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  1. Checked out the training gallery, thinking I might get some insight into whether any of last week's five have served their Covid protocol time already. But no, only players from last week's team included. However, great to see Purcell up and running. A month away by my count, fingers crossed for no setbacks.
  2. The icing on the cake of the round, GOTY and MOTY nominations for Bannan and Harris. https://www.womens.afl/markoftheyear https://www.womens.afl/goaloftheyear Plus Bannan has been nominated for the Rising Star award: https://www.womens.afl/news/81037/speed-demon-no-1-suns-gun-revealed-as-r2-rising-stars
  3. Vote for Bannan here: https://www.womens.afl/goaloftheyear Vote for Harris here: https://www.womens.afl/markoftheyear
  4. Just thinking about Parry's game. Has been with us a few years now but has yet to become the major goalkicker she was touted as or to my mind really imposed herself on the game. Perhaps her role has become more defensive over time. She bobs up with some marks here and there, and is pretty solid in the physical stuff but something is lacking... Would love others' thoughts on her role?
  5. Fitzsimons has earned another run IMO. Got to reward that. Feels like the 'protocols' five are walk-up starts though. Petrevski, Magee and Parry in the mix to miss. Anyone remotely in need of a refresh should get that, though unlikely at this early stage. Depth is the key this season - early season game time could prove vital for some of the lesser lights to jump in later...but how far can this be pushed without sacrificing team synergy and the form of the big guns?
  6. KP didn't have much impact, although a nice cameo in Harris's sealer. But she not the kind of player I'd expect to hit the ground running. She's had such a roller coaster with injuries, border restrictions, etc. Feels like we haven't seen her best yet - another player who might benefit from some unexpected game time due to Covid outs.
  7. Yep, laying the shepherds and making some tackles too. Great to see.
  8. For those who didn't get to see the game - worth noting for future reference that all AFLW games are shown live on the AFLW website. And replays are uploaded there as well, usually a few hours after the game. (Go Dees!)
  9. Well, at least we can field a team I guess. Tigers not hit quite at hard...I'd say the quality of our ins are better than the quality of their's, but then, the quality of our outs is probably greater. Last team standing wins the cup?
  10. At first it's like, wow, that player's the same age as me. Then it's, oh cool, I remember when their Dad played. Then, wait, that player who's RETIRING is my age??? Then, that player could be my child. Probably you stop thinking about it at some point!
  11. Injury report https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1045950 Colvin (Covid protocols) - available Goldrick (Covid protocols) - available Magee (Covid protocols) - available McNamara (Covid protocols) - available Gillard (Covid protocols) - 1 week Chaplin (Covid protocols) - 1 week Purcell (knee) - 4-6 weeks Simmons (foot) - season All four available must at least be in the conversation, creating a bit of a selection headache seeing as (apparently!) no injuries ended up arising from the Round 1 game. Of course, more could easily end up out at the last minute due to exposure. Personally, I'd want Colvin in and at least one of McNamara or Goldie, but then who to leave out?
  12. Confession time, I had his dad's footy card stuck inside my locker door one year in high school 🤣 He had "the look" of that time down pat.
  13. We all have someone in our life who we worry about in this regard. But we also all have people who seem "all good", who are the ones always helping others, who are thought to be too successful, too happy or whatever to be struggling. Let's not forget to check in on that person too, the one who's probably never asked, "Are you ok?"
  14. Yep, Mithen did return. She's had syndesmosis issues in the past so perhaps they were being extra careful there.
  15. The Dees own ex-player now coach Shae Sloane is one doing research into this, looking at all factors and devising prevention for Aussie Rules that's based on women's bodies.
  16. Thanks for getting this going. May as well chip in mine from the match report...although on reflection I've switched Birch and Zanker; perhaps I over-compensated in trying to avoid over-rewarding my favourite player. 5. Zanker - As mentioned I've been on board the Zanker train since it departed the station. Especially glad to see her hit the scoreboard. 4. Birch - Saved some goals (and nearly cost a shocker!) but clearly had a big impact in a somewhat depleted backline. 3. Hanks - I always feel like I gloss over her performances, but she's that consistent I feel like I'm just repeating myself. So good in traffic, so balanced. Hope we're saying T.Hanks on W Award night. 2. Sherriff - Glad to see some love for Sherriff above too. She's come a long way. Desperate and courageous. 1. Hore - Wasn't a prolific lead-up game by any means, but when her shots were there, she took them. Which as we know, is kinda important!
  17. I think she's actually good below the knees for her height BUT I think her reaction was off and bit fumbly compared to last season in similar situations. Agree we can forgive that in a young player in in round one and in a new role. She's definitely got some good talls to learn from in that regard so she can get the most out of that athleticism.
  18. Yeah, I feel this way as well. Not sure if it's confirmation bias! There's no real reason why the teams should play a similar way given the vast difference in personnel, resources, game styles in the respective leagues, etc., etc. But there should be some things that are "Melbourne" things that are valued at our club and can be encouraged in all teams in red and blue.
  19. Goldie and McNamara both played in the practice match, so I'm thinking injury or something Covid-related since then. A bit of pace missing... Colvin and Magee are the other two regulars from last season missing from tomorrow's team. Glad to see Caris get a run!
  20. My MFCSS is probably more AFLWSS in the sense that things can go very wrong structurally in the season, as we've been victims of in the past! Let's just say I'm thinking a lot more about our depth players and wondering what random train-ons we have than I was a month ago. As for the praccy match, hard to say. Our team played the unpredictable Casey conditions better and overall I'd say they looked sharper. But it's all meaningless when the real stuff starts.
  21. I'm with you on Tarrant. Underrated player who took some big steps last season. Maybe in the future we'll see her up forward, as her VFLW form suggests she can be very damaging there, but for now the greater need is that sometimes shaky backline!
  22. She's also kicked the equal 8th most goals (29) in the all-time goalkickers list for the league, which is kind of impressive given she didn't exactly fire last season. For context, Melbourne's next best are Cunningham (25), Scott and Hore (24). All that said, she isn't coming in expected to be the saviour or anything. Pressure's off and hopefully play with some freedom and fun.
  23. It seems inevitable that at some point COVID will take out teams and impact the season. There are whispers that Collingwood has players isolating as contacts this week in the lead up to Round 1. Read this interesting article by our own Libby Birch about the voluntary actions some players are taking to try to avoid missing games. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/part-time-players-full-time-responsibility-covid-19-is-stretching-aflw-20220103-p59lih.html?btis Obviously as part-timers, the clubs can't ban activities or force players into hubs but it seems like some are taking the initiative to create their own social bubbles and reduce risks as much as possible. Will be really hard for those in public-facing jobs such as teachers, retail, hospitality and healthcare workers to find a balance (i.e., basically impossible!). Here are the policies for match re-scheduling if players become close contacts or test positive: https://www.womens.afl/news/78420/afl-releases-covid-match-rescheduling-guidelines Basically, of the list of 30 (plus train-on players), the minimum availability for a match to go ahead is 16 AFLW primary list players and 5 train-on players. It's not hard to imagine a scenario where half the team gets sidelined the day before a match, so I'd expect more re-scheduling than what has already taken place due to borders.
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