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  1. I wonder what the players think about playing up in Darwin. Aside from the obvious physical effects, the potential impact on morale must also have some consequence. A happy team surely performs better. But then again the players may not have an issue with it and I have no idea of knowing...
  2. It's impossible to know how many games out of the 40 are being rated, but occasionally on the AFL Player Ratings twitter they post some tables which include those kind of numbers for the most improved, leading players in position etc. For example, Oliver is actually rated in 38 of his last 40 games so he has a great chance of moving into the top 10 rated players in the next few weeks. I'm guessing that Hogan and Hibberd are rated low because they have played just 21 and 29 games respectively in the last 2 years. We have plenty of players in the top scoring for the last few rounds
  3. on afl match centre the crows have one more player on the list. 23 surely, can't be?
  4. We won that by 105 https://afltables.com/afl/teams/carlton/gamer.html
  5. We are now responsible for Carlton's biggest loss at the MCG, surpassing their 108 point loss to Collingwood in 2002.
  6. What seems odd is that apparently the camp was 'scheduled' for some time, but it was only late in the picture that some players decided that they did not want to go. Quite poor judgement from the players given the organisation that is required and all the work that would have gone into preparing for the camp to pull the pin so late when there was plenty of opportunity earlier to raise any issues. Doesn't paint a good picture of the communication and leadership structure at the club, both between the players and coaches/administration but also the players and leadership group, given that b
  7. Drove past training yesterday stuck in traffic on Punt Road. The boys drilled about 5 sweet kicks in a row in a half ground drill. Dees Premiers 2018
  8. Vote for the goal here https://goaloftheyear.afl/vote/round/17?cid=GOTY_Fanzone_votenowstatic Typical that only one angle of the kick is shown (even though they had the side angle to choose from, which gives a better context of height and distance) whereas Stevie J has 3 different angles.
  9. Gee the saints have some soft players Hickey and Lonie in particular
  10. With our injuries to key players we actually fielded a less experienced team than Carlton on the weekend. Games: Carlton (1903) v Melbourne (1644) Goals: Carlton (1114) v Melbourne (1039) Average age: Carlton (24 years, 233 days) v Melbourne (24 years, 180 days)
  11. Not sure if he was giving the finger, but actually think he is beckoning Oliver to come over. Didn't see Clarry take the bait at all that time. Plenty of other Carlton supporters were also giving it to him in the vicinity too. Scum
  12. Noticed this clown still giving it to Oliver at the start of the last quarter. Just after the ball was kicked out on the full by Omac
  13. Harsh on Hannan and Kent. Hannan is so creative and damaging, but perhaps you remember the occasional error more? Kent has physical presence and was a bit inconsistent, but much better than earlier in the year Melksham, Smith and Stretch will be sweating though...
  14. With Carlton two men down, shouldn't we try and keep the game moving quickly to take advantage? If we don't make so many mistakes I think we'll hang on
  15. Keeps going up for a mark one handed. Frustrating
  16. Does anyone know the rule to where the mark should be placed if the ball is taken in the air whilst the player is on the move? Should it come back to where the ball was grabbed, or should it be from where the person lands, or where they end up if they fall to the ground? Just wondering as in Q4 Pedersen was made to kick from where he ended up on the ground after he marked the ball against Mitchell in the air with momentum. It made a difference to the angle of the kick and he kicked a behind to make it 93-96. It didn't matter in the end but I noticed it whilst watching the replay
  17. Clayton changed his profile photo on twitter that clearly shows the elbow connecting with his chin. https://twitter.com/claytonoliver16?lang=en I reckon he regrets posting to Damien Martyn as I think he's been copping tons of posts his way, so he felt the need to put up the photo to justify himself further. But surely now that a decision has been made by MRP everyone can move on
  18. Tyson is the antithesis of Hannan in terms of speed of decision making Both have a neat sidestep however although I think Hannan has him covered
  19. Click here for updates https://twitter.com/caseydemonsfc?lang=en
  20. Aside from the first quarter I think we didn't play too badly and it was a good contest. The Hawks played very well More frustrating than anything but what can you do, unfortunately we haven't had the best of luck this year whether that be injuries or coming up against teams on song on the day or the game against Geelong where they played like rockstars pulling everything out of their ar*e This is a strange season so you never know but we're starting to have to come from behind now which makes things difficult.
  21. Last kick that goes out (if untouched) is much better than last touch out, which would be ridiculous
  22. Just did the AFL ladder predictor and we could finish anywhere from 5th to 10th Round 23 is huge as we play the Pies and the Tigers play St Kilda, which will be our competition for a spot in the top 8. Round 21 vs the Saints and Round 18 vs Port will also be huge games.
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