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  1. Look, I want to laugh, and I will. But it's a cringey laugh. If only there was a cringeworthy emoji to save me from typing!!!!! (Just beat it, in a swamp down in Dagobah!!!!). That's enough mini bar for me....
  2. That's probably enough of the mini bar for now!!!
  3. Almost seems they got Chandler and Bedford mixed up.
  4. I think stats wise he was quiet, but did what he had to as a kpd on a horrendus day for talls. Lots of upside.
  5. Interesting that Chandler wasn't in the Casey best. I thought he was really good. Especially when the game was hot and needed to be won.
  6. Neal didn't think he would poll either!!
  7. Looking at the 2018 team list v tomorrow's, it looks a much stronger side in 2022.
  8. Hunt, Petty and Fritsch. Also Munro and White were there.
  9. I have to check that out. There used to be a sports bar in Brisbane that had tanks with little sharks in them. Could watch them all day. We have plenty of grounds in my part of Brisbane (northside) and junior teams are easy to find. My daughter played. Kids school was part of a school comp, although the standard was pretty low. We went all over the city to games so saw some good infrastructure. I couldn't comment on the Gold Coast though.
  10. I think many forget he was rehabbing over the pre season. With a good and fit solid summer under his belt he should get back to his best.
  11. Lockhart and Foote did well for Southport today. Look forward to seeing them return home. Should be a cracking game.
  12. How in Hades does GWS have over 30k members. I smell some creative accounting going on somewhere. Were they giving them out free with Royal Easter Show tickets/entry?
  13. Your house, your definition I say!!! Sounds like you just renamed your home!!
  14. Thanks, I did a quick net search (never my first thought), one meaning came up as 'Spirit of the Woods' . Has a nice ring to it. Enjoy tonight Ben.
  15. Still can't believe it's 150 for him already!!
  16. Interesting facade. Does the word up top mean anything?
  17. As good a place as any to put this. During the tributes following the passing of Olivia Newton-John there was one clip of her finishing a walk on the Great Wall of China. Couple of the blokes in the shot behind her had Dees jumpers on. Did anyone else notice that?
  18. Not a lot of love for the Dees after such a big win in the team of the week!
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