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  1. He was my only comeback to the kids I went to school with in the 70’s and 80’s, when they gave me sh&! for being a Dee’s supporter. The greatest Demon I have witnessed play.
  2. Why is DL sponsorship the kiss of death?
  3. The make some noise pop up in the big screen was frankly embarrassing. But whatever works.
  4. Having lived in Brunswick for 15 years, I tend to agree. Throw in a yoga centre, a wellness clinic and a vegan cafe, we might get it done.
  5. I have a GFG. If I have to go in a ballot, I will be asking for my money back. It’s not really a guarantee if you have to enter a ballot.
  6. I was curious about Stafford, as I couldn't remember him kicking many goals when he played. I was surprised that of all the VFL/AFL players who have played since 1967, he sits 35th on the goal kicking accuracy table. At least he knows how to kick goals.
  7. I found that happens with Kayo if you watch the pregame show and then continue to the game. i simply go back and find the live stream and watch from there. It seems to fix the issue.
  8. And several from different angles. They are just wasting our time otherwise.
  9. Don't worry Kev, i was kidding. i would never advocate violence as a solution.
  10. Very slow, but I got it finally. Thanks again.
  11. I got in finally as well and got seats in M50. Are they decent seats Jaded? Also, I chose to get my tickets via sms, but nada.
  12. Interesting. I spoke to a mate who is a Collingwood premium member and he reckons they are limited to 1 ticket per barcode. I have been in the queue for 20 minutes now. Really annoying. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is being clogged up by Collingwood members. trying to get in early.
  13. Good to know that they are the same, although I am a bit annoyed that I haven’t received the email. Thanks for the heads up.
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