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  1. Bit harsh for the poor front-line health workers who have to treat them (I know I said this somewhere back in this thread but my wife's an emergency nurse - recently she was caring for a patient whose partner was refusing to wear a mask properly - in the end had to get security to chuck him out)
  2. If you can be bothered, track down (on Youtube) her interview with those Sydney FM d**&^heads Kyle and Jackie O, conducted during our last lockdown. Apparently we were asking for more Pfizer. She basically told us to go jump, then spent five minutes boasting about how her own administration was so good, her State 'didn't need' lockdowns. (Mind you some of what she said was true - the criticism of Victoria's lack of uniform QR codes, for example) But the smugness - unbearable. Then she has the nerve to come out and ask for more Pfizer a few weeks later.
  3. Yep, I presume it's Pfizer they're after. (Dunno why - I had AZ and it was lovely - gave me the best nights sleep I've had in ages)
  4. I suppose I'm being parochial, but really don't like the idea of Victoria giving extra vaccines to Sydney, just because they couldn't bring themselves to implement a proper lockdown. I know they're on a knife's edge, but so are we, and I suspect our knife is sharper: our State has suffered much more than the others. From what I've observed, so many people, businesses etc can't take much more (not speaking for myself - I can work from home, I'm fully vaccinated and I live in a lovely environment, but lots of others aren't so lucky)
  5. Wow. That's one of the best answers I've seen on this site.
  6. Every time we have a lockdown, the press rush out and find some small business owner (or Whiney O'Brien) who tells them how bad it is for business. I wish, just once, a journalist would ask them what dead customers and mass graves are like for business.
  7. Sure, get angry about the virus - but I get just as angry about my fellow citizens who refuse to take it seriously. Whenever I go on the train there's a few people in the carriage not wearing masks. So many of the venues and stores I go to are slack about making visitors use QR codes. The Murdoch scumbags rail against the Premier for implementing life-saving lockdowns. My wife is an emergency department nurse. As one of her colleagues commented to her recently, we've spent the past 18 months putting our lives at risk and clomping around in this cumbersome PPC gear which makes even going to the toilet a chore - all because a few selfish morons can't be arsed following basic health regulations.
  8. So the removalists came from a hot zone,worked all day in a crowded apartment block not wearing masks, refused to give travel details, roamed all over the place etc Jail the ba#&@ds and bankrupt the company.
  9. Yep, that's right. The clots are not the same. I heard a doctor on Radio National yesterday saying an ordinary general anaesthetic is much (I think he actually said a hundred times) more dangerous. Until we all get vaccinated, lockdowns will continue.
  10. On the train heading in for my second AZ jab. Told the girls if I don't make it sprinkle my ashes on the MCG when we win the flag 😃 Just joking - (about the MCG I mean, not the jab) what have we had? A couple of deaths from millions of vaccines? Get vaxed up ya wusses - only way out of this chaos. You're taking a greater risk sitting near the Essendon cheers squad.
  11. Tracked down original article in The Age. The guy came down to Melbourne on the Sunday. Began feeling sick on the Tuesday, tested and confirmed on the Wednesday. No report of any involvement at all by the NSW contact tracers.
  12. Yep - and the 'gold standard' contact tracing team didn't even know he existed, even though he was the father of the host. Be really annoying if it gets away in Victoria because Gladys was too proud to order a lockdown. Bloody Murdoch press - I reckon they share some of the blame for Victoria's disaster last year- Andrews was slow to impose lockdowns because of the hysteria from Rupert's hitmen (and woman) Imagine if we'd had Whiney O'Brien as our Premier. All he ever did was to squark 'open up! Open up!' We'd have had a death toll in the thousands.
  13. Uh oh now some bloke who was at the Sydney super-spreader party has tested positive in Melbourne. I get p'd off with people having parties while there's a pandemic going on. Can't you just give it a break for a while? Remember that party in the northern suburbs of Melbourne during our darkest days? 150 people. Jeez....
