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  1. ... that can’t be unseen!
  2. The absence of opposition fans baying for tiggy-touch free kicks was refreshing. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching last night's game, which possibly reflects my preference for high-level skills, athleticism and game plans over crowd atmosphere. Mind you, I was bored after 3 quarters of Richmond getting away with slapping the ball upwards (against the rules back in the day) and their flukey goal kicking.
  3. Mark and Trevor are working for the Demons this year, dealing with elite mindset. They’ve created a company called SALT, which stands for Speaking and Leading Truth. i for one was unaware of this until I saw the photos. Indicates that plenty of stuff occurs in the background that we fans don’t get to see, not that we should expect anywhere near 100% transparency anyway.
  4. My one reservation about appointing Max to the skipper-gig is that he's also often our most important player on the field, hence the double Bluey's. I agree that, from the outside, he comes across as a strong leader and great example on and off the field for the team. On the other hand, he's the player other teams are most likely to target. The ideal candidate, IMHO, is a dependable role player who connects well with the team and set a good example but only needs to play a role on the field. Good examples include Tom Harley (rather than Gary Jnr or Jimmy Bartel in that Geelong team) and Nick Maxwell (rather than Dane Swan). Based on this logic, I'd probably lean toward Jack Viney though admit that his on-field performance in 2019 was disappointing along with his media skills.
  5. I'm OK with this trade: my sentiment is that he'll be worth more to Hawthorn than to Melbourne. In other words, Melbourne attained more value from trading him than holding on to him. To start with, the balance of probabilities suggests that Frosty's value has peaked and now was the perfect time to offload him and for Melbourne to attain maximum trade value. Let's assume that the injury gods smile upon us next season and May and Lever play most games. This would possibly mean that Frosty spends quite a few games playing for Casey. In this scenario, he'd have almost no trade value. Maybe the injury gods will spoil us again, but you tend not to win flags by playing conservatively. My other sentiment is that it's human nature to overvalue what you current possess. I hope that our list management can overcome this bias and have made a balanced decision, based on a wide range of information.
  6. 148 vs Essendon in 2013, mainly due to the insipid performance of our players. I stayed for the whole game, watching on level 4 with my arm around my 8yo son, wondering why I steered him toward following Melbourne. I remember seeing the Captain Jacks pulling the team into a huddle at the start of 3/4 break, wondering if the had it in them to prevent a 186-style humiliation. No, was the answer revealed in the next 30 minutes. I also remember Big Russian dropping a simple chest mark is the first quarter and thinking that it would be a long night. The heartbreak was that this confirmed how low the club had sunk
  7. Great fun attending Vic Park yesterday. I admit to struggling to engage with AFLW on TV and didn't really enjoy my only previous game, which was Round 1 last season on a baking hot day at Casey. (Casey doesn't seem to work for me, either). Yesterday's game was very entertaining and Melbourne could have / should have won by more. What impressed me: Melbourne's ruck and midfield was so much better than Collingwood's. Melbourne's 2 rucks, in particular, seemed to win every hit out. Statistically, the rucks only won 27 to 24 but none of their hit outs could have been to advantage. Melbourne's structure around the contested ball was superb. Time and time again, Melbourne players on the inside found good handball options. Also, Melbourne player's skills in keeping their arms free in the tackle to lay off was superb. Melbourne's tackling was ferocious, as were our spoiling skills. Areas to improve: Kicking and handball efficiency was rather frustrating. I'm always a bit cautious as I find it hard to judge how much pressure players are under, but the blokes just kick it much better. General awareness was poor at times when players took just a little too long to hand off. Overall, I was very satisfied by both Melbourne's professionalism and the entertainment level. Regarding the disposal efficiency, it may just show how much we take the men's team's accuracy and distance for granted. Go Dees!
  8. I like that Melbourne have given Pat a stepping stone for a new career given that he won’t make it as an AFL footballer or professional cricketer. There’s just one woman on the AFLW team’s coaching panel. Surely we could be more affirmative.
  9. Thanks for sharing. This was the game where Jack Trengove was controversially suspended for his sling tackle on Danger (1h 5min). As a biased Demon, I felt that Trenners was hard done at the time but, looking, back, I now applaud the safety first attitude adopted by the AFL. Interesting to see who was playing for Melbourne that season. Somehow, I felt optimistic at the start of the season but now realise how far off the mark we were, especially compared to our 2018 team. Our 2018 team would have defeated our 2011 team by 100 points, IMHO. Still, I reflect on the potential in 2011. Ricky Petterd, in particular, could have been a star and I likened him to Stevie J. Nice to see Trenners up and about and Flash hitting up so many passes. Jack Watts definitely looked like a 16yo on the loose.
  10. IIRC, his dad had an official role at St Kilda, something like Recruiting Manager.
  11. I was expecting something like a Byron Pickett bump or Michael Long on Troy Simmons in the 2000 GF. Thinking about it, the rule should be that there must be no head-on collision with a player pursuing a bobbling ball, even if the other player was also pursuing the ball with his own head down. Is this the current rule?
  12. Always sad to see nasty injuries in football, but how do you rate the culpability of this play? I’ve watched the video a few times (admittedly on my phone) and it looks like both were playing the ball. How do we reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic injuries? http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-10/ntfl-player-to-face-tribunal-over-spinal-injury-collision/9316544
  13. Interesting question that you raise @poita. How do you award points when voting? I believe that players should be awarded points based on their value to a team, and that the most valuable players in a match are often more than twice as valuable, in terms of winning an evenly-contested the game, than a player who simply fulfilled their "role". (That said, role players are vital in an 18-team, equalised AFL competition.) For instance, what points would you give 2 midfielders, say A and B, if A had 30 disposals and B had 20 but both had 80% efficiency? Let's assume that the split on tackles, 1%-ers, smothers and inside-50s were also on a 3:2 ratio. The way I imagine this situation, player A is likely to have far more influence on Melbourne winning than player B, so votes of 8 versus 4 seem quite reasonable. An extra 10 possessions for a midfielder will possibly lead to another 4 or 5 crucial plays that lead to winning a game. Then again, how do you judge a KP defender or forward in this criteria? I'd base it on something like the proportion of crucial moments won in the game.
  14. My favourite memory is courtesy of Big Neale Balme. I was sitting in from of the old open coach's box in the MCC for a night match and KD seemed flat-footed when the opposition won a contested ball on our HFF in front of Neale and me. "Get into it Dyson!" boomed Neale. ? KD's early games filled me with optimistic anticipation but he never quite delivered. I was still keen on him after he moved north.
  15. Just received this in the mail. Is this some kind of joke or was the club getting prematurely excited?
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