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  1. Hird would never put himself in a 'live' position that would generate hard questions. What happens is really up to Holmes but I'd suggest she is comfortable with her existence and position in the journalistic world and is evidently a Hird groupie based on the her defence of him in regard to an Age editorial and her mantra that she deals in facts. Facts are hard to establish when the truth is deliberately hidden and that is what convicted Hird and his players. IMHO if the ABC were fair dinkum they'd have Gerard Whateley doing this interview, not a lightweight. Therefore I won't waste my time watching it.
  2. And lots of interstate sides. The AFL truly hate us.
  3. Starting to look like the same fixture year in, year out, with a bit of tinkering. Commercially it's disaster except for QB and Anzac eve. Thanks Ch 7 for freeing my Friday nights....every cloud has a silver lining. Loosing GF side in Darwin! I'm a 0% chance of fronting up for 3rd trip to Darwin
  4. Such a [censored] bloke and a fraud. Talks about respect and the sanctity of the day and then whines as soon as he sees a threat to Collingwood's financial interests or limelight. Compares Anzac day to Xmas....WTH? Support the additional focus on the commemoration of the day, including it's lead up! Stop being a pathetic, swollen, little, red gnome.
  5. This has surely all come about as a result of being unable to attract the 'A' grade midfielder? So we have to develop our own but I plead ignorance in regard to how we'll now use those picks in a "shallow" draft?
  6. One thing I hadn't realised about Brock until after he left Melbourne was how disinvested in the game he is. Pedigree and talent are only two small parts of the picture that will make a successful career of footy (or many things actually) and Brock at some point seems to have said it's all too hard? His donation to the MFC was a great gesture but was it to cover some missing part in in his application to tasks?
  7. That was a little frightening to consider a week ago but I'm over it already. As it stands right now Lumumba can make our footy club better and Clark couldn't.
  8. Bail was one of the few who could get forward in space and kick a goal last yea. That's value adding.
  9. Punished for playing in ordinary sides obviously. Personally I find it more unfathomable that he only won one Bluey!
  10. I don't think there's any greater proof of the blokes influence as a footballer and his example to be admired in saying that he was the reason I came to support Melbourne. Swept up in the fervour of the run to the finals in '87. Well played Robbie. Legend!
  11. Why KC? And I ask because I assume as others have that this has a fair bit of MFC in it, or would I be off the mark?
  12. Yes from me. I'm also happy that the day after Greg Swann shot his mouth off about Melbourne's compensation for loosing Frawley that Mahoney has come out and announced that we are into Merrett.
  13. Haven't had a Parma there but did have a meal at the Night with Roosy and it was excellent. It's a great renovation they've done down there.
  14. The Ted/Denis governments have been awful. Its taken them until 3 years to get a major project on the drawings board and no one seems to be able to prove why it's the go-to project? Seems like it is because it can be privately funded? Napthine has spent the last 2 years spinning. Compared to the can do that Kennett brought (like him or not) this lot deserve to be one termers....and that's saying something because I'm far from convinced about the alternative! The last 4 years have sort of confirmed for me that State politicians are the dregs.
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