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  1. Do our players just not know when to run forward and when to push back to defend?? Exactly what the Saints are doing to perfection. They understand their gameplan. We don't
  2. Jesus has resurrected a day early, his name is Preuss! Wow the rest of the forwardline having a stinker. Spargo 0 stats, TMac and Weid nowhere to be seen, Melk with a horrid set shot
  3. Haha one player (Petruccelle) has until this point kicked the entirety of the Eagles score (2.2)
  4. For that Ben Brown decision the ump said "You cannot push him off the ball and then go back for the ball." I don't quite get the logic. So if he pushed him off but didn't contest the ruck contest it would be ok? Where does the rule state that you can't use strength to push off someone, not in the back or holding on excessively, as part of a ruck or marking contest??
  5. Aliir drops back to top of the square every time and gets fed with a kick to a free man and they go from there. Need to shut that down!
  6. I just found it so humourous that the umpire was actually standing close enough to the left side of Hibberd (I think) to be within range of what I've seen free kicks paid before. Agree the rule is stupid, or is it just stupidly enforced
  7. Yep both were ridiculous. I support paying less free kicks generally, but 'cmon gotta pay the obvious ones
  8. 50 against the umpire for standing in the protected zone
  9. I've lost my stream but sounds like they're out of sorts Poor mental strength. It's either 'panic stations' or if they've managed to put together some nice play for a while it's 'all good now, so let's ease off'
  10. There are qualities that Oscar just doesn't have and will not obtain. I've come to realise this now Send him to Casey and see if he shows something for depth. He is not best 22
  11. Can't defend and offer no offensive impact. Horrible combination Both horribly out of form I might add (along with Hibbo and to some extent Jetta). But hard to see what Omac offers going forward, even if he improves a bit he is still a fair way off. Frost perhaps has more potential with his athletic attributes, but needs to fix his brainfades
  12. Defence must be training the zone with witches hats It seems they fail to realise that human beings move
  13. The game is ridiculously over-officiated. You can just hear Carey cringe
  14. ANB. Wow Jones. Jeeeeez So many players down on output and confidence
  15. Playing with no structure and a complete inability to adjust the game plan to suit the conditions and what the opposition throws at us. Continuous fumbles and poor decisions puts us under pressure, allows Geelong to fill the hole and then break away from our players that are caught napping too often. So much space for them in their forward 50. Hard to see on TV why this is the case. Are our defenders pushing too high? Lack of accountability?
  16. Gee Higgins looks pretty dim. Decent player though
  17. Bruce - "it was Carlton's lowest ever 1st quarter score vs Richmond if you can believe it" They scored one behind. I mean Bruce there's only one other possible answer is there...
  18. Wow the Blues have major fumbles and nerves. Curnow rubbish so far
  19. Seems counter productive listing an injured player as an emergency
  20. Surely if Jones may have trouble making it on the park each week for 4 quarters then co-captain with Viney makes sense. Only if he personally wants to step down then I would consider it Gawn VC for when both captains are unavailable, he steps up.
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