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  1. I suspect he will never get another job as a club doctor in the AFL or NRL because of they wont want to get sued for even a minor infraction. He wanted to keep a low profile haha.
  2. I think there should be a category above elite where a players like Oliver and Petracca could be ranked. The grading like A B and C have been used by people like Gary Buckenara there should be an A+, A-, B+, B-, C+ and C-.
  3. I think there should be a category above elite where a players like Oliver and Petracca could be ranked. The grading like A B and C have been used by people like Gary Buckenara there should be an A+, A-, B+, B-, C+ and C- Then players like Gawn and Jackson would be ranked properly.
  4. I have watch and played football from 1952 and found that champion data is the biggest load of rubbish unfortunately coaches look at statistics and think they are the holly grail of data. The players who block and tackle a player jarring the ball from his grasp are not rewarded they don't reward a kick or handball to advantage verses a miskick or a bad handball. The kick by Harmes in the GF to Bayley was superb did he get extra for that kick no this is why statistics can be skewed, because that kick energized the teams belief they could win and the result was a premiership. The computer program was written by a person who may or may not know anything about football and does not analyse the result of the kick or handball other than good or bad. If it was done properly there would be grades of handball and kicks where depending on the accuracy they would get a rating out of 0 to 9.
  5. Unfortunately for a player with this type of injury the mental side of twisting and turning may become a problem long term because they may not have the confidance to do things they did before the injury. He is a sensational player and Carlton will feel the loss during the 4 matches he may be out and along with the loss of Jones it may effect their chances of a place in the 8?. My brother-in-law grandson and son-in-law support the Blues and they hoped they could get a injury free run this year after losing players like Doherty, Curnow and a resticted Cripps last year.
  6. I watch some of that match and after hearing that the players were sick I notice that players were drink from drink bottles brought out by trainers now unless those drink bottles are marked with the players names then the club could have spread the illness amongst the group.
  7. When the MFC gets a story like this the journalists must have run out of stories about problems at the Collingwood, Carlton or Essendon.
  8. Chris Scott is trying to change history in the hope that Geelong supporters will forget that he has assembled an aging list which always becomes the brides maids never the bride as in 2011 and 2020. He inherited a fabulous list from Mark Thompson who had run his race. They have made a preliminary final in 7 of his 11 seasons at the helm but in all that time has bombed out in all but 2 times getting to the big dance with a fabulous list and home ground advantage where opposing teams get very few supporters into the boutique ground which only teams interstate teams get to enjoy. Norm Smith made the GF in the periond 1954-1960 winning 5 and lost players virtually every year.
  9. We supporters have one thing in common that the MFC is bigger than the individual and everybody can say things but at the end of the day the MFC players, club officials and supporter are galvanized as one in defending the club thru thick and thin. Muck raking by individuals serves no purpose and as John Kennedy Snr once said 'Do Something don't Think Something' or as another saying 'Action speak louder than words'
  10. In the 1950's and 1960's migrants like my self put up with verbal abuse all the time so we built up a resistance to these types of abuse unlike the current sensitive generation. If you don't like what people say about you grow a pair and ignore them or turn your electonic devices off or don't read the garbage. Maybe you also don't like 'respect your elders' which was also a saying in the 1950's and 1960's which was basically the same as “children should be seen and not heard” we used to respect our teacher but sometimes children disrupt the class with their interuption during a lesson thus the saying was born.
  11. Robbo's version is more balanced than the previous version where 'that person' in question said he was bullied by Goodwin because he used the f word several times. I was bullied at school but no f word was used but physical intimidation by bigger and stronger students/gangs unfortunately my attempts at reporting the fact did not result in me getting a huge payout. I believe 'that person' had an agenda which was getting rid of the coach and Pert for personal gratification. I have in past also had run ins with this type of 'that person' who attempt to ruin your reputation because they did not like you or you did your job too well. Unfortunately if anybody said something about 'that person' it would be taken as racist and blown out of proportion so the club paid 'that person' to remove the problem and not get into 'that person' said v's Goodwin/Pert said slanging match. Finally if 'that person' had eye witnesses to the bulling he would have gone to court to clear his reputation but the club paid him out so his reputation as a sports medicine doctor remained intact for future employment. This story will make his chances of another job with a AFL club almost impossible because AFL clubs like to keep disagreements in house. By the way I use 'that person' like Dan Andrews does because I believe in the old saying 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me'.
