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  1. A bit left field but May has been known to play on smalls, and Papely is by far their best forward.
  2. The AFL App has all the stats for each player and in total. Just download it and put it in the NAB Cup mode.
  3. Definitely a keeper for mine. If we hadn't all lived through the disappointment of what he should be and we could just accept what he is, then I doubt anyone would be so indifferent at his potential leaving. He is well entrenched in our top 10 players, has possibly his best couple of years ahead of him and has over 150 games of experience in a team with bugger all. As for the "why hasn't he signed yet, Watts has" questions, Watts has 2 or 3 more contracts to sign in his career and 8 to 10 years to achieve some success. This is probably Colin's last decent contract and chance at getting to play finals. He should be very carefully considering his options, he'd be a fool if he wasn't.
  4. Any idea where he is going or why we aren't really an option?
  5. Apologies if there is already a thread on this but I couldn't find one. Any thought on Michael Voss as our "Coach in Waiting"? He has stated that he would be happy to be an Assistant, and you would have to think assisting to Roos with a succession plan would be a plum assistants role. The fact that he is willing to take a step back to take a few steps forward indicates to me that he is willing to learn from his mistakes, s after a few years under Roos he shuld be rpetty polished. Is it odd that there seems to be no talk of him at all?
  6. I didn't see the game (thank goodness) but notice a lot of posters talking about us lacking drive and direction out of defence. Given that Garland and Terlich are probably running top 3 in the Bluey and our primary drivers out of defence, would their presence have made much of a difference?
  7. 6) Watts - aggressive and determined, makes great position 5) Terlich - great footy brain and gets a lot of ball 4) Frawley - set us up with run many times 3) Rodan - hit the ball flat out every time and made something happen 2) N Jones - again 1) Dawes - a much better player than I ever have him credit for Honourable mentions to Macdonald, Trenners, Fitzy, Nicho, Maxy
  8. The AFL have virtually stepped in to run our club, that is the equivalent of the recievers coming into a failed business. It represents a failure of the highest order, and the responsibility for the rests with the Board and in particular the Chairman. That the oldest club in the competition, the club which virtually began the game itself, is named after our capital city and plays at the greatest venue in the land, has been reduced to this, is staggering. I don't understand any apologists for the Board or Don McLardy, where's the anger, the fire? We are the shareholders of this business and it has been driven into the ground by those who took on the responsibility of running it. If Melbourne footy club were a business and we had all done our dough, I'm certain nobody would be excusing the Chairman's performance because he came in at a tough time or that he didn't really want the job or that he had the best of intentions. If he didn't want the job or was not up to it, he should never have taken it on. I understand that these are voluntary positions but there is great kudos associated with a Board position on an AFL Club, and especially that of Chairman. The profile certainly wouldn't do your other interests any harm. The point is mute anyway - a individuals level of responsibility is not reduced when they don't take compensation. I've often heard our Board called "well credentialed" and it is and has always been. Maybe we have had too many credentials and not enough time and enthusiasm? A case in point is the Stuart Grimshaw. As CEO of the Bank of Qld he is no doubt a clever guy with a great understanding of how an organisation should be run. I note that he is also President of Hockey Australia. He is now leaving because he has too much on, is that an admission that he always had too much on to give the MFC the time it deserved? It worries me no end that now everyone is talking of Geoff Freeman becoming Chairman but he isn't sure if he wants the job or is in the right state of health to take it on. If he is not absolutely certain he wants or is physically up to the job, then we should draw the line through his name right away. I bet Collingwood wouldn't have to convince someone to take on their Presidency. I write this because we deserve better. We deserve representation from quality people who want the job. People who have a fire in their belly and the time to give the task what it requires. At the very least we deserve and should demand a Board spill and an election. This club belongs to it supporters and we deserve a say in how it is run.
  9. It's 6 am and I'm giggling like a school girl after watching that. Thanks Jaded, I needed that.
  10. The first step towards a solution is to acknowledge the problem and the reasons it came about. Until you can do that, any hard actions you take will more than likely be built on shaky foundations. That's why we've had the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions the world over. We've seen hard actions on shaky foundations over and over again at the Dees, and here we sit with a percentage of 28 after round 2, 5 years after we started a rebuild.
  11. For a start don't go out publically saying that performance on the field was not the fault of the office-holders off the field nor a reflection on them, as it has been reported that Don McCardy did yesterday. To the players and the coaching staff this says "it's not our fault, it's yours", as though there is two camps in the one football club. Good leaders take responsibility for everything that happens on their watch. It also wouldn't hurt to acknowledge the errors of the past, say what we have learned from them and how we aren't going to repeat them in the future. At the moment it feels like the Board/Admin and the Football Dept/Players see themselves as two separate entities. Maybe this reflects their geographic separation.....
  12. It doesn't neccesarilly have to be a spill, but those at the top have to start becoming accountable and taking responsibility for their actions. Afterall that is exactly what we are asking the players to do.
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