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  1. If Weideman kicks a bag tomorrow he has to be an automatic replacement for Petty.
  2. You guys do realise the reason TMac was so successful this year was because he was playing full forward. He had 2 possessions in the first half as as CHF & looked non-existent. I hear people bringing up why he was moved from the backline while forgetting he was our main man down back. He played well down back today because he doesn’t have that to play that role anymore. Our backline’s been elite this season. I don’t think replacing Tommo with TMac is going to change that.
  3. I can’t remember the last time a premiership was won without an elite defence. Dogs don’t have that.
  4. I understand why a lot of supporters on here would be worried about this as our potential ‘danger’ game & I’m always one to never get carried away & always putting respect on the completion regardless of how bad they’re travelling. A major part of this group is the same group that got embarrassed in the 2018 PF & the same group that heavily underachieved the last 2 seasons. The approach & ‘team first’ mentality this team has shown this year shows a major upgrade of maturity from the players. I think this group of players are humble enough to realise to not get too car
  5. Not trying to sound negative but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves fellas. We’re playing amazing but premierships aren’t won by round 6. Anyway, go Dees !!!
  6. God I can’t wait till round 11.
  7. Going to be very hard to find a spot for Brown & Weids.
  8. Mind me being inappropriate but I’ve got a hard on right now ...
  9. My question is how does Jackson fit in the team when Wied, B Brown & Fritsch are all up forward ?
  10. I know this might seem wild but is it worth putting him out on the wing every now & then to see how he goes there ?
  11. All we can do is forget about that half & come out & play our brand of footy the next half. Go Dees !
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