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  1. This. He definitely said we had one of the best lists after the trade period last year (while many dees supporters were acutely aware of the holes in the list he's now pointing out). He was one of the very people overrating the list!
  2. Is this 3 out of 3 times we've played north in tasmania and lost by a kick?
  3. Watching live, I thought May was great. The second half would have been tough for any defender and wasnt as good as his first, but overall his positioning, one percenters and general defensive nous was fantastic. A-grade. At the risk of going off too early, for the first time, I'm genuinely excited to have him. We haven't had a genuine A-grade key stopper since, well....Sean Wight? Maybe Ingerson at a stretch??
  4. As a Brisbanite, I don't get to see many games live. What really struck me today at the game was that a major factor in Oliver and Viney's disposal issues is the gameplan itself. They are brilliant at winning the ball, but when they win it, all the other dees players (as we and every other team knows) are in at the contest, so there's no one to go to. And this results in them either disposing of the ball to another player (also in at the contest) who is already under pressure, a random kick or handball to no one (which the lions players positioned outside the contest are generally first to), or an overly ambitious kick to a Dee downfield which doesnt work out. Maybe I'm slow in working this out, but it really stuck out to me watching it live. I'm kind of relieved. Their poor disposal is less of a skill issue per se than not having any options under the gameplan. Overall, our ills are still overwhelmingly gameplan rather than personnel related. Yes, bring in some run and pressure forwards (they dont have to be stars), but I wouldnt be trading any of our best midfielders.
  5. It's stupid play by May. You can't deny he moves towards berry to make contact. Yes, he wouldn't be suspend if he played for collingwood or essendon. Yes, he wouldn't be suspended if his name was dangerfield or selwood. And yes, it's horribly inconsistent, and will undoubtedly be inconsistent with other decisions from that moron christian this year. But May stupidly put himself in the position to be judged by an inconsistent system. Control what you can control. It was dumb. I hope someone is privately tearing strips off him, especially if he is on $900k a year. It was a practice game ffs!
  6. Will he get 2 weeks if an appeal is unsuccessful??
  7. I genuinely believe hogan = neale. We do underestimate neale a bit imo.
  8. Great post. My only lingering doubt is what happens if Tmac or Weid (or both) go down for an extended period. We look a tall short. Although it seems like we'll also have a resting Gawn/Preuss down there.
  9. It looks a tad unders, but that doesn't seem to bother us provided we get what we want. Would be great if we also got say pick 29 from GC (even in exchange for our 46 or 54).
  10. I was thinking more like the end of Django Unchained, where Christoph Waltz refuses to shake Leonardo Dicaprio's hand, and a murderous spree ensues.
  11. Which would help us in filling the vacant spots on our list. This article also seems far more credible than anything on foxsports or foxfooty.
  12. How on earth can Ricky still get a gig in the media?
  13. I'd be happy enough, provided we also got pick 24 or 29 with May.
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