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  1. What the F--k is wrong with that club.
  2. Word is he would be a Free Agent but Essendon want him back. Not sure where it would land.
  3. See Anthony Mcdonald Tipungwuti has put his hand back up. Wants to go to Freo.
  4. https://twitter.com/WestCoastEagles/status/1576847149354332160?s=20&t=iyDGgB_p8FL3IvSlMc6zfw
  5. I do not want to see Jackson at the Eagles. The Eagle will bounce back up the ladder if not next year soon after, Freo will always be a basket case.
  6. 1 1987 Qual final against North. Walked into the rooms before the game and you could feel what was about to happen. 2 2018 Final against Geelong. Massive crowd massive win for the club 3 2018 Final against the Hawks backing with another massive crowd 4 2000 P F against North. Big win and we started to dream we just might beat the Bombers. 5 2006 Against The saints we looked in trouble but not as much trouble at the next ten year brought us.
  7. So Dogga how you settling in out West. Gee Hunty wish I'd stayed at the dees. Yer me to Dogga. And that's just the first show.
  8. Help me out here. I realise a deal will be completed but in the unlikely event that Fremantle can not get a deal done or West Coast drop out does Jackson go into the draft. ie who holds the cards here.
  9. Ladbrokes was running a market on the Dons job yesterday. Yze was $1.50 and Hird and Scott were both at $5.50. Market was taken down at about 10 am yesterday about the same time as the Scott rumour broke.
  10. Almost be nice if Gawn gave Jackson a ruck lesson in the Grand final next year.
  11. Yep because you brought one last year they thing you would want anthers teams this year. I'm getting Emails and SMSs.
  12. That is the only reason you would recruit him so yes a big big fail.
  13. Might give it to Reid he has been The Cats best today.
  14. Wonder if Geelong will try and get Parfitt on for a few minutes.
  15. Really you would have stayed that long.
  16. We might not have won today but we would not have done this.
  17. Not even Geelong playing this well can make Rohan look good in the Grand Final.
  18. Doesn't even try at times.
  19. The next 15 or 15 of the next 16.
  20. No one has really stood out for the Cats today just been a real team effort. Except Gary Rohan who has been horrid "almost Sydney like"
  21. Swans need the next 12 or 12 of the next 13.
  22. Sydney need the next eight or eight of the next nine.
  23. Swans kick the first two and The Cats will go into save the game mode.
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