  14. Ha - fair enough. I give Morrison about 5/10 for his handling of the pandemic. Loses marks for 1) pathetic vaccination rates 2) pathetic buckpassing on quarantine 3) pathetic handling of Aged Care facilities, where 80% of the deaths occurred 4) having to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into proper health measures, by the Premiers - 'I don't hold a hose, mate' is his war-cry.. But I do give him a bare pass because, for a conservative, he did generally follow the science - he could have been like Bojo or Trump - we were about the most successful country in the world. Actually, upon reflection, I'll mark him down a bit more because of his complete lack of leadership during Victoria's darkest days. When Andrews looked like a man torn apart by the weight of handling the crisis, Scomo did nothing but send in his attack dogs (Frydenberg and Hunt) So I'll take back my earlier comment and change my score. I'm giving him 4/10. Hang on! - the bas*&%d wanted to go to the rugby. Make that 3/10. Uh - jeez, the more I look at Morrison, the worse he gets. Okay, I surrender. You're right - He's hopeless. 2/10.
  15. Health fascism? Gimme a break. You got two choices: you either take appropriate public health measures or you start digging mass graves. Thank god we chose the former.
  16. Makes all the sense in the world, I'd have thought. It's the 'roadmap' the opposition are always asking for, a goal to aim for. Given the crazy nature of this virus, that's about the best they can do. It could all change tomorrow if the NSW outbreak spreads here. Let's not criticise too much - just pray that our governments of all stripes keep up the good work. We're about the most successful country in the world - let's keep it that way.
  17. But they're only producing AZ, which nobody seems to want. (Mind you I do - I had my first dose - had the best nights sleep I've had in years)
  18. Uh god...even with a year like this, I still feel like I'm more likely to die from the second jab than I am to see us win a flag - and nobody dies from the second jab (sorry - just joking but jeez it's been a long time - when we won our last I was barely old enough to know what it was all about)
  19. Hey Walking - no need to be apprehensive. Every report I've seen says if there is any danger (and it's a minuscule risk, nothing compared to the risk of actually getting covid) it will show up after your first jab. I heard Professor Sharon Leuwin say this morning nobody has died from the second shot. I had my first AZ a couple of months ago, and I was thrilled. Still am, really. I just wish everybody would get vaccinated so we can get out of this.
  20. I didn't see the interview, but I notice that three more women have come out and made allegations that he behaved inappropriately. That's adding up to a lot of women. Sounds like a creep, if nothing else. Hardly 'fighting for justice' - fighting for his own reputation. Also, I never like it in these situations when the alleged perp says he (usually a he) was 'proven innocent'. I know nothing about the law, but surely he was found not guilty on the grounds of insufficient evidence - a lack of proof? So many alleged sexual predators get off because there's 'no proof' - that may be because they didn't commit the crime, but it's also likely to be because these crimes usually take place in settings where there are no witnesses. All of these women who are coming forward - even if their allegations don't result in convictions - are making the world a safer, fairer place.
  21. jeez, wish I could get my 8 hours of paid work done in 16
  22. I know everyone has says this, but we've had nobody like him since the early Aaron Davey.
  23. No dog? Bit harsh. He's got Eric.
  24. Er...right. Thanks for that.
  25. I wouldn't try to persuade you that Morrison allowed it to escape into the community - he obviously didn't (although, interestingly, as the article Dieter just posted says, ultimate responsibility for quarantine control is a Federal responsibility - the States had to take it over in a hurry when they realized Morrison had done nothing about it, as is his wont - maybe Dutton should resign?) All I'm saying is that Morrison had responsibility for infection control in the aged care sector and that he failed that responsibility miserably. Sure, there was an existing Royal Commission which touched upon the matter near the end of its tenure. You say 'their recommendations are being addressed' - great, maybe they are now (although I doubt it), but they weren't when the virus hit, which was precisely why 80% of the deaths occurred there. Read the report I posted yesterday - months into the outbreak, it was still chaos in the aged care homes, - no infection controls, pathetic training, no RNs, staff who couldn't speak English. And the relevant Minister? Wouldn't say boo to a goose. Morrison's contribution? Send in the goons and yell at Andrews to 'end the lockdown'.
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