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  1. I think shes much more deserving than Neale to be fair 🙄 What a disgrace
  2. You can take the jam out of a fig, but you cant take the fig out of the jam
  3. Went back to his old ways last season. Triggered Cox’s extra season by playing him late in the season for what was always going to be an early finals exit ($550k) Then think of how all the salary cap issues went down around draft time and how he came out looking from it
  4. I think we’ve got that well covered now.
  5. I havent seen this bloke in our aisle for a while...
  6. Lol @ those concerned about this possibly impacting the teams performance.
  7. Trac and Oliver already both on over 700k, wouldnt have thought that they will take up THAT much more capspace than they currently are i guess it depends on how much Salems current contract is worth. If hes been getting unders like 350-375k then it starts to get trickier but if hes already on 450-500k then i dont see it being an issue
  8. Trac and Clarry are both already on over 700k. There is no need to move on BOTH Brayshaw and Jackson. They’re not going to be getting more than 900-950k on their next contracts and Brayshaw is already taking up around 625k
  9. I used to have 55 of those [censored]. Stupidly gambled them away at the crypto casino (bitmex) etc
  10. It was in The Australian (disclaimer: i would prefer a sewing needle through the eye of my [censored] than subscribe or buy that joke of a paper) Last June or July. Top 100 earners in the AFL. For some reason i was able to access it but now its behind the paywall for me again https://www.theaustralian.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=TAWEB_MRE170_a&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theaustralian.com.au%2Fsport%2Fafl%2Fafl-rich-100-who-are-the-afls-highestearning-stars-see-the-players-ranked-51100%2Fnews-story%2Fd6052138cb2be56ce41f2059386ef132&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium
  11. Inconsistent, poor kick, only contests centre square (his favoured position) if someone is injured and has struggled when being played on a wing etc. We cant afford to be carrying him into 2022 on 625-650k given these issues. add to that we are going to need to find more cap space for Clarry (prob 150k more) and some for Salem and realistically the club would prefer to front load however much possible on Olivers contract to make it easier to accomodate Petraccas next contract the following year.
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