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  1. I think she's still growing into her size if that makes sense. Not yet a total wrecking ball like Tay but she has the capacity to do it with a bit more experience. You still see her thinking through her moves a lot of the time.
  2. I like Zanker, reckon she is a smart footballer...the goal assists are a good example of this. Still young with plenty of upside.
  3. Love Goldie, just takes the game on...a little bit too much sometimes. Just getting her game sense back. Good move throwing her into the middle for a run.
  4. The key I think is not bringing in too many at once...in the cases above players were filtered onto the list.
  5. We can't do it in the same way as there are no KPF available let alone free agents as Lynch was. You can't just conjure up a forward like Lynch from out of nowhere. ...so we take a different approach.
  6. The AFLPA are funded by the AFL, let's just leave that there.
  7. ...but the AFL are still selecting the panel and who creates the terms of reference? It can't be independent if the AFL are setting it up. The players don't want them involved in anyway apart from being called to give evidence. I agree with the players.
  8. Still a fair way short old son.
  9. I think they are right to not want the AFL involved in any way. Basically telling them to stick their so called independent inquiry. Their (AFL) record on this is poor. ...but not sure how it happens. Maybe the human rights commission? although other authorities in the past also don't have a great record. Any ideas?
  10. Yes, you've got to keep a solid core and make minor adjustments. This is the history of wining sporting teams world wide...Richmond know this and so do we. You can't bring in a bunch of players and expect to get a result, it doesn't work.
  11. That's for another discussion.... As far as trade goes, he's a big fish. Next season will show whether we made a genius move with a great strategy from a coach a lot on here still think can't coach... or we didn't.
  12. So I'm guessing Adem stays with us for the time being unless there are any moves at Brisbane or North. Another year at the MFC then I reckon he will pick something up in 2023/2024 season after a 2nd premiership. Port, WC, something and or someone will drop out.
  13. Where you are seen as negative is not seeing Grundy as a big fish. He is and it is a blockbuster move to get him. I think that's exciting. I also think it more than interesting to see where our draft hand finishes up.
  14. We usually have no surprises so as far as trades go it's Grundy. No other blockbuster move. The big issue is what we get for Jackson and how much we give for Grundy. I would expect there to be nothing else for us in trade week. ...but
  15. That's very funny... It really is the silly season isn't it.
  16. I agree that we need experience...that was an important part of our success in 2021. I thought prior to that our FD was too young in coaching terms. If the FD spend is up then I would consider adding a fresh face (Selwood)... ...but quality experience is number one.
  17. Gary has no people skills and that is the first thing needed to be a coach. As for sharp brain...I think he's great a stating the obvious but like most of his generation adds nothing of interest when commenting on the game. Consultant, give me a break. The last time he did that we got Neeld.
  18. How many days late are the HS...poor Robbo, beaten to the punch by the ABC.
  19. They can be left hanging and don't have to be tested unless someone wants to take the issue through the courts. The AFL have no jurisdiction over the families involved.
  20. No, I get your point (and understand it's Ralphy's article) it's just that I don't think they believe there will be a fair resolution so why put yourself through it. I appreciate you posting the information..
  21. They might just say bad luck...you sort it out AFL, you weren't there when needed you. Never have been for all your tokenism. Backed Eddie M & others before him. Who helped Goodes when he was left out on a limb? Who helped Eddie B? I can totally understand their reticence.
  22. Who could blame them. I don't trust the AFL either, history shows they have never got it right...despite all the chances they've had. Why would that change now.
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