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  1. Some classics in the match day thread… My favourite is Picket’s: “Max is not a captain’s [censored]” Soidee ”Clarko, can we get him?” Coobs ”can we sack Goodwin” ”Classic Goodwin” Demonland ”Max having a shocker tonight”
  2. Usually the ballot is held some weeks prior to the GF… meaning people get tickets, their team doesn’t make GF and seat/s go empty… Hopefully… the ballot is run in week of GF and/or people have the ability to give up their tickets if they won’t be used. I would hate to get tickets in the ballot a few weeks prior and take someone’s else opportunity away from seeing their team (if Melbourne don’t make it).
  3. 2000 and 2018 if felt like we got on a roll… This year… it feels much more than that. In 2000, after 13rounds we were 6w 7l 2018 in was up and down - put teams away and then had “Adelaide like” loses
  4. 92% efficiency last night… Not a comment at you Demon17, but I am sure some posters just look at the disposals count to work out best players…
  5. Brayshaw: one of the best 10 touches wingman games you will see
  6. Signs a 7year contract and going soft? ?
  7. That is on the to do list . Have asked the cheer squad as we used to have one but crickets . Need approval from the AFL and not easy to sneak in . Willing to hire one . Any ideas ?

  8. Craig, can we get the MFC trumpeter involved?
  9. Betting line was 90 points... North basically had to find players this week to form a team including flying some in Only half heard this; but only 4 players last night are North listed?
  10. It’s a party for all forwards... big and small
  11. Jake Lever proved his value with “that” display of leadership after the Brayshaw free. There is absolutely zero doubt to even to the most ardent that we got the trade right!
  12. It’s scary! We are starting to sound like a professional mature club!
  13. The MCC was a mess... family members totalling 10 gave up trying to work out sitting together and didn’t attend. I got seats (meters from Saty). I got seats for my young children directly behind tall large men. I struggled to see, they had no hope. The men were apologetic and tried to move/help. There was no ability to choose where to sit (or change what ticketek deemed best). Half time tried to get a beer... no tap beer and 3 quarter time they had run out of beer cups. Imagine if a crowd had turned up!
  14. Who said McDonald was done?
  15. Mark will do very good things... we may not see them all, but you can see his engagement at training and his results (and ability to bring groups together for a purpose) are outstanding... Another name that is similar and I thought would be great at Melbourne is Gary Ayres.
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