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  1. One week at Casey and then wherever his form dictates. If the back is fine it'll be fine in either team. And if it's not it's got as much chance of playing up in either side.
  2. 'I'm going to be a ten million dollar man! Now if I do something flashy maybe I can make it eleven!'
  3. No. we shouldn't. It's not what we are about these days. 18 blokes with a role. 3 blokes to fill any gaps. One bloke looking [censored] off he is wearing the green. No tem million dollar men no matter how good they are.
  4. If we caught them after a 5 day drinking session.
  5. Should say: we smashed them senseless from the opening bounce to the final siren. The game against Nth was the best I've ever seen us play.
  6. Agreed. 'Didn't work hard enough on his defensive game. He knows what he needs to do if he wants a senior game' is the mantra. It's consistent, unyielding, and is showing results in the big league. More please.
  7. heh. Looks like I can't reply to PM's either. Can you send another PM with the name of the bank, or will the numbers be enough for any bank to do what needs to be done?
  8. I would but I'll lose all my remember me's. I probably will one day when it annoys me enough, but for the moment I work around it or just start new profiles via Firefox when I can't. It's the price I just have to pay for being retarded when it comes to technology.
  9. You probably weren't silly enough to add the app to it that I did that made it go stupid. On some forums it won't let me use the quote function and on others it's purely read only. On one forum things seem ok but it won't let me upload an avatar. It copes better with D'land than many other places but as I found out it still has its moments. I'm gradually moving everything to Firefox but until I can remember my password or the email address I used for here and a couple of other places I'm stuck with my clunky chrome and all its quirks.
  10. I'll happily kick in but when I go to the page to join it won't let me do anything. It's a chrome problem and I'd use firefox but I can't remember my password or which of my myriad email addresses I used when I joined. If someone in charge wants to PM me either a better way to pay or something that will let me post via firefox I'll happily part with some of my hard earned.
  11. He's always had talent. We've all seen moments of it, but he never looked like he cared about wearing the jumper. I'll go on record as saying that I wanted him to leave last year. I figured whatever we got for him would have been a win. But Roos thought differently. He saw a talented player that just needed some direction. It's starting to look like Roosy might be a better judge of talent than I am.
  12. Your opinion, lad. But I don't see a win like this as wallpapering over cracks. This is a team that is beginning to play like a - dare I say it - team. We are not world beaters, and won't be with this current squad, but they have a go. They play for each other and the coach. That is the alpha and omega of football. Without it any team is worthless, sorta like last year, eh? And it's gotta be said: Picket Fence: Happy being miserable
  13. I got straight A's in that back in 2007. I should get my PhD any day now.
  14. No. What we want is #18. And the only way to get that is to have a club that never rationalises losing.
  15. I met him a few times as a kid and then as a teenager through family friends. What can I say that hasn't been said? He was a genuinely nice guy that had a great habit of saying things that matter in a succinct and reasonable way. Footballing accolades aside, the world lost a good and humble man. Vale Tommy. May you have clean beaches and blue skies forever.
  16. I'd be happier with the 800K and the draft pick. Seeing we have sensible people at the club these days we should do well with both.
  17. That would require thinking and knowing something about the world. Neither are his strong suits.
  18. Like you'd knock back this avatar. Even Jesus would have had a crack at her.
  19. Should the appeal fail then a massive (and slow) chant of Freeeeeeeee Vineeeeeeeeeeey should go up at q time. I'd say before the game but that would take away from things that are bigger than footy. And I reckon the Doggers would join in (because they live safe knowing their players aren't the next he will leave in the dirt)
  20. Ask if they have any excess hot groupie types they could handball my way.
  21. Lol. I think I confused him with Mr Purple. He's still a worthless journo and should take up my suggestion.
  22. Lol. What? Got a sniff of the way the breeze was blowing, did he? What a fool. What a buffoon. He should save face and quit journalism and become the AFL's court jester.
  23. I don't like the guy but this is pretty funny: Ricky Nixon ‏@rickynixon19 55m For those who missed it ..Dear AFL what Jack Viney did is not negligent bumping...hitting 4 parked cars in yr Jeep in Sydney is - Buddy Oath
  24. Way ahead of you there. I didn't even know they had a show.
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