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  1. 😂 So true! I do really care about the guys wellbeing
  2. I worry about Petty's little foot if he's going to do ruck work. Precious boy
  3. Dreading the Carlton carry on tonight. By far the whingiest supporters in the comp. No doubt every time we touch the ball will be holding, any time we lay a finger on them will be high or without the ball. I want to crush them!
  4. After watching it back for the 38th time. My new favourite thing is how little carry on there was from Fritta. Probably had some right to go bananas like most of us but seemed cool and collected as did the rest of the team. They knew they still had work to do and they did exactly that.
  5. The media will replay the goal all week. Internally at the team reviews this spoil will be the one replayed over and over. Match winning stuff from Petty. If that mark sticks they are out with another Geelong player running through the corridor. Petty wasn't in the best position but read the play and worked to get to that spot to spoil. HUGE
  6. Hunter playing is interesting. I dare say it won't be a full game.
  7. 6. Oliver 5. May 4. Langdon 3. Gawn 2. Kozzy 1. Petty
  8. Can't remember the last time we had another big key forward who can take huge contested marks to influence a game like Petty did tonight. I thought his work up the ground as a genuine CHF was outstanding in the last. We usually leave it to Max to get clobbered and take those marks down the stretch. But Petty just took ownership. His disposal wasn't great but boy did he present well and was a catalyst for many of our looks at goal with his body work and positioning. That hand he got on the cats kick across half back to spoil and eventuate into the Fritta goal to win the game was crucial. Loved his honest interview after the game too. Saying he owed the team a better performance. Also the way his team mates celebrated him expressing how impressed they were with his big marking as they all walked off together. We've been missing a player with this size and presence and he's starting to come back into form.
  9. I understand the logic to a point. We're generally looking to make the opposition turn the ball over in the middle and on the wings where there is space to rebound and hopefully kick to a more open forward line, sure. But I don't think any forward whose in the vicinity of an opposition player disposing of the ball should just 'let them advance up the ground'. I'm sure you didn't mean this in that way. I'd just like to see better intensity when there's opportunity to force the opposition the hack the ball out of defence as apposed to clean chains of ball movement which is happening too often. No matter how good our team defence is further up the ground. More strings to our bow! We need to score in multiple ways and if we can cause opposition mistakes deep in forward 50 we should still be trying to turn them into scores. I think the new game plan is great with trying to create more spaces in forward 50 but its just not realistic that we will be able to do this consistently in every game. We will need to play the forward half pressure game still at times depending on matchups, weather, fatigue etc.
  10. 6. Gawn 5. Lever 4. Rivers 3. Langdon 2. Pickett 1. Turner
  11. Yes but you would think some better forward pressure would help as well causing poorer opposition kicks/disposal out of the backline which results in the turnovers on the wings. I do think its coming out too easily and too cleanly far too often. But part of that is playing a taller forward line as well.
  12. Did anyone else see Lever give Windsor an absolute spray? Was it in the third I think? Lever had marked the ball around half back and wasn't at all happy with Windsor's positioning on the southern side wing/HB but I couldn't understand why. He really let him know about too following up with him after the ball left the area. Mind you there was a lot of obvious frustration from players all night remonstrating after poor execution. I'm glad they were able to laugh it off at half time. I did notice some smiles in the huddle when they came back on the ground before the third.
  13. Oh of course the coaches have best perspective and he was one of the best trainers over summer. Wasn't commenting on your summation. I just remember a time when we brought in a forward due to consistent form at that position at VFL level across several weeks, especially for someone unproven. This is whats occurring at other clubs like the doggies where they have deep KPF stocks. We're pretty thin in this area unfortunately. As I said very happy if Disco comes in with his size and ability. Trust the coaches with this one.
  14. It shouldn't be though should it? Shows the current state we're in up forward where a guy possibly gets a game on the back of one good game (half up forward) at VFL level. Would love to have better forward depth where a player is consistently hitting the scoreboard for a few weeks before coming in with some proper form. I'm certainly all for bringing Turner in. Just would have liked to get some form and confidence into him first. But our lack of depth means he likely comes in sooner. I wouldn't be expecting much from him based on this, just would like to see him compete well in the air and at the contest.
  15. There were whispers McAdam would be available for Anzac eve going back a month ago or so. Was spot on!
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