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  1. There’s a lot of hype around Rowell and Rankine, and rightly so but Jackson is being hugely underrated. He’s going to be a freak.
  2. I disagree that JM needs to be moved on too. Through numerous Administrations he has been backed in, even flagged as a potential CEO. He was quick on his toes last year conducting a footy department during the season. He’s bolstered the footy department and any trade target we’ve identified, he’s been able to secure. Goody has the list and the support to achieve much, much more and it’s on him that he’s not getting the most out of this list. When you see how well we play against the hawks you forget how much talent we have on every line. It’s a disgrace to see where we are on the ladder with
  3. Horrible. Was handling the ball like a bar of soap. I’d persist with jackson and weid and leave him out as depth.
  4. Can the next time someone says the top of the ladder team looks “beatable” make sure they watch back the first quarter again before posting.
  5. I’m assuming the guys had some pre drinks before this game.
  6. Brisbane gave us a lesson In stoppage work.
  7. Not that I think we are at our absolute best, but I think even at our best we aren’t in the same league as teams like Brisbane. They are pretty slick through the midfield. Great stoppage work.
  8. I love when Viney plays that. Just the will to win every contest. Only negative, we need to stop pushing players after they have already disposed of the ball. Soft or not, it is always going to get called a down field free. We’ve been doing it all year.
  9. Can’t believe we only extended his Contract for 3 years! Lock him in for the decade!
  10. I hope we are in Brad Scott’s ear. Always did well with a mediocre list. Him and his brother are whingers but tactically sound. Goodwin just sounds too simple. All about winning contested ball and territory. There’s more to it than that.
  11. The media will be looking for a a fresh coaching kill. He’d be odds on favourite for next one gone.
  12. We’d be winning this game if he had actually selected another tall forward.
  13. I ordered a whole bunch of stuff which all shrunk In the wash. I’m glad our sponsors are in as poor form as we are. The only difference is new balance actually gave me a refund.
  14. I used to watch it religiously until this year and the reason for the switch off is Eddie. CH9 seem to think he has the Midas touch. He’s just a tool.
  15. I’ve lost all faith in our football department. Stop being so cute with selection. Its a joke.
  16. Spargo over Bennell. I’m done.
  17. Remember when goodwin started and we played offensive football? Now we still play offensive football but not in the scoring perspective.
  18. Gotta agree on Smith. He clearly learned his lessons from last week and played within his abilities not his ambitions.
  19. Out: Vandenberg, Melksham, Lockhart. In: Whoever.
  20. Ultimately some of the decisions made at the end of 2018 around list management will be the death of Goodwins run at the Dee’s. We realised that thinking Hogan was surplus to our needs was a mistake and tried to rectify by recruiting Jackson. But Jackson isn’t going to help us In 2020. You can see Goodwin knows his tall forwards aren’t much chop so he’s trying to play a smaller, more unpredictable lineup. For this to succeed we need some seriously good kicking coming into 50 which we don’t have. So now we are trying to employ a game style that doesn’t suit our lists strengths. We
  21. The scary thing is we pretty much have a full list to choose from at the moment. This is as good as it gets.
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