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  1. Would have been more then happy to help you out Bobby had you posted this yesterday ☹️
  2. I have 1 concession barcode for sale. PM me if interested Please note: I will not respond to anyone who has only recently registered as demonland member prior.
  3. I think anyone claiming theyre dees supporters would need to provide some form of proof. I.e - multiple historical text message exchanges between friends and not just some random buggalugs standing in front of a WEG demons premiership poster
  4. Which of our SA/WA/NT/TAS long term demonland members who are going are yet to receive a barcode?
  5. Ok, ill release a watered down PG version next time.
  6. Nic Nat beat the [censored] out of him at Kittens strip club when both teams were based in melb for that 1 week a few months back prior to melb lockdown security then proceeded to hand out some punishment of their own on both of them and some of the other wce and lions players in attendance before being booted out 😂
  7. Ticketek says 1pm for club members
  8. I dont believe we’re married? Yes, these would likely end up being side by sides. Council might really put its foot down on each one having a double garage given the impact 24-28 new townhouses would have in the surrounding streets which would make things interesting. id hate to think what the contribution levies and all other service costs would be for that many. Glen Eira prob isnt too bad, ive heard some eye opening costs in Whitehorse etc and that was for 3 on a block (over 30k just for water contibution levy ?)
  9. Looks to be approx 14 full sized blocks. 20m give or take
  10. I think shes much more deserving than Neale to be fair ? What a disgrace
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