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  1. Targeted for his Hawthorn IP no doubt. He knows all the drills, all the methods of Clarko. Very valuable. Hopefully, and I'm sure he is, Goodwin open to listening and learning from the Yze.
  2. More footy IQ in his toe than J Smith, T Mac and ANB combined. He makes good decisions. We need more pure footballers like him.
  3. Crows pressure and tackling is elite. If Dees could do that we'd be a way better side. I think we're the 16th ranked pressure side in the comp.
  4. Control what we can control and that's winning next week. Bring even more intensity and dare to win. Take the learnings and positives into next year. IMHO if we finish 9th or 8th we've improved on last year. We are a middle of the ladder side.
  5. Brown is the rich man's TMac. Really hope both the Macs get traded to Geelong for pick 56 &57.
  6. Picket setup that goal in the 2nd quarter from his forward pass outside the traffic to Vanders. Our normal mids would have handballed it 40cm to a player in trouble. That's footy IQ.
  7. We reverted to that 2018 attacking style tonight in the first half at least. But we again saw how leaky our defence is with that structure. Players running forward from contest but leaving backs exposed. Then in the last quarter we clearly reverted to the defensive high uncontested possession style because GWS kicked 6 of 7 goals. Is the best strategy to play red mist footy in first half, get a lead then switch to defensive keeping off? We can't seem to play red mist attack AND defend decently. Only Richmond seem able to do that.
  8. You can't train fast hand and evasion out if traffic. Or high marks a la Liam Ryan. Pickett has that innate ABILITY. Whether he becomes great or OK will be coaching and experience. Kinda wish he spent this year in the 2's learning the ropes. As MFC way is to put into deep end too early like J Watts. If he went to Hawthorn you'd see him next v year for sure.
  9. How far off is Luke Jackson? Must have been a bad hammy
  10. We would have got towelled up by Essendon in Round 3 had we played them. They were in form & without injuries. Now we might be half chance against a depleted & tired Bombers.
  11. Kid can play - https://www.essendonfc.com.au/news/2019-04-15/unsung-hero-strikes-again?fbclid=IwAR32wwvcz3uwu7bT6J0UPUA8wgSlELNEeN_hetw84umHQ3y4kAfXWX5eE2Q
  12. The way I see it we shouldn't even be talking about pick 3. 12 months ago we'd be happy to have gotten a first round pick of 15-18 because we made top 4 again right? The anomaly that was 2019 may just be that, an anomaly and not a true reflection of who MFC are as a squad. Hence pick 3 is not even really deserved, as its meant for a truly crap side that needs the talent. We don't need the talent that badly. So it should be seen as a complete bonus/free hit. So we should take a risk and not care if it comes off or not really, he aint gonna be our saviour nor do we deserve him to be.
  13. The last 2 premiership sides in Richmond & West Coast have had 3 excellent aboriginal small forwards in Daniel Rioli, Willi Rioli & Liam Ryan. All very influential in the win not just for the goals they kicked but how they bring their teammates into play.
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