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  1. Not wanting to defend him or anything but i “think” this may all tie in with an annoucement on Goschs Paddock becoming an exclusive training/administration facility for the round ball code
  2. Its nice to finally get some substance on whats “really” happening during our pre season. i know the posters who attend training and provide updates mean well, but theres never anything to really take away from reading the usual “player x/y - running out from defensive 50 drill” blah blah etc
  3. Live pick swap with pies if mcrae doesnt get picked by gws would make sense edit: :(
  4. Given his destructive recreational habits and how willing we were to show the door, im finding it really cringeworthy to see several of you foaming at the mouth wanting us to bring him back.
  5. 🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe they have? But that could also be deflection give their “current” cap issues. If they would have confirmed interest imagine how much the de goey talk would amplify etc
  6. Was told he has agreed to move to collingwood on a 4 year deal a couple of weeks back. Source is in industry and is a sponsor of one of their best players and has a good network with others in the industry. I dismissed iit given the cap issues they have with their ooc players but now with the talk of shipping out treloar im thinking a decent chunk of that would be for this
  7. My mail is he was unhappy with medico staff (dont know if this is related to burgess or others and over what exactly). No talk of him wanting to leave. (2nd hand info from a friend who knows a player)
  8. Wow, my friend knows someone very high up at the pies and this is could turn out to be a horrible appointment
  9. If Lewis hadnt of come across then it would have been a yes from me but definetely not now. Similar sentiments to previous posts, we've got enough inside mids and need to put games into the youngsters. Another 29 year old on top of a 30 year old will hinder us just as were entering our "premiership window".
  10. Slow down there buddy. We might even get away with giving up our 4th round pick and at most our 3rd for lewis
  11. Not at all, OX said he has been told we are livid with the hawks for reneging
  12. Wallet was just on SEN with the story of how it all transpired, suggested he was pushed to leave rather than been given the chance to explore his options should he wish. I think he will still become a Dee, it sounds (imo) as if the relationship is unrepairable
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