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  1. Well I have watched the 14 minute mini match replay at least 10 times and I still tear up I can’t actually remember how I felt early in the 3rd quarter last night but I’m sure there was a fair bit of “oh no this is not going to plan” The way this team ran rings around a side that is pretty damn good is something I honestly never thought I’d see - the last half was easily the most impressive MFC performance I have seen in 50+ years of supporting them Christian Petracca - just Wow he has developed into not only an outstanding footballer but I’ve been super impressed with his maturity and how he speaks. I’ve said this before but I love the way he openly expresses his understanding of what this all means to us the supporters particularly those who couldn’t be there to see it first hand Thanks to everyone at the club for getting us here to this place it is a special day and one I will not forget. A special thanks to our recruiting staff who have picked some outstanding young men who are now playing as one team The people that read and post on this site may not always agree but we are all passionate about our team and I am so happy for all of you because I know how much this means. Personally some people who post here particularly in some of our more difficult times have helped me get through and for that I’m grateful I’m still a bit numb but I could get used to this feeling 🏆🔴🏆🔵🏆
  2. Amazing Not sure it would be fair to single out individuals so I won’t So happy for this group - players, coaches and all those that support them To be honest I never thought I see this
  3. Might have something to do with a largely neutral crowd wanting to support a team that hasn’t won for 57 years ! Maybe 🤔
  4. Great I’d prefer that everyone thinks the Scragging umpire darlings are favourites our guys need to worry about only one thing - 100% effort and focus from first bounce to final siren our best is better than theirs IMO we play our best footy we should win if we don’t they get a look in
  5. Love the fact his Mum's name is Dee - something rather prophetic about that :)
  6. Well played Jonesy kept making the right decisions all the way up to the end - is there anything more special than seeing the arrival of your twins - I doubt it From a footballing perspective you had, and will always have enormous respect from the demon faithful - thank you for all your efforts over your career and staying loyal to the greatest football club in the world Just like many other of the demon faithful I know you will be watching and cheering with us when the team takes the field on GF day to make their (and your) piece of history
  7. Yep we did 20 scoring shots each 9 goals to 13 our disposal efficiency 60% v 69% wet day and of course Free Kicks Us 11 Them 25 (no surprises there)
  8. Yes there are certainly some similarities- both read the game well both have good vision and decision making - but I actually think Bowey could be better by foot eventually - he can kick the ball low and fast with precision whereas Salem tends to kick it a bit higher and slower (still a good kick obviously)
  9. Not sure I’d agree with the skinny kid assessment he has a decent build for his size and isn’t as easily pushed off the ball as many many other AFL players with much more experience
  10. Agree the Perth support was awesome I gave my tickets to mates in Perth - they said it was like a Melb home game
  11. So happy for this team so richly deserved enjoy a few days off then reset to make your own history Been supporting this club for 55+ years wish I could be there to share it
  12. Despite what some people think Pigs do not fly and Rohan has a very good vertical leap - will beat Hibbo in the air easily - not sure about that match up
  13. There will be no Cerra with 76 games and some AFL seniors form on the board available in the draft - its a bit of a lottery When an established player wants to leave you extract what is available - if its pick 6 than so be it
  14. This is so unfortunate for Smith - he simply can't seem to stay on the track - forever getting injuries Think I'd prefer Hunt if he is fit and ready
  15. One of the best days I've had at the footy The sound of the crowd and spirit that team played sent shivers up your spine Something very special about MFC and finals footy at the MCG
  16. We can certainly win this game but cross the line with anything less than 100% from the first to last bounce and our season will be over There is not much between these teams and our record in games where we start favorite is embarrassing - time for that to all change This team has the best chance to win a premiership in 50+ years - it is not easy to get to this position and far easier to let the opportunity slip by I'm hoping that every player understands this fact and the coaching group have them 100% focused
  17. Didn't think we could trade another first round pick ?
  18. Anyone who watching the Gus and Gawny podcasts knows Gus is a very important part of the culture we continue to build Remove elements of that at your peril Personally rather have Gus playing for us than Cerra - not sure what the fuss is about him tbh
  19. I watched about half the Geelong v GWS semi last night and could not believe the number of blatant throws that were not called In fact this season overall the blatant throws seem to have become common in almost every game I've watched The AFL seem hell bent on making the game as fast as humanly possible and minimize stoppages - I do wonder if the umpires are actually turning a blind eye to some of these throws because last night there were a series of absolute howlers that were so obvious - play on nothing to see here !
  20. Glad you think that's all great - our team has outperformed most peoples expectations - they deserve credit for that But we will never be the force we aspire to be whilst we remain satisfied with anything less than a premiership Do you think Geelong will be satisfied if they don't win a flag this year - my bet is NO
  21. Should anyone be "satisfied" with anything less than a premiership - Hell NO If we do not win this this year we can still acknowledge improvement in both the list and the way the team has played But satisfied - we should never be satisfied unless we win a flag
  22. I agree - I too like Smith and think he certainly has potential to be best 22 but atm he is probably more of a poor mans Jake Leaver but being asked to play a different role To keep someone like a Cameron quiet you simply have to wear them like a glove and while a couple of Cameron's goals were probably not directly Joel's doing he generally gave him too much space If you look at his goals 1- absolute fluke handball and happened to be standing in right spot at right time 2- Poor disposal error from Rivers gifts Cameron possession and Smith caught out of position 3- Salem seemed to be marking him at that time 4- Turned Smith inside out - we have seen plenty of defenders suffer that fate 5- Holding free - was there but looked like Cameron held Smiths arm to milk the free first Depending on match ups and Hunts fitness you would probably have to reward Hunt as he has been good throughout the season and his run and carry can be very effective particularly when matched with Langdon. Our MC has got some tough decisions ahead of them but so far they seem to have got selection right for the vast majority of games
  23. So in effect the AFL is happy for some players to pay their way out of a suspension - hope they haven't stooped that low Personally I find it very difficult to see much consistency with the Tribunal but with this incident I can't see how he doesn't get weeks - lined him up and basically walked straight into him with a shoulder - no damage done but allow that and its a very dangerous precedent they are setting
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