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  1. And still with the cap of shame. Anyone know if it’s the same hand he had surgery on?
  2. I’m glad the club recognizes how unrealistic that 2021 finals series / season was and how impossible it is to replicate such a perfect dominance. It was a once in a lifetime performance we will never see again, and we need to stop trying to fall into the trap of wanting a repeat of it. lol @ Richo talking about the “websites” talking up JVR 😂
  3. Surely someone knows something about Lever. Too important to miss a chunk of pre season.
  4. Will also go down as the night I got incredibly drunk in a pub in Adelaide post game (using a fake ID) and a Port fan tried hitting on me and I told him to [censored] off. Good times.
  5. Anyone with any inside info on what is going on with Lever?
  6. Anyone with some inside info about Lever’s ankle? How severe is it? Also is Joel Smith ever not rehabbing something? I swear he is never not injured. Poor guy.
  7. The press release is the only reason I am panicking. Why even mention it when the season is still far enough away that a regulation hammy will be well healed in time for round 1?
  8. Gus has said himself that he was never blessed with a good rig and could never get that super toned look some of the other boys have, no matter how fit he was. Not everyone has the same body shape, and the beauty of AFL is that great players come in all shapes and sizes. If Gus is aerobically fit, whether he has a 6 pack or a 2 pack is absolutely irrelevant. Jack Watts always looked like a god out there, but it didn't make him the player we all wanted him to be. Gus has proven time and again that he can play multiple roles to a very high level, and was one of our best players in that third quarter in the grand final just 2 years ago with basically the same body shape. To doubt him now because he isn't sporting a Petracca physique is silly. Ed Langdon is not ripped either, but nobody is having a go at him. P.S.- if only all of us can be this 'unfit' 😅
  9. Hopefully Clarry has no complications with that finger. The fact that he isn't even there running laps is a worry. I suppose he could just be home with Covid.
  10. They might not be pretty, but for athletes who value their feet, they are probably the best 'open' shoe option they can wear. Sure beats thongs.
  11. He seems like a really nice guy. No wonder Collingwood wanted him gone.
  12. The chances of JVR or Brown playing 25 matches each next season are 0 We need to have patience with JVR and understand he is unlikely to go from no AFL games to playing a full season as a key position forward, and likewise Ben Brown will never be able to get through a full AFL season again and will have to be carefully managed. I think JVR will play early and they will manage Brown to be cherry ripe for finals.
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