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  1. If we had got pick 32 that port got, the deal seems pretty fair. Josh Mahoney talks about how there going to drive a hard bargain and delivers that
  2. I understand where your coming from, but we have changed leadership about 3 times since then and it's hard not to deviate when there is no continuity in the place. For the first time in a long time I'm genuinely excited by our youngsters and we no longer will overpay players to retain them, you either want to be here for the journey or you don't. ta ta JH
  3. Not sure this post makes sense at all. "Get a player for Howe and not Kennedy" then you go on to say we should trade Kennedy in along with freeman
  4. Every team so far to trade high end draft picks are the teams that believe they are in premiership contention, don't believe it's all down to the weakness of the draft. For what it's worth I think the top 20-30 will be quite strong on talent
  5. Cannot believe all the disharmony amongst the supporters on here. Melbourne has a clear plan and they keep reiterating it, trying to bring in players that have been developed and been in the system for a few years now. Yes it would be great to land these Big fish or A graders and I can guarantee we are trying to lure one but unfortunately we are just not quite there yet, give it another year of the draft and natural improvement amongst our list and we will be a destination club. There is no quick fix here we have tried that (moneyball) and it just doesn't work. I'm very optimistic about the clubs strategy and as hard as it is to say we just need to be patient. If we can land 2 top 10 picks that will be enormous and I believe that's along the lines of what the club is trying to achieve.
  6. Completely agree!!! This whole thing about a player now selecting where he wants to go is rubbish, how the hell is a club suppose to push for the best possible trade when a player that is not a FA nominates 1 club!!I like what clubs are starting to do (Brisbane & GWS) set an example And since when did managers think it was ok to tell the clubs what to do. ie Connors telling Adelaide to accept compensation from the AFL Re Dangerfield
  7. The way people are going on I could of swore we have just given up pick 6 for Melksham. I have full faith in our recruiters, they have pin pointed players for a specific role in our team. And giving up pick 25ish for a player with 100 games under his belt and will bring some physicality to our squad, I think he will be a good addition. Let's hold judgement to this time next year and just back in our recruiters decisions.
  8. He did also declare he wants to return home, so I would say it was mutually agreed
  9. Agreed don't like that deal at all, would rather 6 & 10 than 3. Think Brett was just suggesting rather than anything he's heard Unless Melbourne think there is a player that we are after that will be gone by 6
  10. I agree GC can offer us the best deal. And if O"meara or Prestia are not involved I would love to land there pick for Dixon (10) and if we can not on trade it for an established Mid, I would look at Sam Weideman. I think we would have to throw in something else to get 10 for what it's worth
  11. It's not our problem if Collingwood cannot satisfy us with a suitable deal. They will have there priorities and if Howe is not one bad luck!! The more clubs vying for Howe's services the better
  12. That's my point which I think gives Melbourne a good starting point, however I think we should try and keep Kennedy separate to any Howe deal. If we can land a top 20 pick or Weller a top 20 pick from last year, I believe that will be a decent result for MFC
  13. I cannot see how Fremantle or Collingwood can trade with us for Howe unless they offer up a decent player. Both clubs by the sounds of it may have there 1st & 2nd Rnd draft picks for the next 2 yrs tied up in trades elsewhere therefore they will not be able to satisfy us with draft pick/s
  14. I like the idea of trying to get 15 off North or 19 off GC but I don't think Howe alone will get it done
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