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  1. And it always seems to be one of ours, JT, JV, ANB, to us dee supporters anyway ?
  2. They got their wish in 65 unfortunately. The fox is a legend of our MFC.
  3. Gus seems to be really enjoying it on the wing and is only getting better. Langers /Gus hopefully become formidable wingers. Gussy’s concussion issues keep him outta the engine room I reckon, everybody is now very aware of the future health of all players. Speed in the middle offensively and defensively is my call = Kozzie. He’s that quick he can crumb his clearance into the fwd line and GOAL ?. Spargs might surprise but he ain’t quick, has he ever been in there at a centre bounce, can’t recall it?
  4. Gotta agree with you fork, I too have seen that harder side in fritta and I reckons he’s copped more than his share and looks for some payback.
  5. It’s great watching a team of Demons playing good aggressive footy. I reckon Hunt is becoming a smarter player every week. Kozzies two long bombs were class. The Dees are all class, and I suffer the indignity of not backing them ?
  6. Well that was bloody frustrating. We didn’t handle the pressure and where bad in the contest with disposal= turnovers. Suck it up and focus on next week boys.
  7. Wasn’t overly confident of the win, but did tip us by 12. Maturing every week, “The Learnings” ?. I reckon that Petty kid is going too get a lot better, seems to have a fair bit of competitive hardness, good hands and skills. Feck this is a great way too start the weekend, thanks THE MIGHTY DEE’S. I must say I even handled last weeks loss very calmly, what the………..?
  8. My pet hate and source of frustration is the amount of incorrect disposal/dropping the ball. If you take clean possession and it’s clearly not knocked out by tackle and you don’t dispose of it correctly then it’s either htb or incorrect/ dropping the ball. I haven’t ever had the desire to umpire a game, hats of to them.
  9. A good two cents worth it is Lloyd and welcome.
  10. Job done again, against a determined team. Very similar to all our wins in that we just stuck to the game plan and did all the team things. We have great leaders and fantastic hard workers who don’t stop working together. Wow 9 weekends that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in a footy season since............I cannot remember.
  11. I reckon every other coach will now be studying very hard on how to beat us, because we are an awesome TEAM.
  12. Don’t change what ain’t broke, but there may be some soreness or management needed on some of the young fellas or older one(s).
  13. He’s already the best “Luke Jackson” I’ve ever seen and will only get better.
  14. Very happy lad singing the song, as they all were of course.
  15. Very disciplined DEMONS. Begezzus that feels so effing good. Fantastic team working together.
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