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  1. If Lukosious didn't play for the Suns he would be much more highly regarded.
  2. Thought Carris did some nice things. Should settle well into the comp.
  3. Wow, that would cause a melt down for the Saints supporters. First Trac then a discarded Dunstan. I'll settle for him playing a few good games with improvements in his weaknesses at the Saints. That will still get them restless.
  4. In previous years round 6 would equate to about 2 games for Casey. Hope they sort that VFL shortfall out.
  5. Good on Trenners though. Nice bloke and I hope his wedding was great. And timing could be much worse.
  6. In their successful years the Hawks had Ryan Shoenmakers bubbling away as a handy back back up fwd and back but never really cementing a place. Worst case, Weid could be our version. Hitting the right window of development, can be useful in the ruck, I think he will be well suited to the backline as well if required. Hope for stardom, but will settle for good long term back up and clubman.
  7. Let's hope it becomes Van watching his progress then. **I'll see myself out......
  8. I got it for my dees mad daughter. She got me a premiers beach towel. I can't wait to share her present, but the towel is all mine.
  9. I'll be honest, I don't know. I am not a great font of prose. But I am just glad you are posting again Rollo. Don't be a stranger. Bring on 2022!!
  10. Article on the club's website with all the award winners says 4 coaches give players votes between 0-10 after every game
  11. Please post more Rollo, but I must admit I'm not a fan of you 3rd verse. Hope you are well Go Dees.
  12. I just post date what you mean. But we did have a double tape deck soo....
  13. Should post that on the Geelong site. Might get an offer.
  14. I can confirm he was on Hamilton Island. Hope he enjoyed it as much as we did. Super relaxing place. Did nothing wrong, just looked to be having a nice time in a nice spot with his girlfriend and in his Melbourne gear most times we saw him. Good kid this one.
  15. With all his reported good work with the past players, I think Rod Grinter would be a good pick.
  16. As good a spot as any to post this. I'm pretty sure we have had a random sighting of Kozzie Pickett holidaying on Hamilton Island. Yes it's a hard life!!
  17. I still think Billy Stretch was a few years too early for us. He would have gone really well in our current system.
  18. Thanks for providing a great platform for all the years after Tim. I had a soft spot for ology because its where I started. Ology could get through the work system firewall, but Land could not. I stopped going there when there became too few posters and threads got dominated by a few. But in the early days the site really reinforced my love the Dees as an interstate fan. I have been lurking around the boards since around 2002 or 3. I never really got time to post until I retired recently. So thanks again, and also thanks to Andy. Damn good sites!!
  19. I may have missed something but I thought Lyndon Dunne carried himself really well. Don't recall any overt angst against the club.
  20. Woohoo! (Especially if he stays full tenure)
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