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  1. Give it a break mate...don't call an opinion that is not in agreement with yours laughable. Hardly an intelligent call. Last year a lot got on the bandwagon re Bailey and they like you are way off the mark. That was an easy shot for him and he took it. He didn't burn Kade, he did one time last year with Trac... ...and the whole thing got blown up in the media. I don't want to see players continually burning each other and this is not that. I likewise don't want Bailey 2nd guessing himself.
  2. He kicked a goal that he's paid to kick, did kick & would kick every day of the week. I would rather Fritsch take the shot than start 2nd guessing himself.
  3. I just couldn't see it in Coleman...skinny kid, too many unrealistic attempts to mark.
  4. I'm concerned by him as well.. ...but he reads the ball well in flight, has good hands and can kick. I would love him to come out and take over the forward line at Casey, saying get out of the way old men to BBB and Tommy, you've had your time. That's not going to happen. He's going to be an interesting watch.
  5. BBB see above. Turner would be smashed by McKay, he's better at the Lever role but we still Lever...not saying Tomo won't but at least he has the strength to match him. Let's hope good Tomo turns up. ...or hope McKay still has the yips.
  6. BBB has been struggling at Casey. Last week is the first game he's managed to get a bit of the ball. If he strings a few games together & gets a bit of movement in his body then we will see him soon.
  7. I think '@A F' has been seen knocking on Aaron Naughton's door... I might join him.
  8. Of course it does. I guess after all the previous reporting, I don't know, it take me aback.
  9. Geelong? Richmond? No, I don't think you can draw that conclusion.
  10. It wasn't leaked to the ABC... The journalist, Russell Jackson carried out his own investigation and spoke separately with families involved. He was not reporting on the confidential report.
  11. I would be looking at him more as a defender if we're going to play Petty forward. ...not sure what his contested work is like but we need to look at someone if we're to free Lever up a bit more.
  12. The club usually look at these things a few years ahead. I wonder if we have interest in him. Well worth a look I would have thought.
  13. Surely our cap is not in that much of a mess? I wonder how much is tied up with Tommy, BBB & Tommo? I wouldn't think a lot with Melk & Hibbo.
  14. The way some have been talking lately on Demonland we won't need to trade into the top pick. We're a shoo-in to finish last and will probably also be offered a priority pick.
  15. Yes 'Webber' has said that before...take it from the physio. Strains are a kind way of saying you've torn your hammy...
  16. I wouldn't want to be the person responsible for him being the next Luke Shuey... You get it wrong and it can dog you the rest of your career. If we're smart we will be really conservative on this one. Oliver is more important than one game.
  17. Unfortunately you don't play AFL at 75%... In previous personal experience of hamstring injuries you can get to around 75%/80% within a week or 2. Getting past that level is where the problem lies. He will be back after the bye, anything earlier will be too big a risk.
  18. Not a shambles as such but yes we only have 2 forwards that an opposition would be concerned with... A list management shambles maybe.
  19. Poor coaching by Voss tonight. Let Longmire play the game on his terms. Heeney played Cripps out of the game. Would have been smart to move Cripps forward.
  20. He actually got it caught under another player. It wasn't a simple roll. Could be a Lisfranc???
  21. I've always found Southwark to be undrinkable...
  22. They're really not either... Their start was a false economy as is their current form. They've beaten bottom or banged up teams. They sit somewhere around 9 to 12...anything lower is a bonus for us.
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