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  1. It’s easy for media to say whatever they like about teams. But if an honest breakdown of the ‘why’ occurred and not the ‘result’, it would be evident to most the ‘why’s’ are not because of our coach, our game plan etc. this is my opinion, I like to be optimistic rather than doom and gloom. Our first chose team has not been on the park all year, yes injuries happen, but the extent of ours is the worst in the league. Our playing squad is reflective of our ladder position. Much like our playing squad was reflective of a preliminary final last season.
  2. This is another case of unrealistic expectations. I’m not meaning to sound rude here, but a bit of belief and encouragement from the supporter base goes a long way. There were positives today definitely. For those that think this was another step backwards I fear you drink a bit to much from the pessimistic glass. If it wasn’t for Hipwood taking the game by the neck, it definitely could of been a different result. But he is becoming a star, in a very good Brisbane team, that we played in Brisbane.
  3. This is a bit of an over reaction. The competition is very even this year and we were always on the back foot. Gutting the list shows no faith in any of the players. Brayshaw finished top 5 in the Brownlow last year. Sure, he’s underperformed this year, but you look to trade stars in and not trade them out. This list, once healthy, can win a premiership. There’s at least 8 lists in the league that could win the premiership. I feel we are trying to reinvent the wheel in this forum sometimes, or in NFL terms trying for a Hail Mary when sometimes the best thing to do is take a knee. Next year wil
  4. I think this is very disrespectful to Williamstown, and other stand alone teams for that matter.
  5. I find it strange that Essendon kicked up a stink (Okay, maybe they just asked the question) about getting Tipungwuiti as a priority selection before other clubs, due to him hailing from their zone, and were denied. Yet, when their second pick rolled around and he was still on the board, they passed.
  6. I would say it was fairly even and that they shared the chocolates. Preuss ended with 46 hit outs, this was slightly inflated as Meese went off early in the 4th with a suspected groin injury.
  7. I was at the game yesterday and had a great look as I work for Williamstown. It has been mentioned on here before, someone quoting Rawlings that Williamstown will always be at you. This is spot on. They are extremely well coached by Andy Collins. In regards to Preuss, he was up against Nick Meese who is the best state league ruckman going around. He is a multiple time VFL team of the year player, a Gerry-Callahan medalist (The Best and fairest at Williamstown), premiership ruckman, life member etc. Preuss' game was very good with all this in consideration. Lewis played very well. He
  8. I know how the 80 point loss looks. The scoreboard is the main stat. i get that. But in reviewing the game that scoreboard is not a reflection of the game by any means. its round 2 and we are 0-2. But when 12 first choice players go in for off season surgery, then you have other players sidelined right on the cusp of round 1, you never really are a chance to jump out of the blocks. We played Port who although are not world beaters, look a bloody good team. Then we play Geelong who will contend this year. the game style we played I'm confident in. Of course tweaks will be made. But,
  9. Im not here to start any trouble. Im also incredibly angry and upset. The thought of Melbourne playing finals made me feel like a little kid. I am giddy and excited. After yesterdays loss, I was pretty close to throwing the baby out with the bath water (Thank Chris Scott for my use of that saying). Realistically, the chances of us winning the premiership this year were never high, nor should they have been. But the fact we still are in with that chance should be a case for optimism. I'm probably not making much sense to some of you. Im not making much sense to myself either. Im st
  10. Reading some of these comments, it seems individual bias has taken away from what was a pretty good game from Grimes. To come in for your first game of the season (pretty late in the season too) and be the second leading disposal getter for your side is rather impressive. Its easy to say he won't be on the list etc. In reality, if Jack is doing what needs to be done, improving in areas coaches have asked him, then theres every chance he stays on the list. Look at how Neville Jetta took his chance. In no way am I saying he will do the exact same as Jetta. But it shows what good coaching a
  11. Im pretty sure it was in the second quarter, but I saw Watts actively lead hard at the ball and attack the contest. Sure, it was just one time, but the way everyone works, is if Watts did one soft thing, they'd be all over it. I don't really care for anyone saying 'he's supposed to, It's SHOULD be what forwards do' or anything like that. Watts is a great ball user, our team simply cannot utilize him effectively at the moment. He's being asked to fill holes, he is taking up the challenge, he might not be the best player out there, or he might be, until he is settled in one spot for 2-3 years w
  12. My shift got changed for work, usually work 7-11, now working 12-4.... Just happens to be during Melbourbes game... I guess I've waited months and months, couple more hours won't hurt.
  13. Everyone is a bit harsh on Jack. The amount of criticism he has copped/is copping is ridiculous. There has been so many factors as to why he hasn't yet lived up to his potential, some being his own, but others being how we have developed him. Robbie gray, was pick 55-60 (pick 56 I think), and at the age of 26, has become an absolute superstar in which people knew he could be. The thing is, he's 26, it took 8 years for that. Once a player is drafted, they're just a player, if Gray was a no.1 pick, like jack was, then he may not have became a superstar. It is important to note that Gray recentl
  14. Poor bloke has to deal with the Intra club matches too!
  15. Not a rumor, but seeing as the Saints have picks 18 and 19 as well as 25, would it be logical for port to try and get them involved in the deal for polec? trading 14 and 34 for 19 and 25? Port send 19 to Brisbane for Polec and are left with 25. Saints move up to 14 and grab one of the more fancied draftees (Crouch, Taylor) Brisbane get a pick they're after, being around the top of the draft.
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