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  1. We are on the decline IMO. I can’t see us improving at the rate needed to keep up with the competition. Beyond our inconsistent A graders we are far too vulnerable. Whether this is more a list problem or a coaching problem I’m not sure. I worry it’s both. I can’t see us scaring the eight this year and I don’t think we have the skill set to not need a clean out. Our flaws look to be continuing year on year. There is an apparent issue with the mental side of things and the skill execution area. Beyond Gawn, Petracca, may and possibly lever and Oliver what do we have? Oliver has gone backwards an
  2. Didn’t he try and get out of the original contract not long after signing because an English side offered him something no AFL club can compete with? I assume he will be back overseas ASAP. Why wouldn’t you take the kind of money they’re offering?
  3. No one cared the first time, no one cares this time. It’s been going on forever and everyone knows this is the case. Young men think all kinds of stupid [censored] is funny. That will never change. Its just something to fill five minutes for media segments.
  4. Kind of a relief to know where we stand. That was our test for the season and we didn’t get close. Good sides have made us look fumbly, one paced and predictable consistently this year. Bulldogs had the ball fall into their lap all day which is a little bit football gods and a little bit discipline and adherence to structure, plan etc. I think we could beat the bulldogs given another go but I also think that the result is about right for our season.
  5. No Gawn and Viney makes it hard. Ugly loss coming up. Those two have done so much work for us this season
  6. Retain as much trade value as possible?
  7. It might be my bias but I don’t remember the last time Oliver wasn’t held a a stoppage
  8. Presence is an interesting thing. Good teams have presence. Good players have presence. Where does presence come from? Melbourne doesn’t have any idea where presence comes from.
  9. I really noticed how low Brayshaw is in confidence tonight. It was evident in his body language. It’s a shame. He has something to offer when he’s on. in 2018 the genuine contenders made us look impotent for large periods of time when we played them. This seems to be the case this season although the last quarter was a glimmer of hope. we need to trade aggressively with someone like brayshaw or those on his tier and bring in one more midfielder type with speed and disposal if at all possible.
  10. Playing teams into form for how long now? Also what happened to Oliver? He was better as a 17 year old than he is now. Brayshaw not far behind
  11. We look just like an immature team with a dud coach and have done for a year and a half. Our core are the least professional core in the league. They act like kids and their output reflects it
  12. Salem doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. More interested in his career playing fifa on PlayStation I think.
  13. After today I’m pretty confident we will have a new coach next year if we are serious
  14. Why do we always look less disciplined and unorganised than every other team? Simple things like killing the ball in the backline or being aware of the players in the area you are protecting. We look lost, confused, lacking in confidence and have a horrible inability to use our instincts. somehow we make every kick in an impossible equation while letting every kick in against us a gift. i have to think it’s in the way we train. Players look stunned on game day. Some of these guys once had instinct and used it. Are they being over coached or poorly coached? It’s horrible
  15. It’s very concerning how easy we are to play against. It looks like unintelligent football on all levels. Ground, coaching box etc
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