  12. They could have asked the AFL to allow the replacement of the unwell players.
  13. The reason players who are free agents want to go to successful clubs is the promise of maybe playing in a GF and ultimately a premiership. Like Frawley and Rivers they wanted success, some get the ultimate prize others miss out. In any given year 3 or 4 teams standout but only 1 wins the prize and if the team is lucky with injuries and has enough scoring shot kicking accurately enough the prize is theirs. In 2021 injuries played a part since a team like the Lions lost players who they could not cover with their depth players. That is why depth players are important and the midfield is probably the most important area so players like Dunstan are valuable to team like the MFC. Last year Richmond's midfield depth was tested and fell by the wayside.
  14. This story has probably galvanised the team for 2022, since the attack is on the coach who all players seem to love.
  15. The doctor I believe has signed an NDA contract and is now allowed to pillory the coach for being a bully. We have not heard a bad word from A Brayshaw who was the player in question or the parents of the players for the mistreatment of their son.
  16. That means we win all 22 games in the season and they get 55 votes each the odds on that happening must be astronomical. Only a supreme optimist would believe it could happen.
  17. When a gambler has a problem it is losing all his wages and more then not being able to pay the bills but a $10 bet once a week or a quick pick that is called a flutter. David Schwarz on the other hand had a major problem but got help. Hopefully the same for any gambler who has no ability to stop gets help before he ruins his and his families life.
  18. I believe that his marriage was on the rocks during this period so we should respect his privacy and his state of mind may not have been perfect but he did his job well and in the end thats all that counts. The club's medical room last year was devoid of players so who ever took over did a good job.
  19. The players who played before 1968 had a season of 18 games with at most 3 finals so just to play 200 games most players had to play at least 10 seasons without injury and play in finals, to play 300 games you need to play at least 15 season without injury and play finals. Players were not paid very much and were recruited by the VFA, country or interstate clubs as playing coaches at a much younger age. Prior to 1968 only 4 players reached 300 games Gordon Coventry 306, Jack Dyer 311, Dick Reynolds 320 and Ted Whitten 321. Today there are 623 players who have played 200+ games of those 97 players who have played 300+ games of those 5 players who haveplayed 400+ games. In 1968 and 1969 they increase the season by 2 matches, in 1970 they increased the season to 22 matches making 200 games in 10 seasons easier and 300 a little easier with finals. When players play in bottom clubs they became dispirited and players usually retired when they felt they had enough playing in losing sides, thus players for the MFC did not get to 300 games until Neitz.
  20. One thing about watching the replay of game you are not as tense as watching it live and hoping when we were 19 points down that we could make a game of it and win the game. I also watched us lose the 1954 GF game. To all those people who were virgin premiers this year enjoy it because when I watched my first in 1955 when I was 9, I hoped we could repeat the dose in the near future. In 1964 when we won the GF my father said that the team had probably reached its zenith and we need some fresh blood to win another I did not realise it would be 57 years till the next one and my father passed away in 2007 still hoping to see a premiership. So enjoy this premiership but they are bloody hard to repeat unless your injury luck is good and the players that you do lose are not long term and are replaceable with your depth players.
  21. I remember one day when MFC was losing Norm Smith moved Laurie Mithen to FF and he kick 6 goals for us to win the match, he was a great player in an era of great players.
  22. There has never been joint winners of the Brownlow from the same club and the odds of it happening would be very difficult. Since the players would have earn at least 26 votes each equaling the worst result in the last 10 years which is 52 votes leaving 80 votes for other players since there is a maximum of 132 votes as a possible total for a club with the opposing clubs getting zero. The lowest winner in the last 20 years was Cousins in 2005 with 20 votes. The lowest winners in the last 10 years got 26 votes Priddis Cotchin and S Mitchell. Last years winner with 36 votes was Wines which was a record equaling vote tally. Last year Oliver got 31 votes and Petracca got 23 votes.
  23. I look at the above statistics and the question I want answered is when we won or they won the center clearance was it like in the grand final at the goal side of the center or on the defensive side. A commentator basically stated when you win on the defensive side the ball ends up on the half back line as apposed to winning on the attacking side when the ball results in a deep entry on the full forward line or a score. The fact that we were the best defensive side in the competition losing a clearence on the defensive side did not hurt us as much as when we lost it on the attacking side. The game against Geelong in Geelong in the 2nd quarter was an example of the difference when Geelong was winning the clearances at the goal side where as in the 4th quarter we got it going again by winning the clearences on the goal side.
  24. We got a good player cheap from NMFC so don't complain about the trade and be happy with the outcome. When we traded Jack Watts we got a pick used to get Bayley Fritsch. So we got 2 good trades and hopefully the synergy between them will last for at least the next 3 years.
  25. Amiss maybe he might be a miss like Jack Watts who had the skills but not the body.
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