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  1. On the off chance that Nathan Jones is still there, he would be the most worthy and deserving of the honour.
  2. Just re-watched our round 23, and I give the Cats 44 point lead more credence than our great comeback. Cats didn't finish DESPERATE as they would in a final. Betting odds flatter us, we must be rested and come out blazing.
  3. Medi-sub should 100% be the best available player only. Either game could go to the wire. No sentimentality. I'm sure Nate would agree. If he's not the sub, stays in WA and we win the GF, then IMHO he'd be the most deserving, suitable person to do the Cup Handover!! I know it's usually someone more from yesteryear, but we can choose whoever we want and I think Jones is the one who most needs to be honored holding that cup whether he plays or not.
  4. Some case could be made for any team in the 8 to win. Never been so close.
  5. Yes we have SO much to gain by winning this winnable game. Which is one type of game we usually lose.
  6. The more a player spins or wiggles the ball around while walking in for a set shot, the more likely they'll miss. I knew BBB would miss just from that!!
  7. 6. Trac 5. McDonald 4. May 3. Gawn 2. Petty 1. Oliver
  8. 6 Salem 5 TMac 4 Gawn 3 May 2 fritsch 1 Lever
  9. 6. Jackson. Good, plus he & Max were our most dangerous KPF's. 5. Jordon 4 No-one worthy. 3. Harmes. Should always run-with. 2. Gawn. Poor for him, but still helped 1. Langdon worst: -6 Weid. -3 Kozzie
  10. We desperately need a real genuine KPF instead of Weideman.
  11. 6 Trac 5 Tmac 4 Gawn 3 Harmes 2 Oliver 1 Spargo
  12. A fabulous win for Adelaide and their umpires
  13. Cheers Macca, I've always really liked your posts, just a bit more concerned about Gus's disposal than you atm. Not saying he should be dropped this week though. good post P O. Another fine post all round. Yes, I always thought he was a v good kick. Hey gents, it's almost 6am over here, must get more sleep, so no offense if I don't reply again soon. Happy about all the wins.
  14. Looking forward to Jacksons return. After rewatching last game I still thought Brayshaws' positioning and ball winning was very good, but unfortunately he largely backed his first two horrible kicks up with a day of putrid disposal by foot and hand.
  15. 6. McDonald 5. Langdon 4. Oliver 3. Salem 2. Lever 1. ANB
  16. Saints trying hard but poor skills, bad kicking, fumbles etc..
  17. 6. McDonald 5. Clarrie 4. May 3. Harmes 2. Salem 1. Langdon Jordon and Gus had a few bad disposals
  18. Congratulations to Kozzie!!! As to the Carlton goal; to be out, every bit of the ball should be outside the outside edge of the line. I think that means that, looking from directly above, if the inside millimetre of the ball is above the outside millimetre of the line, then that ball is still in. As much as I'd like it to be clearly out, IMHO from that photo it could possibly be either way?
  19. Hi rjay, Hardtack and anyone else interested. I'm sitting in LA waiting for the memorial to start any minute now. Will have to wait a bit to tell more about Michael. Oh BTW, think it was1969 we first met at Bill Josephs agency, not '68 as I mentioned above, along with being the first act he ever signed, though they rushed Madder Lakes album out before ours (more stories later). Cheers all, it's starting
  20. Yes MurDoc, I understand. That's just like, My problem isn't necessarily falling out of the 4th floor window, it's the sudden stop when I hit the ground.
  21. I think Oliver and Trac are fabulous and we should pay plenty to keep both. I notice when one of them passes successfully to the other, they smile, seeming to want the other to star as well. Good selfless camaraderie influences players to stay. Conversely I'd notice Viney seem to fight Clarry for the ball. (Maybe less last year?) Great to keep Oliver and Trac playing together and to always generally promote team first play.
  22. 6. T McDonald 5. May 4. Lever 3. Trac 2. Oliver 1. Harmes
  23. Thanks. Hope you enjoy it and we win. It's at 7.45pm here.
  24. Yes I tried everything a hundred ways and times without success thanks very much Fanatique. Stayed up till 6am trying. Got up the next day, did it again and it worked!?!?!? Wheee. Piece of cake! Only took hours and 11 days, 3 emails and phone calls for MFC to send the voucher code too. ?
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