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  1. What a turn around. Most likely to be fired to coach of the year in 6 months.
  2. Maybe some recency bias but Nathan Jones along with Neville Jetta are my two favourite demons. They’re not the best we’ve ever had but they are as hard and loyal as any we’ve had. Jones probably more so. What they did for the club year after year while I sat there pulling my hair out is nothing short of incredible. To sacrifice a chance of success in your professional career by staying at a club like ours, for whatever reason is something I will always remember. What this generation went through is highlighted well on a podcast where Shane Crawford interviews jack watts. I can’t believe we retained anyone through the neeld era. It was genuinely [censored]. Nathan Jones will be remembered along side any great you care to come up with because he was the bridge to now, the life jacket for fans like myself who contemplated giving up while walking out at 3/4 time through pure frustration watching us lose by about ten goals or more week after week, the guiding light to the next generation, the beating heart. He was everything. Without him Paul Roos and Peter Jackson may not have been able to do what they did, without Nathan Jones on the field who else could lead the way after any of our experience had been gutted. He deserves all of the glory but will not get it. A statue should be made for our training facility. Not a public display but a very private one. One for the players. This is the standard boys and girls. This amount of loyalty and resilience or don’t bother showing up. I was a generation late to see Robbie flower and while not as good a footballer it seems he had every other attribute. An absolute pleasure to watch. Thanks Nathan.
  3. Ben brown is going to have a blinder. He’s been building beautifully and clunked some very strong marks in the prelim. Geelong played harder than port did and we won by more. They at least showed effort and made contests. Port were just watching a game of football happen around them. It was worse than us in 2018. I trust our system over theirs. It has looked anti fragile in the big games time after time. Their midfield could get away from ours if we were a bit off. I don’t think it will if we show up. Regardless of what happens it is a lot of fun to be in a grand final again. Feels like what it felt like walking around the ground before the 2000 grand final. Which was a long time ago. The 2021 version of that exists online but it’s still good.
  4. I’m not sure how the bulldogs have gone past Collingwood, Richmond, Essendon for my hatred toward them, but they have.
  5. Even Luke Darcy can’t believe the umpiring.
  6. Why no x metres back please first?
  7. It’s terrifying the enthusiasm with which the bulldogs are given frees that aren’t even considered going the other way. Week after week.
  8. Good teams always give free kicks in red time
  9. Good goal against a brief run of enthusiastic umpiring. Look for them to further stamp their name in the game from here
  10. Geelong allowed to run through the mark. I like it.
  11. We need to get someone in front of Hawkins for the rest of the game. See what he can be tempted into.
  12. They look poor. They will also be tired and a week older next week. Neither team looks threatening.
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