paddock * * Please note: Training times and locations are subject to change at late notice. Please check this page on the morning of each session to confirm the time and date. Players may be available to sign any items at the conclusion of their training session. Signing will be dependent on individual training schedules and not all players may be available. Getting to Gosch's Paddock - Public transport Gosch's Paddock is located a short walk from Richmond train station. Jolimont station is also located a 10 minute walk away. Tram route 70 also stops near the ground at AAMI Park (stop 7D). Tram route 48 and 75 are also located in the vicinity near Jolimont Station. Bus 246 (Latrobe Uni - Elsternwick Station) travels down Punt Road, stops at the corner of Olympic Blvd. From here patrons can walk to Gosch's Paddock. Parking info Non-event car parking is available opposite AAMI Park at the National Tennis Centre. For more information - Training Times
  3. The Demons kick off the long weekend with an open training session at 9.30 on Saturday morning at Gosch's Paddock. They then move on to Casey Fields for the Casey Demons game v Collingwood VFL. Some features to look for at training - • will Jack Watts train freely enough to satisfy selectors that he'll be right for Monday's game? • which players will miss the training session meaning they will most likely be saddling up in the VFL later in the day? • will we see Max Gawn and Jesse Hogan? • and of course, no injuries please!!!
  4. Will be good to hear from track watchers who is training in the ruck
  5. I drove past this morning and it looked as if training was back on in earnest. Anyone go?
  6. Those who want to watch today's MFC training session will not only have to brave the city's wet and erratic weather but also the tennis crowds around Swan Street. Location change for Friday training session My question without notice is who are we most likely to spot first at Gosch's Paddock:- (a) Heritier Lumumba; (b) Dean Kent; (c) Nick Kyrgios; or (d) none of the above
  7. I managed to get along and take some fairly average photographs that I will upload later tonight. Overall, it was a fairly causal session with most players in small groups working on specific skills and drills under minimal pressure.
  8. Monday's open training session is advertised to start at 11.00am. Players can't take their places in the best 22 for granted. There's going to be strong competition among them for a number of spots so the intensity of pre season training will increase. I'm looking forward to reports from those who are lucky enough to have the time to make it there.
  9. The weather bureau is forecasting the hottest day of the year on this side of winter but, according to the club's website, training starts at 11:00am. Training Times Monday, November 21, Gosch's Paddock - 11:00am The full complement is due back today.
  10. Arrived a little early... Rehab group already out on the paddock, with Don Tyson joining the regulars. Tyson, Hibberd, Big Mac and Melksham kicking in pairs on the lead with Crossie overseeing them. Viney on straight sprints, Vanders on fast laps, King mixing it up. The whole group arrived with Watts looking like a former Brisbane Brownlow medalist!
  11. The Women's team have their first official training session on Tuesday at Gosch's Paddock. 6:30pm. LINK I guess they have to train after work since they aren't being paid a living wage. Anyway, I'm thinking of having a look. We'll see. As a bonus it's right around the corner from the Noodle Night Market!
  12. The limited list allowed to train in the first couple of weeks of the preseason will be back in action this morning at Gosch's Paddock at 9.30am. Things remain at a low key at present but the observations of those who can make it out to the Paddock are, as usual, most welcome.
  13. It all starts on Monday for a limited number of players when the first wave of players will return at 9.30am at Gosch’s Paddock. TRAINING TIMES I'm sure most of you are looking forward to reading and discussing reports from training but please note the following:- Posters are asked to be polite on training threads. Personal abuse of players or other posters will not be tolerated.
  14. Almost full list on the track. H not there, Salem doing lighter drills with one of the coaches. Wagner, Pederson, JKH, Smith, all accounted for
  15. Ok, my stay has been extended due to the open training session being on Thursday morning at Gosch's ... Will be driving back to Adelaide once training has finished and my son hopefully gets Jayden Hunt to sign his new number 29 guernsey... Parking suggestions most welcome.
  16. Hot weather predicted and we should get some idea of the readiness of some who are supposed to be on the brink of returning from injury. Interested to find out how bad VDB's ankle is as I must have missed any reports post match. Hope someone goes tomorrow and reports.
  17. They trained at Goschs Paddock today but I would hardly have noticed but for this article on the club website - Oliver tackles his tackling technique
  18. I'm grateful that the club has gone back to the 9.45 am starting time. Beats having to turn up at Gosch's Paddock in the middle of the night and discovering the place is inhabited by bats and Victory fans.
  19. It all starts again at 2.30pm tomorrow at Goschs Paddock ~Pre-season slog begins as 10 clubs return to the track Note: This thread is for training discussion and is not a place for posters to demonstrate their immaturity by throwing tantrums and launching personal attacks on other posters - or the players.Thank you.
  20. Looking forward to hearing about this session... it just may give us some idea who will play on the weekend. Expecting to hear all the boys are training the house down. Over to you training reporter dudes.
  21. We don't normally get many down to report on training but I have a feeling that a few might go down to Gosch's Paddock tomorrow. No doubt all eyes will be on Chris Dawes and Bernie Vince?
  22. I'll leave the detailed reports to those who know more about footy than me. Windy day, lots of work on running the ball out of defence ... What struck me again and again was how different the game looks when the grown-ups arrive. Contested balll, players milling around and then bang - H. arrives, picks the ball up at speed and goes through the pack, or Crossy call for the ball, looks inside and laces out, or there's a scrubber kick into the forward line, and Garlett just doesn't look like fumbling ... Makes me realise how far back we were - really good footballers win football games - we need to draft/develop/trade for a lot more. But Go Dees - see you all on Saturday in time for the opening of the Robbie F. Wing (1:15, I think), and in the mean time you can use this to get you in the mood:
  23. I'm not sure what the training regimen has been since the Bullies game but they're back tomorrow morning for the final run before team selection for Friday's NAB Challenge match. Look forward to some more quality reports.
  24. The official word is Gosch's Paddock tomorrow (Thursday) at 9.15am but Demonland will have correspondents there at different times of the day and at Casey Fields and Ballarat just in case.
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