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  1. Another kid from WA - is it worth the risk that this kind of drama could happen all over again?
  2. Hospital... almost sent him to the morgue!
  3. Did that just bounce off Weiderman's head?
  4. Have Bailey Laurie and Charlie Spargo ever been spotted together?
  5. Keeping him long term just got a lot harder... But short term may be real. His comments post game about being surrounded by Trac, Oliver and Viney in the ruck made me think that he has to be aware of what a good thing he's been gifted.
  6. We did... unfortunately their surname was McCartin every time :(
  7. My lord! How one sided are those Channel 7 clowns tonight? I'm surprised they know the Melbourne player's names!
  8. Ta. Watched the game (and the tackle) but news on the injury was limited. Hope the red vest was a precaution.
  9. Sorry - didn't follow the game day chat - does anyone know what actually happened to Langdon? The Foxtel commentary (aka Kangaroos support club) hardly said boo about the injury.
  10. Thanks LFS, noted for the future. Thankfully there were no hassles this morning at 10.05am. I now have two tickets in Bay 49 and can't wait to get there :)
  11. Am I missing something?... I'm an Armchair member (hence no barcode email for me) so do I have to wait for until tomorrow? Ignore that... I believe I have to wait until 10am Wednesday :(
  12. Gosh, I hope you're wrong (but it makes sense though). Fingers crossed they can do it a bit earlier...
  13. Bleeding red n blue from the NSW Far South Coast. Super keen to be at the G for Round 1.... I've got accommodation booked and there's plenty of flights available from Canberra. Only concern is there's nothing on the internet as to when the AFL will be releasing tickets (or how many the Vic Govt are looking to allow at this point in time) Was curious if Dees supporters in Melbourne have heard anything given the game is under five weeks away?
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