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  1. I haven't had a drink for a year, but a spliff would go down nicely to help calm the nerves. Alas, I don't move in those circles anymore. I will probably stay at home and watch it with my wife. i am not sure I could be in public to witness another Grand final loss. Still carred from 88 and 2000.
  2. The vast majority of Dee's fans live in Melbourne and it is hard to reconcile that we won't see Melbouurne awash with Red and Blue as we make our way to the game. No bbq's with family and mates. No pubs open to scream and holler with fellow supporters. No dancing in the streets if we take home the silverware. It feels a little hollow. What will you do in this strange year as part of the build up to the big dance? For regional Vic's like myself or interstaters, are there any venues who will be holding events for those of us who are luckily enough not to be in lockdown ?
  3. I did hear Wide Open Road by the Triffids at some point, although i am not sure it was straight after the Melbourne song.
  4. A mate of mine sent this pic today, Fleming Park in Brunswick. In black and white.sheesh! Non binary supporters in Brunswick apparently.
  5. The best thing about Geelong making the 4 is you get to see them lose a final twice.
  6. Amazing. We are peaking at exactly the right time. Been following the Dee's for 48 years, and this is the best side i have seen. The premiership feels like destiny. Also amazing, a packed Optus Stadium and barely a boo.
  7. Just joined today. i have been a reader of this forum for nearly 10 years, and i was going to join this week so i could pass on my GFG to some long suffering WA MFC supporter, but after reading this thread, there is no way. I managed to find a bloke who had a 12 year old kid who is a Dee's fan, so I passed on my PF barcode to him, but in reality I have no way of knowing whether he is legit. I have found a a true WA Dee from contacts at work, and he will be the lucky recipient if we make it. I get why other supporters are here trying to score a ticket, but seriously, offering a box of beer is an insult. I don't want polite support at finals games, I want rabid, one eyed and hysterical cheering!
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